Are You Right?

If you come here to read, its a toss up. But it is a toss up of a multi-sided coin. I say this because no one really has a homogeneous description of The Right. It means many things to many different people. Personally, when I thought the “right” was the neocon cabal that ruled Bush cabinet and was instrumental in bringing us 911 through their dual citizen connections to Israel and their Mossad, I wanted nothing to do with them. When the “right” was the guys that helped Bush get elected due to his isolationist policies lies uttered endlessly during his campaign, I could relate.

So, after several years of participation at various message boards, I decided I was “Progressive” because I wanted to progress from the war monger-like country we became (at the time I didn’t realize we were ALWAYS a war-mongering country). Silly me. I saw what “The Right” was supporting and the obvious place for me was the opposite (for I was still caught up in the fake two party charade). I even changed the name of this blog from “BuelahMan’s Redstate Revolt” to what you see today.

This is the nature of our politics. Wedge issues, many times totally insignificant compared to other aspects of debate, rule us. We allow the media (including the “alternative media”) and all the corrupted politicians to convince us that their “side” is the best… perpetually keeping us in the dual minded system that disallows anything outside the two-issue paradigm.

But how quickly did my enamor with “The Left” end? Much faster this go around. Why? Because the same damn ones I thought were on my side of ending these criminal wars shut the fuck up when their clown was elected because their clown lied with abandon, endlessly (I covered it all here) and they still were caught up in the dual-system mindlessness.

Did you ever wonder what happened to the anti-war movement? They got their clown elected and then backed every war move since.

From there my political understandings actually “progressed” because I knew that a dual-system was bogus and that both parties were corrupt and guilty. But I still didn’t see the connection of power and who the instigators were. Sure, I knew jews were a powerful, over-represented group within media, politics, banking and social issues. But I still didn’t make the connection and I think it was because of the jewish guy that once wrote here before my awakening. Was he here to keep the blog on topic? Did he actually believe the shit he wrote? I know that in many ways, his presence was a damaging force, but simultaneously, he did say some good things. Which is exactly how they work. Maybe he believed all that shit. I don’t know.

It was during this awakening when I was introduced to quite a few jews on Facebook. I was attacked any time I questioned Israel and our leaders’ subservience to them. If I brought up that jews were the banking moguls and the bail-out was supplanting lost profits for jews (thereby shuttling the huge losses to you, the tax payer), I was attacked. When I started putting two and two together (equaling “jews are the problem“), I felt the attack broaden and many allies betrayed me to honor the jew. Piss on ’em. Let them lie with dogs and get their weenies sliced.

Nowadays, we get the stray jew finding their way here. But even worse are the sycophants who defend them at every avenue. I hate subservience to evil. I deplore those who are willing to give up their family and nation to usurpers who obviously do not have their (or my) best interests in mind. I am sickened by those I am in contact with who STILL support the purposefully broken system, especially when those people are jew-wise. Anyone supporting Trump (or anyone running for POTUS) is a jewish-controlled puppet. No, you won’t admit it and will probably scream at me for saying it, but facts are facts.

Trump is subservient to jews. Get over it and stop your support of the same-old/same-old.

Hillary is subservient to jews.

Sanders is subservient to jews.

Nader (whom I supported and canvassed for) is subservient to jews.


We must get outside that box prescribed for us.

Do we need Hitler to come back from the dead? No, because I don’t see National Socialism working here because this country is too diverse and too far gone. But I certainly would have no problem with a Hitleresque personality making problems for the jew-controllers. But we don’t need some skinhead hater who would alienate every race that is here. We don’t need any faggots like the Milo guy that writes for Breitbart (a publication I have always considered tainted and unworthy of my attention). Since when did “The Right” accept faggots and their predisposition of raping children as leadership? The faggot also downplays the jewish control issue (I think he is a jew… imagine that). I mean, even Lindsey Graham has been deathly afraid to come out, so why are they embracing these sickening bastards now? We don’t need Man Coulter, who seems to be getting some play from the Alt Righters. We don’t need any of those people who were instrumental in establishment politics to be any part of this movement.

