Drumpfters are Just as Blind as Bushies and Obama-Maniacs


“I’m making a very major speech in front of a very important group of people,” Trump said before discussing his subservient attendance required by his rulers (AKA “jews”), the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

Boy did he kiss their ass just as I have been warning since day one. Worse, as I (and few others) have been constantly warning otherwise discerning and intelligent people, The Donald is jew owned. He wouldn’t be The Donald were it not for jewish connections, especially in the mafia, banking, CIA, politics and media. So many otherwise intelligent people (blinded by sheer allegiance or emotionally invested to a point of no return) have come to the conclusion that this wealthy TV Show and wrestling aficionado is real. I’ve heard the mantra that he is genuine and a people person. No matter how many times he makes a fool of himself by blatantly idiotic comments, these emotional hangers on to a falsity (just like the Bushies of old and current Obama-Maniacs today) fool themselves into blindly ignoring the obvious fact that Trump is not up for the POTUS position. One thing I’ve learned is that when it comes to Bushies/Obama-Maniacs/(now Drumpfters), nothing ever changes. It happens every election.

trump_aipac_always_hate_you-e1458233054870David Duke has gone full Drumpfter (which conveniently brings him a great deal of attention). And the thing is that Duke is a smart guy, but he is immersed in the political theater and has been his entire life, by and large. As this graphic suggests, Duke thinks Trump is just playing the jews and uses the standard erroneous “jews hate Trump” line that I keep hearing the Alt Right blather about no matter how many times it is pointed out that he is sucking the donkey goober Sanders won’t suck.

Too many of you otherwise intelligent people who for years railed against jewish control, now seem to just shrug and just accept it (some seem to embrace it). That is, now that Trump is obviously controlled by them. There are some that warn us with many words that Trump should be afraid that the jew wants to kill him. Mark Glenn is a retarded moron. What a laugh. (Note: Arthur removed the post for some reason after informing me Mark is not kosher at Radical Press. Of course this didn’t stop them from attacking “Bubba” aka me with invective and strawmen that had nothing to do with my tame critique of Glenn’s idiotic and LONGGGG diatribe of Trump worship. How anyone considers that piece of shit Glenn worthy of anything except disdain and ridicule is beyond me)

Now I will admit (as I have everywhere I comment on this subject) that he is the best option given us to sElect from (at least from certain key perceived perspectives including immigration and foreign trade). But that is intended. There is a massive anti-establishment sentiment among the populace and Trump is taking advantage of the suckers looking for a Savior within the R Party (gullible fools, all). So you are given a choice of absolute freaks and washed up establishment types that this country is sick of… compared to this BILLIONAIRE (as if any of you can actually relate to this asshole) who is whispering sweet nothings into your needy ears. And you swallow hook, line and sinker… just like the stupid ass Bushies did.


Even if there are factions within the establishment who are worried about losing power and control, do not think for a second that Trump will respond to the masters any differently when it comes to thwarting that control. The populist rhetoric is nothing but that. He knows what to say to tickle your ears. You NEED those words no matter what his past and current associations should do to give you pause to reconsider. Like the sweet words for the Obama Maniacs, you worship the Master’s outward persona… too brainwashed to see the obvious truth.

No, this maverick is playing the anti-establishment game very well. He is taking advantage of a weakness within these sycophantic followers who wipe away almost any criticism of him. Of course we’re pissed about NAFTA and trade schemes (and Trump rides that bandwagon to the hilt). But is Trump truly “anti-establishment”?


Do you actually believe he became a Billionaire by being anti-establishment?

Some websites constantly claim that if one is opposed to Trump, they are supporting the “Commie terrorist” agenda on the other side.

America is becoming more and more polarized with Trump’s candidacy, and it’s becoming more and more clear: you either support Donald Trump and want to ‪#‎MakeAmericaGreatAgain‬, or you’re with the hysterical, violent anti-American Commie terrorists attacking Trump supporters and disrupting his rallies.


Such a claim is unfair and wholeheartedly, bone-headedly untrue. Your total acquiescence to your emotions same_differencedoes not mean that I support anything within this corrupt system, much less the prescribed opposition you have fallen for (because I don’t fall for any of it). Can you not see that you are participating in the game they created for you… the fake two party paradigm that I have railed against for years, if not decades?

The fact is that NONE of these people would be running for office without the blessings of those in control. To think that Trump is a maverick bucking the system is just plain idiotic. He is no “rogue candidate” using his money to buck the system… with hidden goals of defending the white race and putting the jew (and others) in their places. No, you love the show, immersed in the theater that uses Crisis Actors.


Trump is about making money. But remember that there are also much bigger players than he, with much Bigger Money than he has. He will play whatever game they instruct him to, because in the long run, he will become even richer by that compliance.

He has always been compliant, to the point of sidling up to the jewish mafia and their 9/11 Jew Money Mafia.



I’ve listened to people go from holding the jew accountable for most woes found within society, including controlling the political theater, to ignoring the obviousness of their control over your object of worship. I’ve watched openly anti-war people, knowledgeable of the jewish influence, turn into chest beaters reminiscent of chicken-hawk Bushies. Does it matter that he will cater to Israel when it comes to Greater Israel?

His first day on the job in the White House Trump promised to torpedo the US-Iran nuke agreement that took years to broker, maintaining that Tehran has already violated it and the alleged built-in loopholes have given Iran full speed ahead implementing military applications of its nuclear power capabilities. Of course for added fearmongering touch, Trump concluded if nothing is done to stop “that terrible deal,” fully armed with nukes Iran will attack Israel and perhaps even the US mentioning the missile tests reaching a distance of 1250 miles. His aggressive ultimatums he promised to punish Iranians and the Palestinians with as his top priority played like music to AIPAC ears. Like the best and worst of them, as the albeit unelected, veteran politician Trump is, he showed he can charm his audience like putty in his hand simply by throwing himself into every line and lie that they came to hear.

It really is embarrassing to watch these people slathering worship on someone that is conning them. Embarrassing? Sickening is more like it. Because, really, what is Trump going to do if he were to take office? Do you think this man, alone, can “make a deal” to bring back all the jobs that his masters sent away? Do you think he is going to curb the rampant police state? Stand up to Israeli/jewish control?

Bitch, please…

Of course, Clinton would be much worse from a foreign policy aspect. Trump, or Clinton, will do whatever their boss (Israel) tells them to do. But then again, I still think that Clinton will Hari Kari, leaving the door wide open for our next jewish president, Bernie Sanders.


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12 thoughts on “Drumpfters are Just as Blind as Bushies and Obama-Maniacs

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  2. The idiot WNs keep trying to spin the AIPAC speech as some 3-D chess game Trump is playing with the Israel lobby, but they won’t even acknowledge the stuff I’ve written about Trump’s decade long career as a one-man PR campaign for Likud. Idiot WNs are trying to pretend that the AIPAC speech was somehow “out of character” for Trump, when the exact opposite is true.

    Apparently, our little corner of the WN-sphere are the only people with the balls to tell the truth about Trump – and wow, what a hostile reaction we have gotten.

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  3. Even this bird is smarter than most WN’s, lol :

    Eagle to Tired-Rump (lol): “You might have me tied up daddy’s boy, but you best know your place. Go suck some more AIPAC turds while the peons ignore the sheckle-shackles strapped to your nut-sack, wimp.” lol

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