“Latest Foster Cover-Up Book Not Completely Worthless” Article draws retraction demand from “author.”

“Latest Foster Cover-Up Book Not Completely Worthless” Article draws retraction demand from “author.”

(As seen at WhatReallyHappened)

I also posted DC Dave’s post here (which I suggest is worthy of another read in case you missed it). More important (and entertaining) would be the newest additions to the comment section by Ms Peschmann, who is making her rounds demanding blog owners to delete or correct this valid critique of her work. As I tried to explain to her, I posted the review that DC Dave did. I did not write the review. Hugh Turley was also a participant within the first round of comments. It took her a very long time to figure out the obvious: that the three of us are different individuals.

It became quickly evident, however, that Ms Peschmann was obfuscating and/or ignoring direct questions of her. I finally came to the conclusion after considering another commentator’s questioning of her if she actually wrote the thing to begin with, that she may not have written it. Who knows? Why be so evasive? Why come here addressing us then complain about having to respond to direct questions during that exchange?

I have no proof that this person is actually who they claim they are (and frankly I don’t care). I did not read the book, but I have read the two authors who addressed her here. From the facts that Dave and Hugh present (and I would think that this site has one of the largest repositories of Dave’s Vince Foster and Forrestal writings around… next to Dave’s own site), I am fairly well versed in those particular murders. I am not a total novice.

I have done all I can to address her demands, by instructing her to contact DC Dave. But until Dave asks me to remove or modify that post, it remains. Furthermore, today I was copied on an email showing the Addendum added to the original post, so I did update the original post here. I do understand Dave’s critique and I personally find no fault, much less “unlawful” words within. I bow to his expertise and compared to what I have seen and heard about her book (one could also read some of the commentary at the Amazon page if so inclined), I still find her account unconvincing. Does she cover anything up? I don’t know, but nothing would surprise me after seeing her exchange here.

I’d say that she is complaining too much since she has taken ample opportunity here to express herself. Read it for yourself. Words and words and words typed freely in open exchange. Can any readers judge for themselves?

I wonder what changed her opinion after first writing this?

Hi David,

This is Marinka. I am glad you have decided that my Foster book, Following Orders, is not “completely worthless.” Thanks for taking the time to write your review. However, I would be remiss if I did not point out a few things and correct you.

Was it the dialogue that happened after?

She even thanked the guy. Now she complains?

From the WhatsReallyHappening post:

Peschmann has now sent a demand for retraction and apology to DC Dave and to the websites that cross-posted his critique, claiming that pointing out the factual inaccuracies in the book qualifies as defamation.

In fact, Peschmann ignores key facts that undermine the “Foster really did kill himself, just somewhere other than Fort Marcy Park” theory. It is documented that the gun found with the body in Fort Marcy Park did not in fact belong to Vince Foster. It is a documented fact that the FBI fraudulently manufactured the testimony of Lisa Foster to claim the dark blued gun found with the body was the “silver colored” (The FBI’s description) was the nickle-plated revolver Foster inherited from his father. Perschmann claims that Foster’s blood had dried by the time Foster’s body was found, yet when the body was moved, fresh blood flowed out of the wounds, staining Foster’s shirt! There is a medical report of a wound to Foster’s neck, which was then whited over!

It is not defamatory to point out errors in a published work.


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