Social Justice Losers

Social Justice Losers

h/t Disenchanted Scholar

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9 thoughts on “Social Justice Losers

  1. and the word “JEW” is never even used….

    and the word “Justice” means …..what ?

    maybe the language police should have napalm and flame throwers
    besides the tactical TRUTH nukes…for “JEWTARDS” on campus


    Truth isn’t on Holiday



    • I can only speculate as to why because she has yet to contact me and explain, even after I added a comment on hr site, but Noor removed my link from her blog. My guess is that it is related that that piece of shit, Mark Glenn, since she has had a long standing relationship with him. And Lord knows no one can have a contrary opinion to the mighty midget without him calling out the dogs of sycophancy.

      Even a guy I have had great respect for, Arthur, allowed the midget and his closet queer cronies to basically attack me over what was really a very mild criticism of his Trump worship in a piece Arthur published, then deleted (unceremoniously) explaining that the midget isn’t welcomed there (or some such thing). Of course, I did not stand idly by and let the midget go without counter attacks, which basically pointed out what a hypocrite and liar he is.

      So, I, too, have removed Noor’s link from my sidebar (I think she was the third after Kenny and Goon Squad). Greg ‘the black Muslim’ Bacon removed my links after I used the word nigger and called out a video he posted that showed his Muslim protectorate bias (causing me to wonder if that was his big reason for his anti-jewish control stance that attracted me to begin with). Noor stuck around for a while after I used that word, but then the thing with the midget came up and voila, my link was gone with no contact or explanation. Kenny is dead so he probably won’t be removing my link (and strangely, I bet I get more visits from his links than any other single source).

      There are major squabbles coming up within the movement, with queers and jews taking over the Alt Right (as I long ago prognosticated would happen, thereby causing me to distance myself from them). Two heavy hitters, Red Ice and Renegade, have an ongoing squabble and frankly I am beginning to side with Renegade because Red Ice is embracing the queer/jew Alt Right. I didn’t want to “side” with anyone in that particular battle, because I thought working towards the same goals, those two sites could be very advantageous for the movement. Why it is happening, I am not sure. John Friend has gone full nutso over Trump, becoming one of the biggest Drumpfters out there. Add to that his anti-weed stance and his recent embracing of a “strong military” rhetoric trump keeps blasting when I met Friend and appreciated his anti-war efforts. Because, as we all have heard him say over and over again, the biggest issue is jewish power, oops, immigration.

      Nothing surprises me any more.


  2. From:
    Sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2016 10:41 AM
    To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
    Subject: – World Class Investigative Truth

    YOU KEEP featuring Makow but you hold your voice when it comes to Makow exposing Trump as the ILLUMINATI JEW THAT HE INDEED IS.
    People notice this.
    Jews always play both sides of the coin in war and politics and religion.
    Sports, politics and religion are the pursuits of the dumb and ignorant.
    Jews infest the Trump camp.
    (CNN) – “UK citizens are poised to vote on a crucial decision about whether to stay or leave the European Union (EU) — but the debate has been stalked by the fear that one big terror attack in the UK before Thursday’s poll could influence the outcome.
    My comment: WHY would one big terror attack affect the outcome? Why even mention that????? HHHHHMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!

    I remember a silly episode of the Beetle Borgs, where a “miracle mechanic” girl could fix any car problem including the tiny delicate screws on a carburetor with only one tool – ONE GIANT WRENCH. That wrench, for the elite, is the TERROR ATTACK TOOL. And this comment about Brexit PROVES IT!

