Can I really believe what I just heard?

Can I really believe what I just heard?

Can the Jew-controlled U.S. actually stop waging wars?


By John Kaminski

I was astonished. For a moment the words seemed like an auditory mirage I was hearing in a dream. But there they were. I could play them back. In his speech at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington April 27, Donald Trump was saying he wanted to get along with Russia and China.

“Our goal is peace and prosperity,” Trump announced with finality, “not death and destruction.”

It was a thought I hadn’t heard expressed by any politician in . . . how long? Ever?

I immediately thought of Richard Nixon’s campaign promise of a secret plan to end the Vietnam war, a promise that he didn’t keep and a plan he did not have that nevertheless won him the 1968 presidential election.

I searched back in my memory for a candidate who talked of peace rather than bludgeoning a designated enemy.

Nixon mouthed friendly platitudes when he opened up communication with Communist China. And that was back in the early 1970s. Since then? Well, Bill Clinton illegally took campaign contributions from China back in the early ’90s. But that was when such contributions were against the law, and the law was still actually enforced, more or less.

Now Hillary Clinton goes directly to Israel to collect contributions, much in the way Mitt Romney did in the last election. It might still be against the law, but all Americans — everybody in the world, in fact — knows by now that politicians are never prosecuted for accepting illegal campaign contributions.

Heck, politicians are only in rare instances ever prosecuted for breaking the law at all, and those who actually are prosecuted are usually innocent, like Jim Traficant <> and George Hansen <>. Politicians have to have done something to offend the bankers’ cabal to even get noticed for committing a crime.

Breaking laws in a primitive quest for profit has never been a crime on the uppermost political level. Obama’s last crooked attorney general sold weapons directly to terrorists with nary a peep from the U.S. law enforcement community. That was the clincher that proved all the cops and judges and lawyers in America were utterly corrupt.

Among an endless number of examples prior to that and proving the point, virtually the entire U.S. government was guilty of treason for engineering the 9/11 coverup, which remains firmly in place.

As a particularly vivid recent example, the aforementioned Hillary, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Israeli Mossad, is facing a slew of charges from her improper handling of emails, when she was making billions for the Clinton Foundation using the power of the U.S. government to accumulate her fortune. Worse, of course, was her complicity in the slaughter of a U.S. ambassador, who himself was trying to sell weapons to terrorists in another war the criminal Obama administration was trying to foment.

Most Americans are still unwilling to admit to the unending crime spree and insane cruelty of the U.S. government that has affected everyone in the world, including its own citizens. Just about everyone has become inured to the warlike rhetoric that emanates from Washington. It is profound evidence of the sickness of American society and both the thoughtlessness and the powerlessness of its people.

So Trump, for all the bad press he has received from corrupt media outlets trying desperately to cover up the criminal activities of the bosses who pay their salaries, says he wants to change America’s attitude. He wants to “shake the rust off America’s foreign policy.”

This in itself is a superficial explanation. Without spelling out the analysis of America’s history that really needs to be exposed, he simply says, “The interests of America have to come first.”

The implication that remains unsaid is WHOSE interests have been served in their place for all these years and through all these wars. Neither Trump nor any other candidate has any intention of explaining those interests.

“In the 1940s we saved the world,” Trump says, adding, “We won the Cold War and we won big.”

But after that, he says, “Our foreign policy veered badly off course. We failed to develop a new vision. Logic was replaced with foolishness and arrogance”

Today, Trump concludes, “Our foreign policy is a complete and utter disaster —no vision, no purpose, no direction, no strategy.”

This is great theater already gaining positive reviews for his so-called command of U.S. foreign policy issues. For Trump to jump behind the scenes and reveal that the Jewish banking families in control of the Federal Reserve system have caused all of America’s woes over the last century is simply not going to happen.

Which is too bad, because that’s exactly what needs to happen.

Hence, the root cause of America’s planned disintegration and pauperization are neither going to be addressed nor corrected.

Be all that as it may, Trump is still far and away the best candidate this year — and perhaps the best candidate in many a year, for that sullied and disreputable office of the presidency of the United States.

Why? Foremost, he is the candidate most likely to keep us out of World War III, assuming Obama doesn’t start it before the election (as his legacy to the American people).

