B’Man’s Sabbath Watch: You Can Thank The Jews For Hell

What is Hell?

And why is it nothing more than another Holohoax style story used to keep you in line… dedicated to perpetuate the jew control that has taken over you? First, understand who the Hebrew god was at the time (the gigantic bronze idol that the rabbis/priest class would build huge fires under and offer their children as a sacrifice). As you see below, god never told them to do such evil things. Wikipedia would have you believe that the goyim somehow fooled the Hebrews into worshiping an evil entity, but people that frequent The Revolt already know that jews lie constantly and endlessly to cover up their own despicable evil.



“And they built the high places of Baal, which are in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire unto Molech; which I commanded them not, neither came it into my mind, that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin.”

~ Jeremiah 32:35

It wasn’t god’s idea, it was the jews’ idea to burn their children to death in offerings. But, B’Man, you don’t understand “the context” of those “Godly” words. Perhaps. Or maybe you don’t really care about the real context in this example or many others that cannot explain away the jews’ (ancient Hebrews’) proclivity for evil, murder, rape and bestiality, etc?

So, again, what is hell?


Fire being the most destructive of all elements, is chosen by the sacred writers to symbolize the agency by which God punishes or destroys the wicked. We are not to assume from prophetical figures that material fire is the precise agent to be used. It was not the agency employed in the destruction of Sennacherib, mentioned in Isa. 30:33.


Hell, as seen today

Tophet properly begins where the Vale of Hinnom bends round to the east, having the cliffs of Zion on the north, and the Hill of Evil Counsel on the south. It terminates at Beer ‘Ayub, where it joins the Valley of Jehoshaphat. The cliffs on the southern side especially abound in ancient tombs. Here the dead carcasses of beasts and every offal and abomination were cast, and left to be either devoured by that worm that never died or consumed by that fire that was never quenched.”

The answer lies within the tainted Old Testament (the jew Bible, as I call it), that, for some unreal reason, Christians adhere to more than anything found in the Red Letters section. When Jesus is quoted as saying “hell”. he was speaking about Tophet and specifically the Valley of the Sons of Hinnom (or “Gehenna”). As much as the crazies want you to believe that the Prince of Peace was threatening people of an endless hellfire and damnation, that is NOT what He was talking about. He was talking about that shithole Gehenna, where the carcasses were eaten by worms and burned to get rid of the stench and decay. It has nothing, whatsoever, to do with a retributive god torturing His creation for all eternity. I cover this with much greater detail here.

One must understand that the New Testament  has been corrupted by the jew or his sycophants. Many of the translations we are forced to buy from the jewish book stores (or the corrupted goyim stores who still propel jewish control over virtually every aspect of our lives) are tainted. Worse are the people who embrace Christian Identity. Why do they want to be the jew? Are they maniacs? They take the mantle of the Ancient Israelites and all their murderous, god-dictated savagery, as their identity (calling it Christian), but to their sole claim to god and his salvation (not that this is much different than any other sect of Christianity).

Yes, hell is a church invention. Pantaenus, who was considered a “Hebrew” (as opposed to a “Jew”… two radically different things) and taught this belief. For those who are CI (Christian Identity) and believe in hell (most do from what I have seen), you are missing the boat and look more like a Pharisee Jew, than a Hebrew.

I have many problems with CI, but the main one is the supremacist attitude it fosters, because they are intent on taking over the reigns of that Monster God text (the Torah and associated Old Testament writings) and try desperately to embrace the “Angry God” Edwards spoke about. They insist on being the original Hebrews and God’s Chosen, but forget that Christ was, Himself, “Universalist”, in that He was embracing everyone, not just his fellow tribe members.

Well, if you want to be Jew-like, then help yourself.

(Now the hairs can be split about who and what an Israelite versus a jew is)

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h/t Kenneth T.

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12 thoughts on “B’Man’s Sabbath Watch: You Can Thank The Jews For Hell

  1. no Dallas cowboys at the Alamo…
    no {{{JEWS}}} in the Old Testament !


    Judah Monis and Sholem Asch converted to “Christianity”
    and were not treated as “Jews” after they expired…



    notwithstanding the “Jewish” so-called State….
    { a stool sculpture deity cult compound for the
    Gog & Magog “Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism
    called “Israel”….which is an Obvious ((((JEWISH)))) LIE ! }




    if the Jewish so-called State cannot be Israel for the reasons stated above
    who then is Israel mentioned in Genesis 49 & Deuteronomy 32 & Rev. 7 ?

