Rivers Of Blood: Our Children’s Future

What you see in that video is what you can expect here as they continue to force faked war refugees into your communities. Adding to the already dangerous criminal black crazies who have been brainwashed to believe they are given free reign to ‘attack and take’ from whitey to fulfill imaginary debts white people “owe them” (who, by the way,  have never done them wrong in any way), the new “refugees” will cause even more instability and misguided hatred of white people who have simply given them aid. Plus all those crazy Mexicans who claim the west as Mexico, they ,too, wanting whitey dead, the odds are stacked against us and you don’t even realize it, for the most part.

Here is an excellent article by Andrew Joyce at the Occidental Observer, warning of the inevitability of some sort of racial conflict within our country.

The Fall Of London: Thoughts On White Dispossession

In the London district of Barking and Dagenham, a third of the White British population departed between 2001 and 2011. Most of those Whites remaining are low-income or unemployed tenants of council-owned property, suggesting that they only remain because they can’t afford to leave and are therefore trapped. Kaufman compares these findings with statistics from the U.S. where “White Americans tend to leave or avoid “majority minority” neighbourhoods and seek out areas which are over 70 percent White. Given the large increase in Hispanic and Asian populations in America, this is resulting in ever larger heavily-minority zones in America’s most diverse metropolitan areas.”

A pattern is thus established where more and more of our urban centres are being lost to non-Whites. Extrapolating logically from current trends in demographics, crime and economics, we can predict that when enough time has elapsed and enough Whites have departed, the major cities of our civilization will fully collapse, with all of the economic and social effects that that will entail. One can then imagine that the non-White urban populations will increasingly disperse into more rural White enclaves in order to seek a share in the resources and infrastructure in existence there. In this second phase of mass displacement, there will be no areas into which a further “White flight” can take place and the process of mass ethnic displacement will be more or less complete. At the conclusion of this stage, one can expect economic and social failure on a national scale, with the same urban patterns of crime and decay now operating on a country-wide scale. With nowhere left to run, the subconscious antagonism towards non-White ethnic groups implicit in decisions to avoid co-habiting with them (regardless of more conscious disavowals of “racism”) would force White populations into a conscious acknowledgement of racial realities and interests. At this point, if not any earlier, history suggests that civil conflict along ethnic and racial lines would be an inevitability. Enoch Powell’s “rivers of blood.” This is our children’s future.

Large cities relatively nearby (as in Memphis… 120 miles or so from me) are snake pits of criminal blacks. Medium sized cities, like Jackson, TN, are now known locally as “little Memphis” because the black criminal minority contingent is moving out of Memphis for lusher thieving (because Memphis is so black at 64%, it, too, is so poor that there is little to steal worth having except for multi-hundred dollar tennis shoes). Jackson is an hour from me… I see and feel the creep.

This is precisely why I live in a rural area housing a white demographic of 90%. Maybe 2% are latino, hardly any Asians and the rest are black.

Crime is not very bad, but grows worse because this area only has a median income of about $23K/family (usually multiple workers in family). We are dirt poor around here, by and large. But we are good, decent people, on the most part.

The only time I’ve heard claims of racism have been when one bi-racial woman we know was asked by a man why she didn’t live in the black area of town. She took offense, even though I doubt that offense was his goal. The fact is that most black people live there because they want to live among other blacks. This is still common down south and I assume elsewhere. (By the way, this woman lives with a derelict, work-adverse black dude that carries a chip on his shoulder and has his baby. He said to me that he doesn’t want to work for “The Man” (I assumed he meant white people).

I told him that even white people (like me) have to work for “The Man”, too, so get over it, get a job, and take care of your child and family.

That was three years ago and now he has exhausted unemployment for the year he did work until he got busted for DUI and possession of weed. He was showing his brilliance by driving 75 in a 35 zone, then getting mad that he was arrested. “The Man” screwed him.

The jews are working this scheme like champs. They have worked to turn blacks against whites over slavery they were most guilty of, yet used their white tone to hide among the innocent, while blaming them for their own criminality. They have manipulated the emotions of decent white people into accepting war and murder as normal, causing hatred fueled blowback. This all causes the divide and conquer I always discuss, and who comes out on top?

The Privileged Whitey?

Whitey, its you they are genociding.

We should all be Saxons.

h/t Renegade Tribune and The Occidental Observer

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4 thoughts on “Rivers Of Blood: Our Children’s Future

  1. In Memory of Grugyn Silverbristle :

    and….. LIFE OF TROUBLE

    The fog is closing in. I can feel the dampness. I listen to the Wesser babbling over my shoulder,
    and the soft rustling of tree branches high overhead. The moment is suddenly full of magic.
    There is the faintest trace of a morning breeze, a thermal convection.
    The forest is exhaling her warm-stored breath, and the cool morning fog is settling in its place.
    Trouble gives a peep as she yawns and lays her head back down on her paws.
    An owl hoots from the tall poplars behind us; and behind him the faint sound of crickets.





