Trust The Process

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Everything You Need To Know About Oakland’s Sex Crime Scandal and Firing of Three Police Chiefs in a Week

h/t Vulture of Critique and ZeroHedge

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6 thoughts on “Trust The Process

  1. Who conducted the “investigation”? How old was the “child”? If they’re paying her doesn’t that mean she was a “child prostitute” or more likely an underage prostitute and to that extent “consenting” and therefore not “raped” aside from “statutory rape”? To be a child or for these guys to legally qualify as pedophiles, the kid would have be pre-pubescent. Maybe they only paid a 15 year old prostitute like Tracy Lords who looked over 18. I’m not saying that this kind of stuff doesn’t happen but there are lots of unanswered questions in the above.

    And who the fuck are these “muckraking reporters,” what newspaper do they write for and why does she trust them? And who cares about cops saying nigger or being “racist”? Big fucking deal, it’s their free-speech to be hurt your feelings and their free-choice to choose to be “racist.” You can be rude back to them, ostracize them and exercise your free-choice. But if you physically assault them, INITIATING the assault, then in any civilized nation, it’s YOU who goes to jail and pays a fine, not the guy with his big mouth running. The so-called “racist texts” do not even belong with the rest of the alleged CRIMES she lists. A “racist” might represent a vicious person to her but until he initiates PHYSICAL action or damage against other individuals, he’s only engaged in vice and rude bee-hive-ior and not a crime.

    She’s probably too indoctrinated to take here Sherlock-Holmsing any further than that. People have to start educating themselves and refuse all forms of mass-media indoctrination if they want to keep their minds clear and sharp. People have very little trust in their own reasoning abilities due to lots of fear-propaganda sowing doubt in them from authority figures.

    Here’s another cop-atrocity story that seems far too outrageous to be even remotely accurate:


  2. Correction: It’s their free-speech to hurt your feelings.

    Also, something that hurts one person’s feelings is often entirely acceptable and taken in-stride by others, so who’s to say where the line of rudeness is crossed? It is up to the individual to decide. However, VIOLENCE or hurting someone physically, most people know exactly when that line is crossed: when one person’s body touches that of another in an invasive and damaging manner in a deliberate attempt to induce pain and force him to do things he voluntarily would not do, such as not use curse words, “racist” words, etc.


    • When did people become such pussies?

      I don’t have a problem around here with people calling me names. There are plenty of dickheads around (and I can be the biggest when I want to be). People call me names here often. I have banned people, but not for name calling. Simply for being dickheads. Like this recent asshole:

      But I have never initiated any sort of physical violence against anyone in my life. That is not to say that I have never participated in violent behavior, its just that it has always been in self defense.

      I have been in a few serious, life-threatening situations. I’ve had people rob me with a 357Mag then hit me in the head with it (causing it to go off), making me think I was shot (momentarily). I’ve had a black dude try and stick me in the throat with a knife over $20, but I held my hand up to protect myself and the knife got stuck in my hand (went all the way through).

      The little nigger freaked out when I pulled it out and started chasing him down the road. I caught him and started beating the shit out of him until a little old black lady started squirting me with a water hose (distracted me) and the dude got up and ran away.

      I had a giant drunk redneck attack me and almost kill me in a bar. Desperation and his hanging ZZ Top style beard was what saved me. I grabbed it as it was swinging over my face (he was standing over me laughing). I reached up with all my weight and pulled on that beard until he fell down and I rolled on top and started pounding that bastard with everything I had. Tried to kill him because I thought I would die if not.

      There are a few other examples.

      My point is that I am a peaceful man who uses colorful language at times to make a point. If it pisses someone off, then call me something back. But if you put your hands on me, play time is over. Nowadays, I’m older and weaker, so I keep an equalizer near.


  3. On second thought: the cop shooting his own set-on-fire car and then blaming it on a citizen is far more likely than the Oakland stuff she describes. All he would need is a few fellow officers-of-the-law to cover the fact that the bullets came from his goddamn gun.


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