Some Things You Should Know

Some things you should know

Like the name of your jailer and the terms of your sentence


By John Kaminski

Why do the Jews do what they do? Who gave them their twisted marching orders? Why do they snicker so smugly among themselves about fleecing the gullible goyim. “Dumb, stupid animals” is how Henry Kissinger — seen by the rest of the world as “the Jew war criminal” — referred to the cannon fodder American soldiers who died for Israel, the oil companies and Jew bankers everywhere.

Why is it so many people refuse to see this single group of malicious misanthropes that has poisoned civilization for two thousand years as the greatest threat to our own current well-being?

Who are we? Slaves to somebody whose scams we fail to fathom? They are parasites, perpetrating their frauds under the putrescent color of law, forever sucking the life out of us, and derailing us out of our destiny as purposeful people, honest as the day is long.

Or could it be we’re being paid — in some preconscious autoengineered way — to assist in our own demise, to accept the sweet treats life has to offer if we can swallow the lies about the lives we destroy by our complicity in these crimes? And silence is complicity.

Or it could be it’s too late to talk about this, that the forces of nature may have been altered beyond the point of safe correction that could render all these geopolitical speculations superfluous if conditions of our existence change radically. If they do, you can be sure it is the work of the Jews.

Mostly we already know the game is rigged, and to fight City Hall is to risk your life, your fortune and your freedom to live in a manner of your own choosing. But to base your life on things that you fully realize are lies, then you know your life is a lie, and disaster is sure to follow because it inevitably happens to people who live on lies.

By decades of a 360-degree barrage of propaganda convincing us the Holocaust story is true, Americans have been taught to believe millions of Jews died in World War II concentration camps.

Fraudulent constructions made by psychopaths

“Holocaust is the greatest scam ever known by the human race so far,” he says without embellishment.

A weary certitude graces his penetrating descriptions of the malignant influence of the Jews across time. These psychos have been running the same scam for thousands of years.

As a little known Romanian historian, Olariu Constantin’s spectacular research into ancient history reveals his tireless tracking of the evil machinations of a sick cult. It also describes a rich history of his own clan which provided emperors to the Roman empire when they were known as Geats, or Goths. <>

Writing from a mostly forgotten country in a seldom spoken language, Constantin’s penetrating insights into the ancient events of history reveal a chilling clarity about the behavior of that clan of parasites which has plagued humanity back to the time when merchants keeping accounts invented the art of writing.

In particular Constantin’s accounts of the Getic peoples on the western shore of the Black Sea and their relevance to the history of the Roman empire shine as a tribute to a long forgotten nation now vanished from the card catalogue of time. Yet the ghostly visage of the mighty tribe of Geats shrouds the citizens of weary Romania, a punching bag of a country that has been abused by everyone, including its own rulers.

In chronicling the history of his forgotten forebears, the spotlight Constantin casts on the history of the Jews reveals the devil that walks the Earth wearing a yarmulke. He nails the recognizable traits and recounts the hideous history of the poisoned tribe that has sabotaged and plundered the world since the dawn of civilization.

And as we’ve been consuming Jewish News throughout our lives, it’s easy to understand why now we are almost dead as a species.

Each new modern convenience or medical breakthrough tends to make us sicker, and weaker, less competent to survive in disaster situations. Many products contain government-approved slow-acting poisons.

Explanations of current events are always faulty, slanted to protect the unnamed culprits who attack the public and always escape because their accomplices run all the newspapers, and the public remains in the dark while the crisis actors get new identities, and perhaps, with luck, and using their invisible histories, eventually run for public office.

You’ve seen this horror movie before. “An unknown newcomer becoming a political star promising fresh ideas . . .” Hand picked by the puppetmasters.

And Hillary continues to rake in toxic millions through her foundation that corporatizes treason and feeds the insatiable war machine.

As most people realize, investigating the powers that be can be problematic. Constantin calls it “a time bomb that can be life threatening.”

