B’Man’s Patriot Watch: Rick Tyler- Tennessee Hero Wants To Make America White Again

“Make America White Again”

I don’t know much about Rick other than reading this story and listening to him eloquently explain how America has fallen from the great, white, safe nation I grew up in, into this stinking, criminal, minority race infused hellhole the jews have manipulated us into. On this subject regarding our orchestrated fall from the “1960s, Ozzie and Harriet, Leave it to Beaver time when there were no break-ins; no violent crime; no mass immigration”, he is totally correct. For what have the hordes (legal or illegal) brought us in America? What has all that “color” done, except make this place too dangerous for our kids to grow up as I did, without fear of crazy colored people too lazy to be productive, so they use their might (since they have little intellect) to take what they want from the productive portion of society.

“Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be miscegenators.”

Until recently, we have been lucky because these people kill each other more than they kill white people, but that will change the more they are brainwashed to believe these attacks are justified because of the jewish slave trade that was blamed on white people. The more these immigrants are forced upon us, the more divide is fostered.

“Fight federal tyranny / Stop the Muslim invasion”

None of this forced integration is good. None of it makes America better in any way. “Diversity” is a lie. Multiculturalism is a blight.

We need more Rick Tylers to speak up and tell the truth.

This sleeping giant has been exhilarated by his words and actions. If I lived near Ocoee (which, by the way, has great rafting), I know who I would vote for.

(I have to wonder out loud what he knows of the JP- jewish Problem)

h/t Red Ice

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16 thoughts on “B’Man’s Patriot Watch: Rick Tyler- Tennessee Hero Wants To Make America White Again

  1. No, don’t blame the politicians and bankers for destroying the economy and engaging in endless war(thus ruining your precious America that basically never really existed), blame non-whites for ruining your pathetic life(and somehow, America, despite the aforementioned bankers and politicians being the actually guilty ones), B-Man, you useful idiot bigot Zionist lackey. You are one pathetic, hateful, moronic old bastard. And you are useful to at least one segment of society that you hate. Guess which one, you dumb old coot?


    • Did you watch the video, dumb ass?

      The entire subject matter is dangerous niggers and other immigrants. You, being so young (I assume by your words) must have no idea what a sane society, safe from crazy niggers is about. Maybe you are a crazy nigger which explains virtually everything you wrote that ignored the subject matter.

      But even if not, let’s say you are white, young, dumb and full of horseshit): do you agree that blacks are dangerous portion of the citizenry? Or will you have the audacity to make claims that whites are the dangerous ones in America?

      BTW: calling me a racist carries zero significance and proves that your misdirection is light weight. You will have to do better, but I suspect your lack of intelligence disallows such a strategy.

      Let’s see if you can actually address the points made (my dollar bet against your donut says it is impossible for you).


      • Yes, I’m white(and in my 30’s), and yes, that you care or felt the need to even ask that reinforces what YOU are, you pathetic old coot. You ‘re no better than the jewish supremacists you claim to oppose, and in fact you help them achieve their goals of divide and conquer, you fucking idiot.


        • Great: a white nigger showed up. Are you listening to that gangster rap right now? Are you cuckolded, watching your little faggot boyfriend being taken by your favorite black stud as you type? Something is distracting you. Maybe its your stupidity.

          There is a reason you are assigned to the comment spam folder… I don’t like liars and those who misdirect from the topic. But mainly, I despise Richard Noggins with no brains. And yet I still approve your misdirecting comments, giving you one last chance. What a bigoted old coot I am. Try again to answer the question about dangerous niggers or go hang out at Bacon’s site.

          Last chance.


            • It was Denmark that had the lowest murder-rate in history, not fucking Sudan or Nigeria or Pakistan UNTIL they started letting large numbers of Third World immigrants in.

              Not all cultures are created equal because not all human beings are created equal in anything except for their basic humanity (if they’re not born retarded or with 70 IQs which is borderline retarded) and what qualifies you as a human being? I say if you can ride a horse and not fall off or drive a car and not hurt anyone for reasonable periods of time, that would qualify you as a hue-man being since you do have that hue that no monkey or dog or elephant will ever have. If you can say use language and communicate without barks and meows and animal growls and grunts, that is another hue or gradation in your humanity, etc. But, aside from basic classification as a human being, that does not make your talents or abilities the “equal” of anybody in anything, not even your identical twin, since even he has different experiences and therefore a different way of having experiences “nurture” him than you.

              The liberals think it is all “nurture.” The very fact that Denmark is not Pakistan or Bangladesh and will never be Pakistan or Bangladesh and vice versa already proves quite obviously and historically that “nature” or the particular genetics of a group pre-disposing them to this or that social organization is just as important.

              Now, there is the epigenetic argument that environmental factors change your DNA and can do it in 2 or 3 generations and not many “thousands of years” as the Darwinian fraud has previously propagandized. That theory does have validity and domesticated Foxes did change their coat colors after only 2 generations of selective breeding. But it is not the responsibility of the higher culture to teach these lower and more backwards cultures what bee-hive-iors to engage in in order to stamp their DNA’s with the healthiest genetic predisposition possibilities. It is the responsibility of these backwards cultures themselves. If they don’t have anything in common with European culture except basic hue-manity, what the fuck are they doing there? The fact that they are pawns of Jews is clear and nobody is arguing that, but if they’re not compatible and are obviously being used to destroy the culture, they have to be removed from the culture or made unable to harm it anymore, just like their puppet masters. It’s not as if they imported nothing but scholars and Ph.D’s and artists and other valuable people into Europe and the USA. lol They imported, by force and through this fraud of democracy, the worst rabble they could find to form a malleable force to be used like an invading and occupying army.


