The Trump Kabuki

Why do you hate Trump so much, B’Man?

I don’t hate Trump, folks. I see Trump for what he is: a part player in the Jewish Kabuki Theater known as American Presidential elections. It took me decades to understand that any time the Republican and Democratic Parties are involved, what you are witnessing is a massive entertainment live show of particularly despicable people thrust upon us under the guise of them being the best that America has to offer. Some people just cannot grasp this easily identified fact:

note – The filthy Jewish press tries to turn Black people against one of their most uncompromising and successful leaders. Why? Because he opposes brutal Hebrew occupation. Because he resists the Jewish enslavement of Africans. Because he tries to educate his Negroid race of the bloodthirsty Kike menace and their Yiddish tricks.

This Smoloko person is one of the most rabid Drumpfters out there. How can they miss the fact that Trump is subservient to jews, as opposed to the obvious hog wash they post about him? Its the same for anyone that keeps pushing the Trump Trojan Horse on us. How can you be so gullibly stupid? Well, maybe you aren’t stupid. Maybe you are part of the theater.

Most of these people running for POTUS are not all that bright and cater to the establishment politics because that is what they have seen work. But the smarter ones realize that there is an up-swell of disdain for the system. People are getting poorer and see less rights and privileges we once touted as American. Many people are distraught and sickened by what America has become under Jewish control, but still there are too few to make a difference (yet).

Trump is smart enough to see the populace get pissed. His jewish advisors know this and instruct him to make various comments that appeal to the pissed off people (did you notice that his jewish son-in-law is now a major advisor and helped him transition to the teleprompters to make sure they keep him in line and on topic)? When people tout Trump’s anti-jewish stance by quoting the words he said to the rich jews about not needing their money, they seem to easily forget the subservient wall humping he did at AIPAC. Do you not think that it is remotely possible that the one case was bluster for the willing masses and the second was the real deal? How do you justify this dichotomy with any real sense?

(Please tell me he is just “playing the jew”)

Just like the Trojan Horse of old, the Trump Horse is in the city gates. The Likudniks that control the Trump Horse are stealthily waiting until the eagerly pissed off citizenry is fully invested in their plant. But what really blows my mind is how many people are falling for the absolute rhetoric that Trump is a Populist. Puh-leeze. This is a mega-wealthy individual who obtained his money from inheritance. He has been bailed out of financial issues (by jews) too many times for you to think he is anything like you. How many times have you been bailed out by massive jewish wealth?

But you know what really sets me on fire over some Drumfters? That some of these people tout how the elections are rigged against Trump, yet all the way, he has gotten all the jewish media coverage and has won most of the R elections. Even as many of you constantly rage about how the establishment is against Trump, he is winning.

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Jim Condit, Jr. In this podcast, Jim provides some updates on the 2016 election and the very real threat of vote fraud. Donald Trump is now openly calling the nomination process “rigged” and “crooked,” which it most certainly is.

So, you don’t think that much of this was scripted to bring you in line? (On a side note, Condit is one of those people that think Hitler was a Rothschild and/or jewish and/or a jewish plant in Germany). Many websites quote Condit on this subject. Personally, I think this is idiotic.) Look, people, Trump is the king of oneliners and sound bites. He is an obvious hack who lies with abandon about the most critical issue you face (but don’t think for a second anything will change, except that we will give more to Israel and the jews than every before. Trump is a virtual set of contradictions and blatant lies, uttered without remorse or shame (because the Drumpfters are so deeply invested that they ignore the bullshit, or worse, too stupid to understand the bullshit).

There are, perhaps most obviously, blatant contradictions and inconsistencies. In this speech, for example, Trump described earlier Cold War years as a sort of golden age of American foreign policy but also disavowed participation in the type of international institutions that were a major and even indispensable part of U.S. policy during those years. He called for beefing up the U.S. nuclear arsenal and more spending on U.S weapons generally but also stated that a major problem in the world is that there are too many weapons. He complained that our friends cannot count on us, but also spoke about how they should rely more on their own resources rather than on the U.S. to defend themselves. He spoke about finding common ground with adversaries and turning them into partners, but while applying this thought to Russia and to some extent to China he took the exact opposite tack regarding Iran. And so forth.