    Do not allow a third party candidate.
    I am going to talk straight here about Trump. He’s a political idiot. However, he is real. And he is the only one that is real. He will probably be a president who is an idiot savant, – a master of some subjects and a total idiot with others. For better or worse, Trump is the only one standing between America and the New World Order. If the New World Order manages to stop Trump, America will be dissolved. Trump is our only choice, and he is the only real choice America has had for over 50 years. That makes Trump the best thing many Americans have seen in their lifetimes.
    I am skeptical of the polls saying Trump is losing. I do not believe a 9 percent third party candidate ate into Trump as badly as what is being said. And I don’t for a minute believe Hillary has an honest 10 percent support. She is definitely single digit. But if the scamming zio press can succeed in fronting illusion, it will provide them a way to fake in their cronie, be it via a third party face or a fake third party spoiler I never even heard of before today. And I am not going to even mention the name here because I am not going to advertise for the enemy.

    Trump is clearly America’s choice. Considering the alternatives, Trump is an amazingly great choice, – a godsend – and if the people’s will is denied in this election, no matter how the zio press fakes it, bloodshed is the only option. There simply is no other option.

    What a stolen election this time around means:
    1. It means America will definitely be flushed by a non elected enemy (even if that enemy has a third party face) into the New World Order.
    2. It means there will be a gun ban, and remember, before the Bolsheviks took over Russia, Russia was as free as America and was that way until the Bolsheviks managed to ban weapons in Russia. Once they did so, they murdered between 30 million and 70 million people. Hillary is a definite Bolshevik communist. And if they get their gun ban in America, the numbers killed will probably be a lot worse than what happened in Russia. Forget Hillary being Methodist, she is a crypto Jew which is the only way you can get the unabashed support of the Jewish community she has.

    Having the election stolen this time around means you will not only be forced to tolerate homosexuality, it will mean that you will be forced to openly accept and support it, and if you refuse, you won’t have a job. Your job will be handed to what is now an illegal alien, or phased out by robots and if you are white, you will be flushed out into the streets, arrested for vagrancy, and sent to a death camp.
    Having the election stolen this time around means the police will become fully weaponized. Already in Oklahoma the police can pull you over and for no reason at all they can drain all your bank accounts to zero via any bank cards you have, even without your passwords and pins. They first started with stealing cash via asset forfeiture laws, saying if you carry cash it is for drugs because “cash cannot be traced”. Now they are saying that if you have cash in a savings or checking account that it is for drugs also, even if they find no evidence and you have no prior history, and if they have a way in – your bank cards, they steal it down to zero. They have already done this hundreds of times during traffic stops, with a near total blackout on this topic in the controlled media.

    Trump will put a stop to this, and if he is stopped after already obviously winning, this will go mainstream in all states. It will be used to target and destroy white people by draining all their finances to zero once they are targeted to be taken out. Acceptance of asset forfeiture in its earlier forms paved the way for this, and if you are white, heterosexual, and a Christian, you will be doomed by this. They will know you are because the NSA got all your phone calls and your smart TV reported all your conversations. You will be easy to target for a pull over, and then your accounts will be drained. It will be a key weapon the New World Order will use to take out that which they fear most – educated white America. You will lose your job for standing your ground, and after you do, your accounts and assets will be seized. Just like communist Russia.

    If Trump gets in, this will probably not be allowed to happen. It is the holy grail of a national takeover, and anyone who is a victim will be labeled by the idiots as “somehow deserving it, because they don’t do that to good people!” and you will be without help. Even if you are not taken to the death camps, you will wander about until you starve to death. Mission accomplished. Trump is not stupid, and is our only hope for defense against this already dawning reality.

    Having the election stolen this time around means Monsanto will win, and you will be forced to accept whatever GMO they dream up. It will also mean that you will be forced to accept vaccines that modify your DNA and destroy you, 10,000 generations into the future. Trump has already spoken out about this, and if he somehow takes office, there will be prosecutions against those who have already perpetrated it. NO SHT they don’t want him in, Trump will be like an honest cop showing up at a murdering gangster party with a rape in progress.
    If Trump is prevented from taking office (as he has already won it,) there is a strong possibility that America will be split, and a huge portion of the country will be handed to Mexico. The rest of the nation will become Mexican also, as the white people are wiped out via social policy.