This doesn’t stop him from concluding:

“Holocaust is a fabrication made by USA Zionist mafia . . . with the aim of establishing an Israeli state and extortion of fabulous sums from the German state. “

Today, all these years later, the jackals, having consumed most of the body, are still picking at the remains of the carcass.

From a Getic perspective that saw the Khazars come and go, Constantin tracks the Jewish disease back through the millennia into their ancient playbook known as the Old Testament. He writes:

To judge the situation in scales of truth, I will bring the testimony they have written about themselves when they were struck by the arrogance plague, thoughts that belong to the prophet Isaiah, we find at 49.23:

The kings will feed you and the queens will nurse you. It will bow to the ground before and lick the dust of your feet . . . 60.5 when you see these things, you will jump for joy and your heart will beat and grow, because the abundance of the sea will return to you and treasures of the nations will come to you. 60.16 You will drink the milk of nations; you will suck the king’s breast . . . 61.5 . . . you will eat the riches of ancestry, and you will boast in their glory.”

After these quotations we must understand our own destiny, but after their sayings: from the fullness of their envenomed hearts they bring us to eternal slavery of divine order because they will be able to buy the leaders of the goyim, and the crowd will be kept only under the whip, yoke and sword.[. . .]

Constantine Olariu,

Industry of Hebrew Holocaust

chapter 3, The Yiddish spirit

In the Qumran “incubator”, where they became bosses after the year 30 in our era, by chasing the Essenes (non-Semitic, but mainly of Getic origin!), they conceive a plan to assault and destroy the world: Lord Gog of the land of Magog, Assyria, moab, Edom, the sons of Set — Egyptians, the sons of Japheth (Gomer, Gog, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meschech and Tiras), Kitiens (Romans) and other “disobedient” tribes who were there on the earth. Starting the revolt in 66 A.D., the first ones passed through the sword were the Cyrenaica (Libya) province’s population of 300,000,  then 200,00 in Cyprus, following others as it was “written” in their plan.

All the ideas from these writings discovered at Qumran who plan the destruction of the world and its rebuilding by Judeans as absolute masters of the world, empowered by Yahweh — lord of hell, with a single religion as Orthodox Judaism” (may be found in many manuscripts), and is significantly found in the Communist Manifesto, The Protocols of Zion and the Bolshevik ideology . . .

The passage of time has not led to abandonment of those ideas that erupted with the same fanaticism once with the Communist ideology and creation of the first state of Khazar Bolsheviks in the tsarist empire. I give a few quote . . . in order to understand the alteration of history made by the Mosaics . . .

Destroy nations that rise up against three. And let your sword cut up the meat. Bring glory to Earth  . . . Silver and gold to be in your palaces. Zion rejoices. . . . Let’s enjoy Jerusalem with songs of joy. Your gates shall always be open to let in the wealth of nations. Israel rules over all.

The depth of Constantin’s thought is about as deep as contemporary mainstream media are shallow. The great art of reporting is to be telling the truth when others all around you are telling lies and making a good living at it. From this porridge of corruption, Constantin is inflexible in his perception and zeroes in on the essence of the Jews.

The great art of these great leaders is to kill non-Jews with other than Jewish hands. Jews lead the fighting from points without any danger to them.

The epithets and their classical references roll off this writer’s tongue like a list of the wounded missing in action, yet these historical glimpses reveal the origins of how Jewish manipulation of reality figured out how to entrap the world into a prison of its own construction, when the hope of heaven got obliterated by the love of money.

Far too many of us today are feeling the pain of reading puff pieces about psychotic killers painted in a heroic light. Gen. Barry McCaffrey, chief executioner on the Highway of Death in Kuwait during the first Gulf war, 10,000 surrendering troops executed, typical Jewish/American performance — war hero!

Need more pain? It is collected in the scripture of the Jewish people and followed obediently across time. Also collected in the pages of Constantin’s work, the evidence of their psychopathological crimes.

Jewish people as a whole will become its own messiah.

The objective of Judaism in the extermination of the bourgeoesie.