There also are flights from factual reality—or in other words, making things up. Trump declared, for example, that Iran has “ignored” the terms of the recent nuclear agreement, a statement that bears no resemblance to the record so far of Iranian compliance with those terms. He labeled Israel as the “one true democracy” in the Middle East, ignoring the lack of political rights of a substantial population under Israeli control and making it less of a democracy than, say, Tunisia. He declared that President Obama’s policies “unleashed” ISIS, which rewrites the history in which this group arose as a direct result of the previous U.S. administration’s invasion of Iraq, and in which the group received a further boost when a civil war, not started by any U.S. administration, broke out in Syria. He also blamed the North Korean nuclear problem on Obama, ignoring the history in which that country’s big progress toward a bomb occurred after the Bush administration effectively junked an agreement that had been reached with North Korea under the Clinton administration. He declared any reference to an inflammatory video in Libya as a “total lie,” whereas in fact there was such a video and it had a substantial effect in stoking popular furor that extremists in that country exploited. And so forth.

Frankly, the only real endearing quality Trump has is that he isn’t Hillary or Bernie. But this was on purpose. And sadly, the masses are too quick to vote for the lesser of the evils intentionally placed on the sElection forms for the fools who fall for the idiot game.

But, B’Man, we NEED to vote, so are you going to vote for Hillary because you hate Trump so much?

Maybe its just me, but why can’t people vote NONE OF THE ABOVE? Why not pursue a national sit out on the elections. Why not a massive write in campaign? Seriously, what if they held an election and no one came?

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45 thoughts on “The Trump Kabuki

  1. I’ve known for 25 years that Trump plays ball with NY Jews.
    He could not have prospered or survived in NYC real estate if he did not defer to them.
    His daughter married into a powerful NYC Jewish real estate family. one word: symbiotic.

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  2. “You know very well, and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White House. You see, I know it and you know it that no American president can be in a position to challenge us even if we do the unthinkable. What can they (Americans) do to us? We control congress, we control the media, we control show biz, and we control everything in America. In America you can criticize God, but you can’t criticize Israel…” Israeli spokeswoman, Tzipora Menache

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  3. They are defeated by such silly tricks, year after year, decade after decade, century after century. And then they wonder why the Jews call them goyim. If you act like water buffalo, that’s what you’ll be called, dipshits! lol Baiting hooks over a period of time and limited hangout are the oldest tricks in the book. I think one of the most terrifying things for a child to face is murderer parents. The same dynamic works for the children caught in the monkey-cage of “democracy” rooting for their “heroic” political “elders” (subservient to the elders of Zion) to initiate FORCE on their behalf, if they should be so lucky as to garner as little as 51% of the vote and “WIN” over the other 50% in a two party race of idiot pressure groups in a rigged charade.
    I wrote extensive esoteric commentary on this brilliant post of John Adams. Go to the comments, grab my name and click see more to enter the cauldron of de-siders and their de-ified decisions.

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    • Not that he would care or it makes a difference, John Friend could use this info.

      Frankly, I’ve done all I can to dissuade him from this disgusting worship of Drumpf, an obvious jew tool.

      And if my prediction comes true about Hillary doing the Hari Kari, then Bernie could be our next jewish POTUS.

      No matter who wins, jews win.

      And this is my bitch.

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        TheZOG says: (See all of TheZOG’s comments and links on Trump being a jew further down the page )
        March 25, 2016 at 7:03 pm
        “By the way, I have very good circumstantial evidence that Donald Trump has Jewish ancestry on his father’s side. Maybe I should post it in a comment here.”

        “So in conclusion, all four of Donald Trump’s adult children are married to or dating Jews:
        Donald Trump Jr. (Vanessa Haydon)
        Eric Trump (Lara Yunaska)
        Ivanka Trump (Jared Kushner)
        Tiffany Trump (Ross Mechanic)”

        TheZOG says:
        March 28, 2016 at 10:36 pm
        “This new discovery makes me more confident than ever that Donald Trump is Jewish on his father’s side. The phenomenon we’re witnessing here is a group of partial Jews, i.e. Donald Trump’s children, intermarrying with a group of full Jews (and half Jews), thereby reconnecting their fragmentary Jewish lineage with the Jewish genome and subsuming their partially Jewish offspring into the larger Jewish tribe.”

        TheZOG says:
        March 28, 2016 at 11:07 am
        “You’re welcome. Yes, I agree that the story about Donald Trump’s brother Freddy is the best piece of evidence. People who claim that Donald Trump has no Jewish ancestry will have a hard time explaining that one. Why did Freddy Trump join a Jewish fraternity in college and tell his Jewish fraternity brothers that his father Fred C. Trump was Jewish?”

        TheZOG says:
        April 29, 2016 at 1:15 pm
        ‘Or does he understand the agenda and he’s in on it?’