Secondly, he will put the criminal Hillary Clinton in jail where she belongs, we hope.

And what he says about our relations with Russia and China are very positive.

“We are not bound to be adversaries. The easing of tensions is possible.” And quit forthrightly he aims for “fixing our relations with China.”

In a tradition of presidents best known for starting wars from behind the scenes and approving the fleecing of the American people at the behest of Jewish bankers, he is a refreshing alternative to the robotic shills who talk only about Israel’s interests. I liked ex-speaker John Boehner’s remark that Trump’s main rival for the GOP nomination, Ted Cruz, was “Lucifer in the flesh”, which speaks volumes about who the power elite wants as its president.

On the other hand, Trump is still caught up in the urban legends created by the Jews and blamed on others, a syndrome most notably evident in the choreographed Muslim terror threat.

Trump may have made some promising statements about 9/11 and the Iraq war but has never addressed the false flag episodes in the United States — such as Sandy Hook — that were cynically created by the government in the campaign to get people to give up their guns.

I have not heard Trump say anything about the Second Amendment, and he is still connecting Osama bin Laden to 9/11. These are both evidence he will continue this neocon artificial reality that is destroying both our country and our world,

And he made a statement in that Washington speech that was much more prescient that even he realized when he said, “Unless you name the enemy, you will never ever solve the problem.”

In blaming Islamic terror as our No. 1 foreign policy problem, he has missed the mark. Our No. 1 foreign policy is the Jewish manipulation of reality, from which all our other problems stem, including so-called Islamic terror.

Some people say, “Well, he has to wait until after the election to really deal with that.” But I think back to Nixon’s peace plan to end the war which never really arrived until five years had passed and tens of thousands more people had died.

How many millions more must die before we finally have a leader who will clearly reveal the hidden hand behind this inhuman policy of robbery, murder and betrayal that jeopardizes the continuing survival our species?

Will it be Donald Trump? Doubtful.


• The Muslim terror threat is not the greatest danger to all life on the planet. The greatest danger to all life on the planet is the U.S. military following the orders of insane Jews who seek to kill or enslave all the nonJews of the world.

• The ISIS group, which the U.S. pretends to battle, is really the creation of the U.S. and Israel, making Obama’s pronouncements the epitome of American hypocrisy. Like ISIS, al-Qaeda was and is the creation of American policy, making everything you’ve read in a newspaper or heard on TV about this group to be a total misrepresentation. And all those millions of lives, as Cindy Sheehan has been pointing out for years, have been thrown away for nothing but a lie.

• With the American military perched in key positions on the edge of Russia, bombing Syria, still strafing Afghanistan, having already obliterated Libya, assisting in the Saudi invasion of Yemen, and trying to stir up trouble in the South China Sea, what do you think Donald Trump means when he enthusiastically exclaims that he wants to create a much stronger American military?

God help us all. And He won’t — unless we help ourselves and rid the world of this criminal government that permits only Jew-approved despots to run for president.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


B’Man’s Notes:

I’m glad John hasn’t swallowed the whole bait. There is time to spit out the hook and not get thrown into the basket case of lemmingfishes.

Look. Trump is a sales guy. I know sales guys… I am one. There are two basic kinds of sales guys: those that believe in their product and work hard to become experts, and then those that have the gift of gab: who can rattle on and on making people think he knows what he is talking about. I worked with a guy many years ago that could stand up and talk about a subject he has never even heard of before and when he was done, people thought he was the world’s best expert. In reality, it was just a bunch of bullshit that he laughed about later.

Trump is like several well-to-do guys I have worked with over the years. Of course, they didn’t get their money from Daddy and all the jew bags  like Trump, but they have the same “skills” (ie: being able to say anything the customer victim wants to hear). A good sales guy can sell anything to anybody… once. That is until the victim realizes that he has been had. Contrarily, a great salesman can sell the proverbial ice to an Eskimo over and over and the Eskimo will thank and worship the salesguy for taking his money. This is Trump.