The giants of Communist history were all insane.

And so are today’s corrupt demagogues eagerly kneeling to kiss the shoes of the Jews and guarantee the demise of America.

The rules of Jews:

1. Only jews have the right to be called people.

2. Only Mosaics are human beings, goyim are animals.

This is the age of Mosaic Eternal Vengeance, a fresh universal alliance of infinite evil. Josef Stalin wrote about it in Pravda in 1922. The Red Army will consider its Bolshevik mission accomplished when we rule the entire globe, he said.

Of the Essene disciples, presumably the Geats and ancient forebears of today’s Romanians, Constantin writes:

Only two things they can do of their own free will: to give help and do acts of mercy. They are permitted to offer assistance to those who deserve it, when they stand in need, and to bestow food on those in distress. To them, swearing is worse than perjury, saying that he who cannot be believed with swearing to God is already condemned.

The thrust of all of Constantin’s historical work, which has a breadth of knowledge across the many centuries, is this.

If Holocaust turns out to be false, it collapses the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of Israel.

Then we shall know that anybody who still believes what the Jews says about their losses in World War II is actually working for the Jews and against the freedom of all peoples struggling to escape the worldwide clutches of kosher mercenaries cynically claiming to be acting according to law.

Recognizing the hoax of the holocaust shows everyone you are no longer under the spell of Jewish propaganda, and that the whole edifice of our government and society is a sadistic sideshow circus in which every fondest wish you can ever have will be granted, except for freedom, of course, which is the price you pay every day to keep from going to jail.

In case you were wondering, you pay it to the Jews.

Please visit

Further verification

Ursula’s message in English

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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10 thoughts on “Some Things You Should Know

  1. excellent :..

    Truth is a…. “Race specific bioweapon” ,,,,It’s in the Bible.

    @ Zephaniah 3:9

    here’s where Kaminski “hits the nail on the head”….the biological difference
    between “us” and {{{{THEM}}}}….

    Who are we*? Slaves to somebody whose scams we fail to fathom?
    {{{{They}}}}} are parasites, perpetrating their frauds under the….
    ” putrescent color of law”,
    forever sucking the life/”money”… out of us,
    and derailing us out of our destiny as purposeful people,
    …… honest as the day is long….. * {law written on hearts}

    however just repeating a {{{{{JEWISH}}}} ” lie …. will never change true….


    “From a Getic perspective that saw the Khazars come and go,
    Constantin tracks the Jewish disease back through the millennia into
    “their ancient playbook known as the Old Testament”…..”

    the “ancient playbook” isn’t the Old Testament it’s the ….”Talmud”
    first copy available in AD 500….

    or Jesus is a LIAR @ John 8:44….

    upside is more people around the world are starting to move one step
    each day in the right direction according to what the TRUTH is…..


    here’s how {{{{{JEWS}}}}} lie and murder every day full tilt boogie…

    it starts with the {{{{JEWISH}}}} lie that the {{{{JEWS}}}} are “Israel”…
    and with a ocean of CHUTZPAH make the claim that everyone on
    Earth must invest all their emotional capital in a BIG FAT {{{{JEWISH}}} lie…
    {OR ELSE}…

    The European {{{{Jewish}}}} Congress (EJC) has called on …{White/Israelite}
    “European leaders” to condemn
    Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ speech to the European Parliament,
    in which he claimed that Talmudic TERRORIST “Jesus Hating”… Israeli rabbis called to
    poison Palestinian water and that
    global terrorism will end if the Israel-Palestinian conflict is resolved.

    “It is unconscionable that a foreign leader proudly states a blood libel in the European Parliament
    and he receives a standing ovation,” said the Jesus hating {{{{JEW}}}} Dr. Moshe Kantor, President of the EJC.

    “If a far-Right politician would have made similar comments they would have been correctly discredited,
    but Abbas is feted like a hero and this “TRUTH TELLING”….double-standard allows him to evade scrutiny
    in the international arena and the negotiations table.”