No, what we we see is a metamorphosis of the parties. The taint is infecting them both and frankly, I don’t want an association with either.

What can be done? Several things come to mind, but the one thing that we CANNOT do is the same old/same old.

Ne’er an R or D Again!

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5 thoughts on “Are You Right?

  1. Whoa, BMan, that was quite a rant. Thank you for your honesty. I suppose that has attracted me to your blog in the first place, going back how many years now? Maybe six or seven? Anyways, I’m happy you’re still going strong.

    From my hinterland, there is an orifice in the sky:

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    • Sorry, it doesn’t work, but it was about the head of Drumpf falling out of the sky and hitting a BC (British Columbia) guitarist. Oh well.


  2. I vaguely recall this quote of John Jewell,
    a Euro-Canadian patriot:
    “There aren’t really two sides to the Left and Right.
    There is only one side – the inside.”

    Perhaps this might be also of some relevance:

    Far too many proles are less than willing
    to devote their own time to other people’s
    time-consuming political editorials,
    especially if they take too long to confirm
    their worst suspicions – and do it in terms
    that are far too timid.

    By contrast, the mind’s capability
    for visual perception, having evolved
    over the course of millions of years,
    is instantaneous.

    Unlike a text requiring minutes
    of one’s time, a picture, whether
    a cartoon or a photograph, takes up
    a few seconds at the most – and,
    if expertly drawn or appropriately
    captioned, can tell more – and do it
    better than a long-winded article.

    Remember, the Jews at Nuremberg
    had both Julius Streicher and Alfred
    Rosenberg in their torture chambers –
    respectively, the Editors of the Stürmer
    and the Völkischer Beobachter. Neither
    one, of course, had anything to do with
    any war crimes – real or imaginary.

    And for whom did the Jews reserve
    the worst of their Talmudic hatred?…
    For Julius Streicher, of course, who
    always had some sharp anti-Jew
    cartoons on the pages of the Stürmer.
    While the Gothic-typefaced Völkischer
    Beobachter sedately theorized, the
    Stürmer did the bulk of the work.

    And while antediluvian ‘racism’ is a bit
    out of date by now, there is certainly
    nothing wrong with caricaturing the
    notoriously criminal idiosyncrasies
    of the arch-enemy of all humanity.

    While there are a few decent Jews
    around – two or three – or possibly
    even four of five – the Palestinians,
    for example, wouldn’t touch most
    Jewish ‘anti-Zionists’ with a ten-foot
    pole, as they know rather too well
    by now that the Jews’ primary concern
    is to suppress any information about
    their cabal’s rampant cannibalism.

    The Jews’ I$raHell, this arch-parasitic
    instigator of the latter-day trillion-dollar
    wars – along with Washington’s Jew
    neocons and Shabbos-goy politicians –
    is not only the biggest visible head of
    the Jew Rothschild banksters’ Hydra
    and its multi-trillion-dollar criminal
    rackets that are called banking, but
    also the most crucial one. I$raHell,
    with its nuclear arsenal and a fleet of
    submarine-launched nuclear missiles,
    is the Jew Rothschild banksters’ own
    ‘Defence Department’, as well as the
    major war and mega-fraud facilitator,
    one equipped in perpetuity with an
    inextinguishable Holoko$t ‘alibi’…


    • Thanks, CB.

      Unlike a text requiring minutes
      of one’s time, a picture, whether
      a cartoon or a photograph, takes up
      a few seconds at the most – and,
      if expertly drawn or appropriately
      captioned, can tell more – and do it
      better than a long-winded article.

      I hope my rant wasn’t too long winded.

      I can say that your point isn’t accurate in my experience. Most especially when dealing with video, but even the drawing/photo.

      I cannot think of a picture or drawing I could make in seconds (or find and edit/photoshop in a few seconds.) I can write a bunch of words as they stream from my brain, although most may just tune in and tune out quickly (also the fact I use red letters if they are my words rubs people the wrong way).

      But I do understand the point of visualization, as opposed to the written word.


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