I hear all these lemmingfishes make that grunt noise you hear catfish make as you handle them to clean. Every time Trump says one of his stupid gaffs, they grunt and look up at the knife with willingness to die for him. Anything for the Drumpfter. There is no wrong he can do. Same idiocy that Bushies and Obama Maniacs show us. No difference.

Many people, including John Friend keep repeating ad nauseum that the most important issue of this POTUS race is immigration.


The most important issue in this race and for this country is jewish control. Period.

If Drumfter isn’t addressing it, and worse, is inviting it and relishing in their control… worshiping them to the point of celebrating, giving his own daughter away to the tribe, then, LEMMINGS, he ain’t the one.


Don’t be a dumb ass clown and single issue vote for further jew control.

(I can’t believe that even has to be said)

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9 thoughts on “Can I really believe what I just heard?

  1. The smartest brains in the room think it is the 1940s and we have the manufacturing powerhouse of the world when all of that has been outsourced. The most brilliant strategists ever believe that fairytale about war being good for the economy. The magic Kenyan messiah who is the greatest human being ever to walk the face of the earth is a cross between Sun Tzu and von Clausewitz and will lead us to world conquering victories. Forward. The Great Leap Forward.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LOL at the stuff about salesmen – how true. I used to work for a guy that could sell snow to Inuit.

    About Trump, have you read Scott Adam’s (of Dilbert fame) blog about Trump? He calls Trump a “master persuader” and details some of the finer points of Trump’s techniques.

    I think most people know I’m not really a fan of Trump, but yeah, the guys sure knows how to sell. He did write the book about the “Art of the Deal” of course.


  3. Back in the day people needed to make a living and many ended up as door-to-door salesmen of vacuum cleaners (there were no saleswomen in those days). They dumped a bunch of dirt on your carpet and proceeded to show you the power of their vacuum to deal with it. I don’t know if they had a special edition for show purposes, but those vacuums usually were very expensive and not quite up to the task. But people after the war needed stuff and there were no department stores to buy it from. So they bought it from those salesmen.

    Seems to me Trump the Drumpf is spreading a lot of dirt with the promise to clean it up later. If people are going to fall for it, good on them. His trump card of immigration doesn’t even touch the bottom of the real problems.

    For me the Donald is a “Typischer Staubsaugervertreter'” (a typical vacuum salesmen) and concerning his claim that he is independently wealthy – sorry, I have my doubts.


    • Funny, MN, that you bring up vacuum sales. I almost used it as an example in my rant.

      Way back when I actually tried to sell Kirby vacuums.

      Yes, the salesguy would pour dirt on the floor and clean it up. However, I have to admit that Kirby was a fantastic machine. It was the only kind my Mother would own when I was a child. She believed in it and so did I.

      I actually sold several, but I despised door to door sales.

      Now, my work is very high end manufacturing automation. The one thing I am truly an expert at, I hardly ever discuss. But it is a hoot listening to other tell us how robots are going to be the end of us. Robots are truly stupid machines.


      • ROTFLMAO, BMan, meaning I have a smile on my face. Bring out the vacuum wars. Kirby versus Vorwerk.

        But, it doesn’t matter which vacuum you’re using (I’m sponsoring a cheap hepa filtered dirt devil) , you have to treat them with respect. They’ll last a lot longer that way. Lol
        And I didn’t even know door-to-door salespeople for consumer products still existed.

        I don’t think people fear robots that much, unless they take away their jobs, but the combining of robotics with biology. Will never forget the guy in Vancouver, BC, years ago who had a chip implanted in his hand because he thought it was cool to open his apartment door without a key.


        • My stint in vac sales was in 1980. Gullible, young and poor.

          I since went to college to acquire three degrees, all related to robotics and automation.

          I cannot tell you how many times I have seen automation fail. There is much more to it than just saying “robot”, as so many ppl are doing today.

          There are so many jobs automated today with robots that humans can’t and won’t do. Automation isn’t the evil everyone seems to think. But there are also many jobs humans do that robots cannot handle. And no, they won’t rebel and take over.



  4. Kaminski, his reservations aside, is still much too kind to Donald Trump here. Trump doesn’t have the remotest commitment to peace or a sensible foreign policy.


  5. “Why of course the people don’t want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally the common people don’t want war neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.” – Hermann Göring


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