        “He understands it and he’s in on it. He’s partly Jewish on his father’s side.”

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        • Nancy Pelosi and her husband both have Jewish heritage. Nancy’s family converted to Roman Catholic generations ago…husband maybe not that long ago. Their kids all married Jews.

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        • Jews on the make will marry out…gain advantage, and then marry back into the tribe.
          They do it all the time.


  4. But Wait!

    Drumpf, the outsider maverick Billionaire who is not controlled by the jew and is outside the “Establishment”, would select Rudy as his Homeland Security Chief.

    And the Drumpfters shrug and tell me that it is all bluster to keep the jews off their feet.

    Putting lipstick on the Drumpf pig simply makes the Drumpfters look like morons.

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  5. Over the years of trying to get to the heart of not only USA’s problems, but the world’s problems ( this goes w/ territory eventually I believe) I’ve gathered and later discarded many websites and blogs.
    The whole jew kabal / world gov scenerio is so huge and ANCIENT you never stop learning even though at one point (hopefully) you find the one key that makes the light bulb go on. After that point, it becomes much easier to ‘seperate the bull’ It’s a very long process, or was/is for me and it can be very dark at times.

    In the last 6 months, I’ve been watching closely as there is No Way Trump isn’t closely affiliated w/ jews.. NO WAY. His father was allowed ( and I’m serious about that word ) to be successful in real estate and business only by working with them. That much is admitted even by Trump I believe. Their jew-ish-ness needent be by blood. He hates the WASP crowd just as most jews do. Since his Florida episode of buying property and being shunned few years back
    His Real Estate lawyer is one of the oldest and best jews in NYC on the subject.

    Many new kids on block, and OLD timers are showing their true colors over this. Sit back and watch and delete. It’s quite an awakening in itself.
    And I’m talking blogs I’ve trusted for a long time :/

    ps. Renegade is in w/ National Vanguard who has been ‘resurrected ‘ conveniently in time for ‘white genocide’ ( which is true and very old ) but they are running interference IMO w/ many others.
    The list of fallen trusted bloggers to me at least, will be very long. I’ve read the hundreds of hours, bought OLD books telling of the time from 1870’s – WWII and still reading daily, researching, learning.
    These people tout authority and deep knowledge, only to prove now they are full of it

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    • Curious about this “Renegade is in w/ National Vanguard who has been ‘resurrected ‘ conveniently in time for ‘white genocide’ ( which is true and very old ) but they are running interference IMO w/ many others.”

      What do you mean by interference? Are you suggesting they are somehow the controlled op to the controlled op? Interesting theory if so.

      Because they do odd stuff, interspersed with fairly solid investigating. Which sometimes equates to controlled op. I know people who think their flat earth and hyper aggressive stances (drama anyone?) are part of an intentional campaign. They increasingly preach defeatism with their exposes which makes one wonder. I hear they’ve even taken to outing people who’ve never crossed them, totally anonymous posters. It’s something to be aware of for anyone considering their platform.

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  6. Americans are dumb. I doubt the Earth has ever hosted a dumber population of people. Every election cycle it’s the same old story: A handful of puppets are carried out to the balcony and shown to the people with a ringing of bells… all puppets of a thousand Jewish fathers. And, each time, the idiots fall for it. And each time they get the same result: CHAOS and LIES. Yet they fall into the same trap every damned time. I even see many people who should know better backsliding right back into this trap. Good Lord… even his NAME is a play on words — “trump: a valuable resource that may be used, especially as a surprise, in order to gain an advantage.” Egad.

    Here is some cold, hard, reality for “Muricans: If Trump wasn’t part of the con, you would never have heard his name mentioned ONCE by the JewsMedia. Likewise, he would have received ZERO airtime by the same. And all the votes are RIGGED, anyhow. YOU HAVE NO CHOICE — ONLY THE ILLUSION THEREOF. Stop being so damned gullible.

    Perhaps they keep clinging to some inane notion that, maybe — just maybe — by removing their burgeoning asses from the sofa for an hour to “cast a vote” — just one more time — the whole sinking ship will miraculously right itself, and all will be right in the World. And, as a bonus, they can even boast they’ve “done their civic duty”. They’ll usually also tell you that “If YOU didn’t vote, YOU have no right to complain.”

    ** Nonsense. By voting, and repeatedly engaging in this sham election process, you are merely assisting in providing the appearance of legitimacy to an ILLEGITIMATE machine. **

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  7. Good post B’man!