              P.S. I lived in the capital city of Iran, Tehran for the first 10 years of my life as an Armenian Christian minority, and it was a very safe place to live even in the poorer neighborhoods. This was during the Shah’s rule when Tehran was almost like a U.S. colony with every other block showing Hollywood movies, etc. The crime was very low because there were very stiff sentences for criminality. There was a death penalty, even during the Shah’s time, for example, for armed robbery . If you used a gun to rob another person or establishment and were caught, you would be executed, regardless of whether you killed anyone or not. Iranian Moslems and Armenian Christians got along fine as far as business and trade went but they rarely married into each others’ families. Out of a hundred marriageable Armenians, 99 would marry other Armenians or European Christians or Russians and maybe 1 might marry a Persian Moslem and more-often-than-not the person who did marry a Moslem would be ostracized by both communities and have to live as an outcast. Not always but more often than not. I had a half-Persian / half-Armenian friend here in L.A. that everyone was cool with but back in the old country it was different.


              • P.S. Persians and Armenians were both considered fully Aryan in National Socialist Germany although the racialists of today on Stormfront and other sites tend to call us “muds.” Almost every single Persian person I know here in L.A. has some kind of university degree. Thereefore, I am not making a racial argument here but a cultural one. Different cultures have to have their space to breathe and should never be forced upon each other.


              • If they don’t have anything in common with European culture except basic hue-manity, what the fuck are they doing there? The fact that they are pawns of Jews is clear and nobody is arguing that, but if they’re not compatible and are obviously being used to destroy the culture, they have to be removed from the culture or made unable to harm it anymore, just like their puppet masters. It’s not as if they imported nothing but scholars and Ph.D’s and artists and other valuable people into Europe and the USA. lol They imported, by force and through this fraud of democracy, the worst rabble they could find to form a malleable force to be used like an invading and occupying army.

                This is exactly why I carry the stance I do. Yes, the jews are the instigators (I say it virtually every post), but wouldn’t I be an idiot to disregard the criminal element brought into this country? People like the dickhead above claim that I am serving the zionist agenda by focusing on the criminal contingent the jews bring in.

                I must ask: when in battle, is there ever a case of multiple fronts being fought?

                Its not like I have a hard-on for all Muslims. I don’t. Frankly, if it weren’t for the criminal element and everyone was like Kevin Barrett, then I would have few qualms. But they aren’t all like Kevin Barrett (as much as he might elude that they are). And, too, I would be a total fool to disregard what they have written in their Holy Book (just like I would be a fool to ignore the Talmud).

                Maybe there are decent Muslims. I don’t know and I don’t give a damn, really. But I have seen that these people do have the propensity to do some evil shit.

                I’d rather focus on the evil already here than to bring even more in to deal with.


                • Exactly and I don’t even like Barrett and think he’s a limited-hangout shill or at best a useful idiot in many ways. lol

                  I was raised in the very first and most ancient culture to covert to Christianity (300 AD or thereabouts I believe the kingdom of Armenia became the first official Christian nation meaning the king FORCED everyone to convert from Paganism or fucking die! lol) but I can assure you neither I nor my brothers nor my parents have ever read more than 10 pages of the Bible. Our tradition already taught us how to bee-hive. The Persian people are some of the most polite and respectful I have ever met but as long as they have Sharia laws in Iran then they have no place telling anyone else about “morality” or right-&-wrong since they sure as shit don’t respect the individual. The Shah was trying to modernize the place and he was succeeding until he took his puppetry a little too seriously and was replaced by their anti-Islam bogie-man puppet Khomeini.

                  I thought for sure that horsie was going to chew his wig off, but all he wanted was some extra scratches! lol


  2. Jim Floyd woulda loved that one…

    Rick Tyler came to Waco in ’96 and staged an event @ the Hilton
    had speakers and everything, including the “Media” who
    had not once reported on the deaths of Perry Jones
    Winston Blake, Peter Hippsman, Jae Dean Wendell,
    Michael Schroeder & Peter Gent….specifically where and
    how they were murdered by the ADL/ATF on the initial assault
    28 Feb 93…{not to mention the children}


    something about him didn’t set too well with me…


    it is against my nature to make unfounded allegations
    against someone having not had the opportunity to actually
    sit down and visit…


    I remember he had a shortwave program back in the late 90’s, when
    he was in Georgia…


    resegregation is going to happen, why not help….
    by offering all the encouragement possible
    it’s like a party at your house it’s 4am and
    the inebriated uninvited “guests” are throwing
    their beer bottles on the wall and pissing on
    the carpet….

    the Old Man says….PARTY IS OVER



  3. Blacks are what, 15% of the population?
    7.5% are male.
    Let’s say 3% of that are too young or old to be committing crime.
    That leaves us with ~4.5% of the population committing 50% of the violent crime.
    Until we are are willing and able to discuss that fact, nothing good will happen.


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