The Bernie Burn In Action

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9 thoughts on “The Bernie Burn In Action

  1. A $15 minimum wage could be implemented in a nationalistically regulated market flushed of the Third World squatters presently swelling the ranks of the American labor force and driving everybody’s wages down. Another circumstance hurting American taxpayers is the fact that corporations like McDonald’s and Walmart are receiving de facto payroll subsidies in the form of food stamps and other public benefits the government doles to those companies’ underpaid workers. I used to be of the standard-issue “conservative” position on this subject until relatively recently, when I read what Ron Unz, Steve Sailer, and Paul Craig Roberts had to say about it. The boilerplate Zio-libertarian argument goes like this: “Sure, you can have a $15 minimum wage … as long as you don’t mind half the workforce being laid off or else paying $10 a hamburger!” But the fact of the matter is that we’re already paying an exorbitant price for such things, except that part of the cost is hidden and takes the form of taxation. Unz, however, argues that higher wages would disqualify these same employees for the food stamps, forcing the corporation to pay its workforce out of its own pocket.

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    • Disenchanted Scholar thinks that using robots and automated delivery can help the small business owner survive.

      But that doesn’t help the help. And the costs are too prohibitive for small shops to afford automation, even though the technology is yet to be worked out.

      $15/hour pay for multiple employees of a small pizza shop can only serve the giant corporations like Dominos which may can automated certain aspects like building a pizza (and delivery). But, because I have 30 years in robotic automation, I know that these automated systems don’t work like all the blogs claim they work (truly my area of expertise that I NEVER write about).

      But really, is the problem with the minimum wage or, as Neg points out below, is it usury and the jewish money system?

      I agree that IF (big IF) the third worlders were sent away and we only had Americans using the $15 wage, it would work better than what we have. But it still doesn’t address the jew money scheme.

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  2. Fucking retards. There should be no minimum wage whatsoever. Slavery is when someone if forced to do something they do not voluntarily choose to do. Dignified work is work freely chosen, given the options you have period. People would still be able to feed a family of 5 on a 2000 dollar a year mechanic’s salary like they could in the early 1960s, if it wasn’t for Jew control of the money system, their usury and counterfeiting and deliberately created inflation. Inflation or devaluation of the dollar, either way they always make money and you, the general public or middle class, always lose, since they own the casino and not just the U.S. casino but 155 central-banked casino throughout the world all tied to the BIS and IMF.

    Donald Trump: The Whole System Is Rigged

    Yes, but rigged by who? The same people Trump was kissing up to. Therefore, in order to fix any “rigging” of the banks and economy he would have to double-cross AIPAC, Israel and last but not least, elite Jew banksters. Who’s giving him air-time on national TV? The same Jews who have rigged the banks and the economy obviously also own the media, so it’s Jews who are giving him air-time and spreading his message. Why? Because he’s their controlled opposition Putin-like “faux nationalist” asset in the USA. Sure, there might be a slight possibility that he might put his head on the chopping block and become a hero like Lindbergh, LaFolette, Ron Paul and some of these people, but only a fool would bet money on it.

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    • And this is my point about Trump (which I have a tendency to break down into the simplest of terms): this man says the sweet nothings that reach people who are pissed. But does he intend to change any of it? As you succinctly explained, why in the world would we believe he is going to bite the hand that has fed him EVERYTHING?

      John Friend and many others believe he is going to gnaw the hand off, no matter what evidence is given that he is jew subservient. I’ve tried to explain here and at comment sections of other blogs (including Friend’s) that without the jew, there is no Donald. And this doesn’t even address the fact that politically, he is an idiot making idiotic comments left and right. Friend and others see this as a strength, when I see it as a used car salesman’s way of saying any old shit he thinks the audience wants to hear without any intention of doing a damned thing about any of it. He is an egotistical rich fuck who would spit on me (or Friend) in most situations that have nothing to do with winning the POTUSship.

      It makes me mad. Mad at myself for being unable to communicate the idea convincingly. Some of the folks at Aryan Skynet feel Friend is a shill. I am still of the opinion he is sincere and believes the bullshit he is spewing about Trump. But I may be wrong which would piss me off about my $75 Lifetime Subscription (I don’t subscribe to anyone else, so this would be a blow to my discernment).

      But I have to take a pause and consider their accusation.

      Like I say, one can get so emotionally invested in a person speaking the things that give us a willy that we are willing to ignore the evidence and then attack any opposition (which is a jewy tactic) trying to bring sanity to the though process.


  3. I’ll vote for Bernie if he supplies me with top flight weed monthly, a harem of dancing gypsys and cheerleaders, free pizza, hot car with stereo, cold beer, home movie theater, vintage guitars and amps. Oh…someone has to pay for it all? Can’t we get the rich white taxpayer to pay for it all?
    After all they owe us for using their “privilege” when we were too stupid or lazy to get anything going for ourselves.
    At last when we have nothing we’ll all be equal in poverty and that precious equality über alles will finally be obtained.
    Yea that outsider Bernie who has been working in government the past thirty years will fire up the new hope and change version two point 0. Coming soon to a collective near you comrade!


