Trump Isn’t Your Savior, Drumpfters

OT: Ivanka is not white….


His warm description of spending time with Epstein is chilling considering the Bill-esque allegations coming out.
(All allegations should be investigated, for evidence).

“Epstein, who was once a close friend of Prince Andrew, pleaded guilty to two state charges of soliciting a minor for prostitution and soliciting prostitution.
He served 13 months after being sentenced in 2008.
Investigators suspected the former New York financier of abusing 34 underage girls but lawyers failed to charge him or any of his “co-conspirators” and instead offered him a secret plea bargain.”

It’s possible. The right wing here did a lot of that in the 80s. Those hiding out on the Right should be treated harsher if anything. Never harbour pedophies.

This article doesn’t mention his personal life enough. It’s valid to bring up, based on real choices.

He can’t commit to a wife, he can’t commit to a country.

His business decisions are bullish but ill-thought out. He’s failed more than he’s succeeded, lies about his net worth (that’s fraud), and odds are he’s still in plenty of debt.

Bravado, no bravery. I can’t imagine him charging into a battle against Islamic State, but ordering war regardless. Sounds like a rich little rabbit, all talk.

The more time goes on, the more typical he looks as a politician.

He has a few zingers, but let’s be honest, he’s a reality TV star. He’s an entertainer accustomed to lying to a camera. There are plenty of accounts that his IRL character is 180 from on-camera. Doesn’t that make anyone else uneasy?

The Democrats would be better off running Kim Kardashian.

Better woman than Hillary.

He’s better than nothing, but I’m trying to encourage you to keep your expectations low, because odds are, when he gets the power, he’ll drop the people who carried him there.

He started off rich and still ended up bankrupt.

Too many mixed messages to be comfortable.

He’s a narcissistic opportunist.

What do they do?

They fuck you over.

Who will he fuck over when he gets in the White House on the White Vote?

Use your imagination, peeps.

Trump’s lone value is as Overton Window pusher. As I’ve said before, I don’t care about Trump. I’m over him. I care about the guy who comes after. Maybe he won’t be an adulterer (read the Bible).


I like very smart women (Disenchanted Scholar)

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5 thoughts on “Trump Isn’t Your Savior, Drumpfters

  1. No politician is the savior of Amerikwanstain. Globalist banks and corporations who run this fading banana republik have every side covered. Ratface Soros invests in all sides so he wins no matter what. If voting changed anything it would be illegal by tomorrow morning.
    Rafael Cruz’s wife is a known globalist who works for Goldman-Sachs and she is one of the architects of the North American Union. This just in…John Kasich’s dad was a mailman!


  2. Is esteemed comrade Bolshevik Bernie really a member of the demopublican republicrat Uniparty?
    He has been working hard on his outsider credentials the past 30 years in government.
    Precious little college snowflakes who have been told that every burp and fart is precious won’t like socialism when they get the bill for all the free stuff.

    “Nobody is more inferior than those who insist on being equal.” ~
    Friedrich Nietzsche


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