Why Do They Come?

Not because they had to…

“None of Us Had to Flee:” Syrian Invader


Original article can be translated:


h/t Stop White Genocide

“None of Us Had to Flee:” Syrian Invader

When it comes to Africa, there are at least 16 reasons the in-surge won’t stop

16 Shocking Reasons the African Migrant Crisis Won’t End Soon



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8 thoughts on “Why Do They Come?

  1. Why? The Uniparty of demopublicans and republicrats needs a replacement population that will do what it’s told? The planned for chaos in a clash of cultures will further the divide and conquer problem, crisis, solution, plan of the inbred globalist maggot scum? The marshmallow soft weenie bureaucrats who run Amerikwa need a permanent underclass who will always vote for the Uniparty while they happily do menial tasks and chores for pennies on the dollar?
    But what if the replacement population doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the inbred globalist scum and hates them even more than we do and intends to take over?


  2. The older Roosevelt at least had some good rhetoric. FDR was a closet-commie and just plain sucked & still stayed in office longer than any other POTUS. Kids can learn many languages quite quickly, especially before 4 years old when they’re sponges for in-form-ation. When I immigrated to the USA in late 1978, I could fluently read, write and speak two languages (Armenian & Farsi) and only a few sentences of English. Within one year, I was pretty much fluent with only some mis-pronouncements and accents to work on, which were all mostly gone by the time I was in junior high. You can speak as many languages as you want in the USA, as long as you make English your main and most fluent one.

    But even better than that, never get stuck in merely “verbal” or Aristotelian-logic-based and crafted narratives, since your rulers rely on your over-reliance on this form of logic in order to set up their false dichotomies and paradigms. Kids should learn to use as many forms of logic or mappings of territories, both spiritual and material, as their sense organs allow. No map, however advanced and refined and detailed, will ever fully be the territory it represents symbolically and metaphorically, but the less corrupted the proper development of hue-man metaphorical languages, the smoother and more joyus the navigation and the stronger the more-all-ity or compass developed through the right (rite) rituals.


    “Naturally, the educated man does not believe in propaganda, he shrugs and is convinced that propaganda has no effect on him. This is, in fact, one of his great weaknesses, and propagandists are well aware that in order to reach someone, one must first convince him that propaganda is ineffectual and not very clever. Because he is convinced of his own superiority, the intellectual is much more vulnerable than anybody else to this maneuver.” ~ Jacques Ellul – “Propaganda, The Formation of Men’s Attitudes”

    “There remains the problem of Goebbels’ reputation. He wore the title of Big Liar (bestowed by Anglo-Saxon propaganda) and yet he never stopped battling for propaganda to be as accurate as possible. He preferred being cynical and brutal to being caught in a lie. He used to say: `Everybody must know what the situation is.’ He was always the first to announce disastrous events or difficult situations, without hiding anything. The result was a general belief between 1939 and 1942 that German communiqués not only were more concise, clearer and less cluttered, but were more truthful than Allied communiqués … and, furthermore, that the Germans published all the news two or three days before the Allies. All this is so true that pinning the title of Big Liar on Goebbels must be considered quite a propaganda success.” — Jacques Ellul “Propaganda”

    “Men are born ignorant, not stupid. They are made stupid by education.” — Bertrand Russell

    “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” — George Bernard Shaw

    “By circumstance and perhaps also by inclination, I think in complete intellectual isolation. To expect others to help me think, seems to me almost like expecting them to help me digest my food.” ~ Eric Hoffer

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  3. The McLuhan quote that didn’t post above:

    “The individual’s adherence to his group is ‘conscious’ because he is aware of it and recognizes it, but it is ultimately involuntary because he is trapped in a dialectic and in a group that leads him unfailingly to his adherence. His adherence is also ‘intellectual’ because he can express his conviction clearly and logically, but it is not genuine because the information, the data, the reasoning, that have led him to adherence to the group were themselves deliberately falsified in order to lead him there.” ~ Jacques Ellul – “Propaganda, The Formation of Men’s Attitudes”

    “Propaganda, the Formation of Men’s Attitudes” by Jacques Ellul


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    • That was quite brilliant. And thanks for the book link.

      Full Definition of propaganda
      capitalized : a congregation of the Roman curia having jurisdiction over missionary territories and related institutions
      the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person

      ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause; also : a public action having such an effect


      I hope you will do some articles for us. Do you have a blog site? You should start one, they’re free at WordPress.


      • I don’t have a blog. I’ve always just posted on other people’s blogs and forums. My DIF avatar is synergetic67. Here’s one of my threads on 9/11 Media Fakery concentrating on Simon Shack’s theory which has close to 90,000 views:


        Here are my old posts at Conspiracy Central:


        And here are some marathon podcasts I stuck together.


        They’re compilations of the best stuff I’ve heard that month, not just conspiracy talk radio but literature, poetry, music, everything in the audio format that has improved my own understanding and could possibly do the same for others if they only had access to the right doses of it in synergized combination with the right doses of other stuff. In addition, I usually read something that has influenced my own thinking for at least 1 hour or occasionally some stuff I might have written myself. Pod number 11 should be finished in a couple of days.

        P.S. the only reason pod 9 has less than 800 downloads while pod 8 has over 6200 is because delcroix, for what reason I have no idea, refused to post it at the Mami’s Shit site which gets a lot of downloads. Pod one has over 2000 downloads but 1200 of those are on a kiwi6 server and not on archive.org.


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