  4. Great post by a new guy on Clues Forum in response to a previous super-dense piece of writing by Hoi Polloi:

    Hoi Polloi wrote: “You see example talking heads and pundits with supposedly “difficult” questions getting pacified and deflated, as a display for us, on television “commentary” programs that just need to fill the air with something that resembles meaningful conversations being resolved. This is how they train us lazy folks at home how to have conversations about these subjects.

    Unfortunately, sometimes what it takes to see through that, as you have, is a kind of logical intuition when trying to actually make the pieces fit together. Then, you may feel that the stories only seem meaningful in the sense that people believe them. You get the sense that these enormous caked on stories are being oozed out by a few fearful or powerful men who are trusted in their position to explain what’s going on and that story will cascade completely, like a thick syrup, to cover every official channel that points to them and then boasts of themselves being a reliable source of information because they share the same stink.

    If anyone actually gets right up to these sphincters of human beings, you find their power is completely artificial. It is just popularity. The command of attention. You can guess that’s why “News Anchors” and “pundits” are hired: they recognize in themselves some inherent relationship to people’s attention and, apparently being empty vessels with no strong humanitarian convictions of their own, they find it rewarding to suck up to the slime and be thought of as trusted fellow humans. The media is largely to blame for the entire “Cold War” scare that doesn’t exist. It’s like the old saying, “if soldiers stopped signing up …”

    Re: The Cold War Hoax

    Postby aa5 on April 19th, 2016, 9:30 am
    I was fortunate in a way that even as a child I thought democracy was an absurdly stupid idea. Nothing in the real world could work like that. Imagine if the military was some sort of democracy where the rank and file, retirees and their families determined who would get promotions.. and then the people could make important decisions regarding financial, let alone strategic matters.

    It wouldn’t even make sense for people to vote on things that they don’t understand. My friends were trying to convince me on Facebook to help them in their socialist campaign to demand the state government increase wages for nurses. So I asked them, well what does the median nurse make in income right now & what is the loaded cost per hour with the benefits and pension package costs. These are college educated people, and they were just dumbfounded. So I went on, how can I decide whether nurses should be paid more, if I do not know what they currently make?

    But even if it wasn’t just a kabuki theatre.. as 1 in a million votes I am powerless in a mathematical sense. And a politician can simply promise one thing and do another. The votes may or may not actually be counted. This is the circle of control. People spend 99% of their time worrying about things they have 0 control over. And 1% of their time working on what they do control. (in fact the things they don’t control cause the worry – as if you do control it, you simply change it). Sadly for them, they would have to overcome their own egos, they like believing that they have the power in politics. That their voice can make a difference, and that it is important to convince their friends to vote this way or that.

    And here is the thing; I have paid no attention whatsoever to local, state and even national elections for 20 years. And despite seeing friends posting scary sounding rhetoric from politicians – life in my city, including the economy look pretty much exactly the same as 20 years before. The rich – still getting richer. And the poor, still waiting for that free stuff the politicians promised them.

    Also, it looks like Angelo John Gage has now joined that Rich guy who used to be on Troof Militia in insisting that white people take responsibility for their own bullshit and stop blaming them Jews. He actually deleted all his old videos and started a new channel:

    I don’t agree with everything that he says but he makes a lot of good points about strategy. Strategy and tactics is about being tact-ful or learning how to temper yourself without compromise. Just like you wouldn’t tell a 4 year old about the holohoax or synergy (the phenomenon of wholes that are greater than the sum of the individual parts comprising them) but might teach him 2 + 2 = 4, so you don’t just tell any “adult” (most adults are children in many aspects of their personalities), regardless of his or her state of development in pursuit of or even interest in the t-root of things. Just because you didn’t tell that 4 year old about syneregy, doesn’t mean you lied to him about 2+2=4. You have to digest the more basic info first before you can process the more higher abstraction. You calibrate and give them only what they can chew and the next time you give them a little more. Each individual is different, always. One guy might come along from ignorance to your own level in one year if you teach him right, another guy might take 10 years. All must be tempered to according to where they are in terms nature and nurture and their current relationship to the t-root.


  5. (continued . . . )

    Chronic Cardio, is it Healthy?

    [audio src="" /]

    No it’s not. It’s not healthy to run marathons, do too much cardio and overtax your body, just like it’s not healthy to do nothing but pump weights. Walking and hiking with sprints is much better and won’t eat up your muscle mass and make you look like a starving Somalian refugee with string-bean arms.

    Both of these guys seem to be thoroughly sick and tired of the WN circle-jerk they came from. Who can blame them? Those guys in-fight even more than the “info-warriors” and the Jew-wise “info-warriors.”

    “Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage.” — Henry Louis Mencken

    And not by man-keys but by those who control the man-key cage – owners of mass-media. Even words have Darwinian suggestions? How did that happen? It seems that even way back when the English language was crafted, the key to man was considered the man-key? lol


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