    I’ve posted the transcript of a recent interview:

    In this very informative interview, Nick Spero talks with Rainer from Aryan Skynet, and discusses the jewish meddling in Latin America, from the training of death squads, drug running and general subversion. Later they discuss Trump’s unsavory close associations with various shady jews in his business affairs and in politics, coming to the unpopular conclusion that Trump is working for the jews, a view that I think is unfortunately correct — KATANA.

    Circus Maximus Interviews Aryan Skynet’s Rainer — TRANSCRIPT

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  9. Fully agree with your assessment of Trump … It’s pretty stunning how so many people are falling for the charade …


  10. I too have been saying this since Trump started his run.

    Here’s how I see it & I think I’m correct.

    What would the Jew do when he sees a white awakening even on a part level, not like us but starting to get there. They’d put a candidate up there that says everything the disgruntled whites want to hear wouldn’t they. And that’s exactly what they’ve done. Don’t forget the Jews are masters at this type of political deception. The Duck is up there saying all the right things and the whites are falling for it hook line & sinker. Even so called red pilled white nationalists have fallen for the trick. I’m actually shocked at just how many have. It’s pretty disheartening to be honest to see what I thought were fully awake people being taken in by this. I stated these very things on Dailystormer months back when Anglin started promoting The Duck. I got a pretty bad reception off a lot of people.

    Scott Roberts has also been onto this from day one.

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    • The gullibility they display is overwhelming, considering that many of the Alt Right types are otherwise somewhat discerning.

      Many call out the jew, but give the Donald a pass when he is surrounded, supported, and promoted by jews.

      Can you say, “disconnect”?

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      • I try not get into online discussions with fellow nationalists about Trump anymore. I hate infighting within the movement for obvious reasons. They’ll see the error of their ways when their saviour reneges on many of his promises. Maybe then they’ll fully see the system for what it is, 100% jewed.

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        • Every 4 years, we see a group that one would think “see the error of their ways”, then the next election cycle comes up and voila’, more errors. Never ending.

          And seriously, the answer is quite simple (I’ve preached it since 2008):

          Ne’er an R or D Again

          If everyone realized that both are corrupt and everyone stopped supporting the corruption, change would be inevitable.

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      • Trump is probably insincere and in league with the establishment Jews.
        But Hillary is Hillary, warts and all plus Bill. Trump is the lesser poison.


        • Trump is the lesser poison.

          Precisely. Intentional. As much as the Alt Right would vehemently disagree, this entire kabuki is to get Trump elected.

          The problem is that these people think Trump is sincere, when really he is a pawn who will do as told when told. He is a charlatan after the buck, notoriety and power. He will do whatever the Likudnik jews tell him to do. That is who he is ultimately serving.

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  11. All this is true and more; however we must continue to lead and be there when the trump card turns. What is going on right now for all tribes (white) is the götterdämmerung. The twilight of the gods, as it were. There is no stopping it. We will not have time to say to our tribesmen,
    ” Ich habe es dir gesagt!” I told you so.
    Even with subtlety, Trump has unleashed and incredible energy that cannot be halted.
    The jews have openly boasted from Harvard to Tel Aviv that it is too late for the white race- their enemies.
    Such boasting makes good fireside chats for White warriors who attack before dawn.
    I am going to see these bastards stand trial; A trial they will whimper and weep at before indignant and righteous White judges.


    • “I told ya so” holds no gratification for me, even though I will be able to say it. There will be no enjoyment that these people were so bumfuzzled and I wasn’t.

      But I would be lying if I said it doesn’t piss me off that they have so little discernment. If these “truth seekers” are so blind to truth, wtf good are they?

      I hope you are right about the trials.

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      • It will be trial by fire. And MANY ARE CALLED BUT FEW CHOSEN Matt.22:14 springs to definition.
        Our fight is on!
        The Brexit won in Britain..thanks to the brave ICELAND example. We are now becoming the punishers. The Damned Edomite jews are shaking in their excrement and lice as we speak.


          • Aaaaand the evidence will be real this time.
            No confessions will stand on merit. Unlike the filthy Jews, we will not only accept confessions but the evidence against them will be shown, not falsely manufactured, we will not torture them to sign ‘ confessions’ in a language they do not understand. The graves will open and every white man, woman and child will arise and testify against them..Even Moses Will stand to judge them. It is OVER! OVER FOR THE EDOMITE JEWS!
            IT BEGINS NOW!
            AS I AM THIS MOMENT!

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