Never Forget: Jews Intentionally Murdered and Maimed Americans

Never Forget Today’s Date

Today is an infamous day for each and every American to educate themselves about. It is the day that our most trusted ally in the world blatantly attacked and murdered 34 and maimed 174 in a vicious, calculated false flag attempt to force America into a nuclear war.

With friends like Israel, who needs imaginary enemies?


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6 thoughts on “Never Forget: Jews Intentionally Murdered and Maimed Americans

  1. I’ve previously read a book, The Attack on the Liberty, but this video is even more infuriating than the book. Those motherfucking jews not only knew that it was a U.S. ship, they knew its name, several hours before the attack began. LBJ wanted no survivors, that’s why no assistance was rendered, to the Liberty, for almost 24 hours after the attack.


  2. ….a “congressional investigation”……

    “our Ally”…the “only” democracy in the middle east…

    can there be a more valid reason to justify eternal damnation…?

    the {{{JEWISH MEDIA}}} and the {{{CRACK WHORES}}} in {{{CONGRESS}}}
    all work for the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN….a {{{JEWISH TERRORIST}}}


    what were the qualifications to be a crew member of the USS LIBERTY ?

    what are the names of the men who were murdered by the blood thirsty
    {{{ ZIONIST JEWISH TERRORISTS}}} ….on 8 June 1967…

    time for a global pogrom…Jesus @ Matthew 13:39-43



  3. The Jews showed their hand much earlier on:


    “The fall of Singapore to the Japanese Army
    in February 1942 is considered one of the
    greatest defeats in the history of the British
    Army and probably Britain’s worst defeat
    in WW2.”

    That’s the ‘history’ you get from the mutually
    plagiarizing kosher historians. None of them
    would admit that the fall of Singapore was
    largely predetermined by the Rothschild agent
    Churchill’s treasonous military adventurism
    in Europe, which economically ruined Britain,
    but nicely profited the Rothschild banksters.

    Thanks to the Jew Rothschild banksters,
    tens of thousands of British and Australian
    POWs in Singapore were brutally murdered
    upon capture or done to death on Burma
    Railway or starved to death in Changi prison,
    courtesy not only of the Japanese, but also
    of the parasitic British officers, who, even
    in captivity, were still constantly terrorizing
    the other ranks – and skimming off their
    meager rations, as well.

    The Japanese imperial ambitions as such
    had their first validation by way of the Jew
    Rothschild banksters’ generous financing
    of the Japanese military victory over
    the hated-by-the-Jews Christian Russia
    in the 1904-5 Russo-Japanese War.

    That’s another major factor that eventually
    led to Pearl Harbor and to the fall of
    Singapore, which is not to say that Pearl
    Harbor didn’t serve the Jew Rothschild
    banksters’ bloodsucking interests – both
    political and financial. No doubt, they
    already owned some of the choicest bits
    of the American armaments industry –
    no doubt, snapped up for peanuts during
    the Great Depression.

    Admiral Yamamoto, the architect of
    the Pearl Harbor attack, had his baptism
    of fire in the Battle of Tsushima (1905),
    where he lost two fingers, having caught
    a handful of shrapnel from a lucky serve
    by the obsolescent Russian Navy, which,
    in the event, suffered a crushing defeat
    at the hands of the brand-new Japanese
    (British) warships – purchased from the
    Jew Rothschild banksters-owned Vickers –
    with a $200 million loan from Jacob Schiff,
    the same Rothschild agent that handed the
    Jew Trotsky a $20 million letter of credit.

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  4. It requires a constant struggle to see what is before one’s eyes.

    Thanks for reminding us of this anniversary. I should have commented sooner.

    If I had more free time, I would assemble a list of related anniversaries of Israeli war crimes.


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