    The sophistication of Pythagoras’ system indicates that, notwithstanding the significance of his own discoveries,
    his greater work must have been the codification of centuries of thought, mysticism and numerology that had
    preceded him. Otherwise, he never would have been well-enough understood by his contemporaries to enable any
    of his teachings to have survived. He makes an interesting parallel to Confucius, his contemporary, whose greatest
    work was his own commentaries which codified the I Ching, a book that remains today, still the greatest treatise
    ever on the phenomenon of synchronicity.

    Unfortunately, Pythagoras’ works are lost, and with them a great body of prior knowledge at which we can only guess.
    This is a problem that modern-day numerologists consistently sidetrack
    Their most authoritative source is the Cabalah, the secret Jewish books of knowledge
    but these date mostly from the sixth through twelfth centuries A.D., making them a part of the
    post-Christian mystical body of knowledge, and not of much use to us here,
    as we contemplate ancient pre-Christian poetry.
    There is a conflict.
    To the Pythagorean mind, 22 represents (1+10)x2 = (3×7)+1, which recombines its elements to form the
    transcendental number 22/7, Pi.
    To the later-day Cabalists, 22 represents the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet,
    the original number of books in the Old Testament, that during six days of creation God created 22 different things,
    the universe, all creation, all knowledge and all truth, but not necessarily the circle or sphere.
    The symbol has been preserved in the Canon: the Revelation of St. John the Apostle is in 22 chapters,
    St. Augustine wrote City of God in 22 books, and so forth, but the original concept has been grafted and changed.
    Most likely both the Cabalists and Pythagoreans drew from a common source, and that, the real key to
    solving so many of the riddles of Mythology, is lost. Therefore, I inherently distrust all modern “numerologists”.

    For example: if I, as a composer, am trying to understand what Amaryllis is doing when she ties three knots in
    the triple thread which she then winds three times around the altar, the significance of her act must be
    understood in terms of sympathetic magic. She is invoking the Great Goddess, the Three Fates,
    whose aspects correspond to birth, procreation and death. Nine (3×3) is the number of the Moon, the White Goddess,
    and also of wisdom. Twenty-seven (3x3x3), the number of days inside the lunar month and the female menstrual cycle, represents the feminine power of gestation. There is a subtle irony reflected in the words numero deus impare gaudet in Eclogue VIII, which imply that the altar which Amaryllis is garlanding belongs to a male deity.
    If so, then she is literally invoking primordial feminine powers for the purpose of binding and
    possessing a masculine spirit.

    In the hands of a poet, numerology becomes a cipher, a magical incantory language that veils and also
    enhances the powers invoked by the underlying poetic theme.

    In ancient times, letters of the alphabet held numeric values in addition to their phonetic meaning.
    In Latin for example, the letters I, V, X, L, C, D, and M were used as numbers; in Hebrew and Gaelic,
    every letter is assigned a specific numerical value.


    These assignments were not the least bit casual; rather,
    numerological attributions are at the very heart of ancient religious ritual, practice and belief.

    Tum canit, errantem Permessi ad flumina Gallum
    Aonas in montis ut duxerit una sororum,
    utque viro Phoebi chorus adsurrexerit omnis;

    ut Linus haec illi divino carmine pastor
    floribus atque apio crinis ornatus amaro
    dixerit: “hos tibi dant calamos (en accipe) Musae,
    Ascraeo quos ante seni, quibus ille solebat
    cantando rigidas deducere montibus ornos.
    His tibi Grynei nemoris dicatur origo,
    Ne quis sit lucus quo se plus iactet Apollo.”

    Omnia, quae Phoebo quondam meditante beatus
    audiit Eurotas iussitque ediscere lauros,
    ille canit, pulsae referunt ad sidera valles;
    cogere donec ovis stabulis numerumque referre
    iussit et invito processit Vesper Olympo.

    now to the race specific bioweapons….programs


  2. Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2016 2:29 PM
    To: .com (John Kaminski)
    Subject: It ain’t the mercury in the vaccines. It is the aborted fetal material and the bacteriophages.
    Mars joins Saturn in Firey Saggitarious early in August this year. Turmoil will be unleashed but you don’t want to hear about astrology do you? Too much mathematics.
    You are a wordsmith but you are still a censor of the only solution to Jews there is. You would rather keep writing than tell the people of a solution.

    Subject: The Rebel – The early days


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