    All of this only skims the surface, there are many many more ways America will be destroyed. The idiots will always sit around and do nothing for as long as they can eat. The idiots will even enjoy seeing good people wiped out just because “it is not happening to them, and therefore they are better.” A few smart good people will retreat to remote locations, only to be eventually taken out by ever persistent drones combing out all remote areas. NO ONE GOOD WILL MAKE IT. Your retreat does not mean jack when technology exists to send you death via a large flying synthetic insect. And if that is not in the budget, there are drones that even YOU can buy that could be outfitted to accomplish the job.

    We live in a world where your worst nightmares are going to come true if the evil people of this world are not stopped from making it happen. Trump is at least not evil, at least not that evil. Trump really is our only hope.

    From how things look right now, Trump’s only way into office will be via the barrel of a gun. This is a cold hard reality any time a nation falls into the gutter as far as America already has. And if the people fail, all will definitely be lost.
    June 20 2016

    The Dawn of the Homosexual Police State
    Henry Makow posted an excellent commentary about the emerging homosexual police state in America. The following is the first comment below that report. FOR THE ACTUAL REPORT CLICK HERE it is well worth a read.

    The following is only a comment from that report, to read the actual report you have to go to Makow’s site.
    First Comment from Dan: I noticed last week that flags were at half mast everywhere in this city. The banks, post offices, the regional Boy Scout headquarters – even the local VFW (Vets of Foreign Wars). I found the last one truly ‘cucked’, that an organization of combat veterans would do that. That’s put the deaths of soldiers in combat on par with bystanders killed while out cruisin’ for cock.
    Of course Obama gave the Presidential order for lowering the flags, and the Governors of fifty state complied. But I was glad to see that one County Commissioner, in Alabama, did not. Tucker Dorsey of Baldwin County released a statement that reminded me of when local elected authorities did their job by the letter of the law. He said:

    “I have been asked why the County Commission has not lowered its flags in respect for the victims of both the Paris and San Bernardino terrorist events (and now Orlando). The Chairman of the Baldwin County Commission has the privilege of setting the flags at half-staff, and I, serving as chairman, have deliberately chosen not to lower our flags. Please allow me to share those reasons.

    Lowering the flags to half-staff after mass shooting or terrorist event is not a valid circumstance or memorial as specified in the U.S. flag code (, Section 175, paragraph (m). I realize that the President and Governor may make the order, but I believe and interpret their order inconsistent with the adopted flag code.

    Secondly and principally, our flag code specifies that ‘no other flag shall be above the flag of the United States’, and I characterize that as US citizens holding our head up with courage above all others. When the flag is at half-staff, our country’s head is figuratively held low, and quite frankly, I am not willing to hang my head down because of a terrorist attack.

    Read the actual report here

    Nothing new has surfaced today that has any credibility once it is sorted out.
    My final answer is that Orlando was an act, up until the end, and then if people did die at that time it was due to SWAT taking out Mateen who was “radicalized locally, in the U.S.” because he was CIA and they are not saying the CIA part. Mateen is definitely dead. Most likely SWAT was responsible for all deaths while Mateen role-played for the CIA. It’s all here folks, if you have not seen this yet, it could not possibly be any more clear than this. There is a substantial panorama of information here, all confirmed, and all of it proves we were lied to about what happened in Orlando. Why else would there be gag orders on everyone?
    I am going to let this sit for today so Monday’s readers can see it all and then move onto other things.


  3. Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2016 9:06 AM
    To: dr.samizdat
    Subject: Still no guts on your part to name the cause of wars by NAME: JEWS, you coward.



  4. I commend this guy for doing this video and he makes some great points, but one can tell he hasn’t got the bigger picture. He ain’t jew-wise. If one doesn’t understand the jew be hid all this anti-white agenda then any analysis is inaccurate.

    Glad you’ve kept so consistent all these years B’Man. When all around have lost the plot and turned in cuck/half-Truthers. Your site is a reliable source of sanity and Truth.

    Liked by 2 people

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