I have contended for a year that Hillary Clinton will not be elected POTUS. No matter how much Kabuki has entertained you regarding all the jewish controlled candidates (with the Trojan horses being Trump and Sanders), the Killary is tainted goods and even the Democratic Party power brokers know this.

Polls show that many gullible Americans, including those that I can agree with on many other issues, have fallen in love with the Trump Trojan Horse because like so many others before him, he tickled their yearning ears and told them something they wanted to hear. Obviously, immigration is one of the single issues that have enamored these gullible people to Trump, some saying it is the single most important issue of this election.


Trump has surrounded himself with jews as advisors, John. Are you not aware of this?

The problem is that you BELIEVE what he says. This happens with smart people every election cycle. You invest yourself in a person’s words, when all around them, the criminal jews are controlling him (if you don’t believe the son-in-law and others controlling the teleprompter isn’t control of Trump, you have lost your mind).

The big Jews are now giving him money, as I always contended would happen after the R Party Kabuki. I said that he would start selecting jews as his advisors… he has and will get more. I said he would continue military misadventures (in a past life you were anti-illegal and immoral wars) and now he wants Bolton… a known neocon hawk equal to Kristol. Trump would have nothing without the jew. They made him what he is via media they own and banks that saved his ass several times. They also provide islands and nice places to see young girls. His past is tainted with jewish mafia creatures, yet you would have us believe he must have controlled them, instead of the other way around.

The things that make you uncomfortable are far worse than you suggest, yet you have the audacity to claim you are against such control and power of jews.

When I say jew control is the most important issue, then you counter that the SINGLE issue is the most important, I see that has hollow and impotent. Why would you say such a thing? It is simply one of the looniest things I have ever seen you write (and you write it over and over, in bold).

It is one very small aspect, yes, important, but that one issue (which he NEVER says he will send back the ones already here).

You are falling for rhetoric that is coming from within a tainted party, from a jew-controlled, tainted candidate.

I see it as blind allegiance to an obvious hack for the jew.

I’m hoping its just ignorance.

Any sane, thinking person knows that it is not the most important issue of our time. The most important issue of our time is jewish control and domination in America. Immigration is but one small sector of the overall problem. To focus solely on that issue is the height of ignorance we see every election cycle. Why he continues to push the meme is baffling, in light of all the obvious evidence that my claims are true.

I believe that this election will be between the two stealth candidates, Trump and Sanders. I feel confident that the Dem Party power brokers know that Hillary can’t win against Trump and they will want her gone.

Hillary Kari

This is why I constantly say that Hillary will commit Hara-Kiri.

As much as I would love for her to be prosecuted and go to jail, or better yet, find her guilty of treason and hang her, none of that will ever happen. I don’t believe for a second that she will ever do time, as so many others seem to think.

But I do believe to avoid this jail time, she will suddenly get sick and pull the candidacy, leaving Sanders to run against Trump. They have been floating certain illness clues all along (thyroid, cancer rumors, etc). And if you think about it, with the imaginary media hatred of Trump giving him as much coverage as he needs to keep him idolized by the red meat lovers, he, too, is despised by a huge contingent of Americans. I still think that the Bern has a chance at being our first open jewish POTUS.

Whoo Hoo!
At least he didn’t suck the donkey goober that Hillary and Trump sucked. But don’t even begin to think I want a jew as POTUS. I don’t want any of these corrupt thugs as POTUS and the fact that I am taking certain long standing connections to task over their blind allegiance to jewish interests is to protect us from their stealth perpetuation of that jewish control. Why people like John can’t understand (or refuse to see what is right in front of their eyes) is baffling and sad.

H/t Adask’s Law , Realist Report, and Lew Rockwell

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10 thoughts on “Hillary-Kiri

  1. I’m a bit lost; who’s “John?” Whoever’s making these bold, but true statements, about Trump being a stealth candidate for “World Jewry,” has got MY attention. Following immigration, the 2nd most important issue has to be the 2nd Amendment.

    Imagine THIS:
    Date: 01-20-2017
    Time: Afternoon
    Place: Oval Office, White House
    Those present: Newly inaugurated President Trump, his beautiful email-order bride, his beautiful children, Hillary, Bernie, Henry Kissinger, the Pope, George Soros, Angela Merkel, and so many other “Chosen People.” Lick-spittle “journalists” are falling all over each other.
    Occasion: President Trump’s 1st Presidential television message to the country.
    (The U.S. Marine Band is in the Rose Garden, softly playing a continuous loop of “Hail to the Chief)

    After being introduced by Henry “The Butcher” Kissinger, President Trump speaks:
    “My fellow Americans, YOU’RE FUCKED!! Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha. We fooled your sorry, soon to be dead, asses, and there ain’t nothing you can do about it; EAT SHIT, AND DIE, GOYIM!! You failed to get rid of my immediate predecessor, so you’re stuck with me, your worst fucking nightmare. I have already signed Executive Order # 666, ordering the immediate confiscation of all guns and ammo, currently held by civilians, in this country. WE WON!! WORLD DOMINATION ROCKS!!” (End of telecast.)