    The 1st world nations –
    Gen 49 & Deut. 32 {Israel – The 12 Tribes}…
    are in fact in debt bondage to
    the synagogue of Satan – “ECONOMIC TERRORISTS” called {{{{JEWS}}}}
    simply because
    they willingly violate the 1st commandment…

    the deity of Talmudic Judaism is not ‘Yahweh’

    Talmudic Judaism is not the “Bible”

    every day brings this issue into clearer focus
    as the {{{{JEWISH}}} media is saturated with
    …… {{{JEWS}}} !!!

    on this side of the pond Juneteenth is just a week away



  2. If, by Jew like, they mean having no home turf to long for, no solidarity with your neighbours, no claim to any nationality in the traditional sense – thanks, but no thanks. Universality, though is a great idea, if you scrap the NWO-aspirations behind it. Who just wants to be a pawn in the game of the money power. And I don’t think there is any more doubt today who that is.

    “Suffering is inevitable! Enjoy the suffering.
    It is no accident that the Bible, as it is today, was compiled of the Children of the false God and then further to contain even more spuriousness and lies by the Demons pretending to be the followers of the Christ of Light. How does the Lord’s prayer end? … Deliver us from evil.”

    You might think Chiappalone is a crack-pot. I don’t.


    • The Universality thing cannot be ignored or discounted from the Scriptures. However, when people discuss the topic regarding politics, suddenly it is a no-no.

      The CI people, especially John Friend, have come out in broadcasts demeaning the idea of universality. But his idea about the subject is so narrow that he could not grasp an inkling of what I tried to teach him about it. Others, too, dog the idea, when there can be no debate that the Bible (NT, especially) and the Red Letters insist that the idea of salvation is a universal one.

      The CI (jew-lite) crowd insist that it is only they, the chosen jew lites, that experience any salvation. The rest are hell bound. To me, they are no better than jews. Same for Church of Christ or any group that insists its followers are the only ones saved from hell.

      And notice that I have yet to explain what “salvation” is, or if it has anything to do with heaven and/or hell

      What is funny about my stance is that I am hated by both atheists and the religious equally.


      • d’accord.

        I’m like in total agreement with your sentiments…

        once again the “language” is the issue…


        Question :

        where specifically in the Old Testament do we find a {{{{JEW}}}}
        with a copy of the Talmud hating Jesus….before Zephaniah 3:9…?

        Therefore wait ye upon me, saith the Almighty, until the day that I rise up to the prey:
        for my determination is to gather the nations, that I may assemble the kingdoms,
        to pour upon them mine indignation, even all my fierce anger:
        for all the earth shall be devoured with the fire of my jealousy.

        Purification of the {White People/Israelite}… Nations

        For then will I turn to the people a pure language,
        that they may all call upon the name of the Almighty,
        to serve him with one consent.


        common sense and self preservation on the part of fathers
        eventually leads to “Thinking” about the future for
        …the children and grand children.


        why should white people nations Jew worship in the first place
        isn’t that a de facto definition of Hell…?


  3. Judaism, as a religion distinct from Near Eastern polytheism, may have originated as recently as 440 BC. It is difficult to pin down historical facts regarding which self-identified Jews believed particular doctrines of the afterlife.

    Certainly many religious groups preached about punishment of one kind or another in the afterlife.

    A big problem is that Zoroastrianism influenced many Near Eastern religions, but we don’t have a good chronology of when Zoroastrianism started.

    Additionally, we don’t know the details of ancient Western belief in reincarnation. We do have isolated references to ancient Westerners who believed in reincarnation. We don’t really know how closely their ideas resembled Hindu ideas.


  4. BTW, before Jehovah got to be
    ‘invisible’, the Jews used to hew
    their supreme deity as a Priapal
    figurine – with a child impaled
    upon its oversized penis.


  5. Things left out of this discussion: Extraterrestrials are present in our skies at this very moment and they are telepathic,
    Reincarnation was taught by Jesus and believed in by the early Christians but most passages referring to this concept were stricken from the Bibles of the time when they were replaced by new Bibles at the behest of the Byzantine Whore Empress Theodora, wife of Emperor Justinian, so that she could become a goddess and as a result almost all Christian churches teach a theology promulgated by a licentious whore. What is called the Holy Ghost is real. The Holy Ghost is known as a kundalini rising in Eastern religions and can be experienced in a profound way by means of a “shaktipat” experience or going the long route by long years of disciplined meditation.
    All Anti-Jew blogs and essayists do is preach to the choir about what Jews did, are doing, or will do. They never broach a solution to the problem. Jesus failed and Hitler failed and now we stand at the brink of WWIII which will be assured when the next Jew loving president is elected in November.
    The solution will not come as a result of preaching or writing to the “Choir”.
    Only a man chosen by the Infinite can bring forth a solution. This world cannot go forth to restoration with Jews or what you term Jews still existing in it. There will be a solution but most of the so-called Anti-Jew essayists want to be self-selected and this will not work nor has it ever. The Anti-Jew bloggers and essayists are just as big of censors as the Jews and Christians themselves. Their “good old boys club” shuts out any who offer another concept.
    There is only one thing that can bypass the suffocating censorship and control of the Jews.
    The problem is not that “You can’t handle the truth” but that you “do not want to know the truth”.
    You will continue to shut out the solution until it comes sweeping away all those who resist it into oblivion.
    Now, where do you stand?


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