    Think it couldn’t happen?

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  2. Premise # 1: Trump is anti illegal immigration or says he is

    Premise # 2: Trump’s nose is buried deep in the putrid recesses of Jew crack

    Non-Sequitur: Trump is brown-nosing Jews so he can save “America,” it’s his “secret” plan to double-cross the people he’s sucking-up to today.


    When did this type of thinking start? In the 2nd grade?

    Thinking 101 – The Non-Sequitur Logical Fallacy – John Le Bon

    [audio src="http://k003.kiwi6.com/hotlink/1o5ipcpogh/JLBE1643_Thinking_101_Non_Sequitur_Logical_Fallacy.mp3" /]

    I’ve said it a hundred times and I’ll say it again: Trump is their Putin “Faux Nationalist” card play in the USA to pacify the Nationalists so that they won’t notice when thought-crimes legislation is passed here, killing free-speech for good, just like it was passed by that phony Putin in the form of holohoax-denial and WWII-history-denial laws in the putrid and still under KGB and Lubavitcher-control Russia. Trump is a baited hook over the course of many years. The hook may not come until maybe even his second term, but one thing you can be 100% sure of: the hook will come, by hook or by crook and once it does, their control will be safer than ever as they get busy imprisoning people who run sites like B’Man’s Revolt, NonAligned Media, September Clues Forum, Mami’s Shit and even David Icke Forum and Rense.

    Last but not least: this is just my theory, backed up by facts of Trump and Putin’s own behaviors. This is in no way a promotion of EXTERNALIZATION of power or traumatizing yourself through fear. The only way out of this mess is through recognition of “how” we are being manipulated psychologically through the subconscious by fear-based PsyOps of different degrees of damage every single day of our lives that we access the media or talk to anyone who has accessed the controlled media.

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    • P.S. Which means get busy exposing their game so that you can INTERNALIZE power and never think or behave like a slave again.


      • Not to be a contrarian, but help me understand how internalizing the power helps us elect a decent person (not that a decent person could ever get anything done)?

        Know what I mean?

        Of course it starts internally, but then a bunch of us need to join to push through change.

        (Even though I admit it appears an impossibility to meld a mass of like thinkers large enough to bring that change)

        Its why my strategy would be for a monstrous mass of people NOT Voting, even if they can’t all agree on a single person that they could vote for. Instead of focusing on selecting someone, it would be easier to simply boycott altogether.

        Seems to me this massive boycott would awaken another large segment. I may be dreaming. But participating with the status quo is like the old standard definition of insanity. we keep doing it over and over and nothing changes.


        • About a year ago, there was talk of a general strike in this country, and nothing happened. The general strike is a monstrously effective means of telling the assholes in power, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore.” IT WORKS. It HAS worked, many times in many countries. Just not voting, the assholes would say and think, “those goyim were just too lazy to vote.” A general strike, on the other hand, bitch slaps the motherfuckers upside their heads. I’m retired, but I would get a job, just so I could strike on the designated day.

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          • A general strike is much more likely to be effective in a country with controlled borders (hence a restricted and thereby somewhat protected workforce) and a stable, ethnically uniform population. The problem with the present neoliberal order is that unions have been castrated by, among other things, immigration. If native labor becomes too problematic to meet those projected profit margins, just swamp the market with cheap foreign bodies. Native workers, unfortunately, are no longer in a position to flex the muscle they could in, for instance, the early twentieth century. I think organized labor really could have been the basis of a stabilization of the West demographically, just as South African labor groups’ concerns led to the establishment of the Apartheid regime in that country; but the leadership sold out and condemned the American worker and his descendants to serfdom and slavery of one variety or another – welfare-loafing included – and it’s difficult to see how we’re going to get out of this. That working class dispossession and discontent definitely needs to be a big part of our messaging, though, and will definitely sell better than that neoreactionary monarchical crap.


  3. The popular notion, lets say the indoctrination of making people feel guilty if they don’t vote and therefore have no right to complain, should be quite the opposite. If you vote for any of the current puppets you are responsible for what is coming back at you. If you don’t vote you can wash your hands in innocence, not being a part of the rigged games.

    Harakiri, BMan, hara-kiri


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