    Jesus Hating, Talmudic terrorist {{{{JEW}}}} Dr. Kantor further stated that
    TALMUDIC TERRORIST JESUS HATING {{{{JEW}}}}… President Reuven Rivlin,
    with the help of {{{{JEW}}}} worshipping zionist kneepad wearing skanks posing as
    ” European leaders”,….attempted to arrange a meeting with Abbas while the two were in Brussels.
    “[Abbas’] avoidance of an EU-backed meeting with TERRORIST TALMUDIA’S President Reuven Rivlin
    once again that he remains one of the greatest obstacles between a lasting peace between
    and the Palestinians,” he lisped with a flicking forked tongue …..

    “Additionally, Abbas’ blaming the Talmudic TERRORIST {{{{JEWISH}}}} “STATE” in Palestine that will never be
    “ISRAEL”…. for global terrorism sets off dog whistles for
    VIRULENT…. ” anti-Semites and conspiracy theorists”…. around the entire MILKY WAY GALAXY…..


    “In one short speech, Abbas reminded the world that he has no interest in peace,
    continues to incite against {{{{{ Jews}}}}} and ….”Israel”
    and uses the understandable fear of terrorism
    to rail against “Israel” and score political points.”

    Modern day so-called ….{{{{{JEWS}}}} will NEVER BE ISRAEL !!!!!

    “The only question that remains is about the reaction of the international community to such
    a malicious and malevolent speech,” Kantor concluded…..with venomous spittle all over
    his lapels….

    WAR CRIMINAL and {{{{JEW}}}} terrorist …Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu‘s office also
    released a statement regarding Abbas’ remark:
    “In Brussels, Abbas showed his true face. Someone who refuses to meet President Rivlin and
    Prime Minister Netanyahu for direct negotiations and spreads a blood libel in the European Parliament
    falsely claims that his hand is extended in peace.”

    “Israel awaits the day when Abbas stops spreading lies and dealing in incitement.
    Until then, Israel will continue to defend itself against Palestinian incitement,
    which motivates acts of terrorism.”

    essentially, that is the Issue….

    the Definition of….. “Israel”

    the Old Testament is not about the “JEWISH” people.

    The REALLY REALLY GOOD NEWS of the “Gospel” is that
    NO ONE ON EARTH ….HAS to be a {{{{JEW}}}} !!!

    Thank Jesus.


  2. This has been encouraged by the Christian religious stupidity when Jeeesawass said “Do good to them who despitefully use you.”
    Jesus was a circumcised Jew. Mohammed was a Jew. Christianity and Islam both embrace the beliefs of the licentious whore Empress Theodora when she had the concept of reincarnation and karma struck from the Bibles of the day by issuing brand new HANDWRITTEN BIBLES IN EXCHANGE FOR THE OLD BIBLES WHERE JESUS TAUGHT REINCARNATION AND KARMA so she could ascend to the status of goddess.
    EVERY CHRISTIAN CHURCH you see is a citadel of gross ignorance and fraud.


    • Does using all CAPs help in a STAND FOR TRUTH?

      When you write a comment that says:


      Are you referencing this site that allowed that comment to stand?

      Allow me to make a suggestion. When you comment at a blog site and you desire people to take heed and think about what you write, maybe using all CAPs deters from your goal. Maybe claiming everyone being the same , as in:


      But then seeing your words posted for everyone to see sort of betrays your claim, huh?

      Thanks for your contribution, but amicable dialogue does not start with SCREAMING at everyone. Just sayin’.


      • Looks like I got your attention. LOL Perhaps you should use lower case letters for all your titles as “some things you should know.”
        “for everyone to see” as you state perhaps would include a less number than the fingers you have on both hands or maybe one.
        It always amazes me that certain people are so touchy and offended by upper case letters. I would rather imagine that you would need a sick sack when going through the ruins of ROME. Or should that be “rome.”
        You do not speak to the points but feign offense at my use of caps. Or is that “CAPS” as you use the term.
        Everybody wants to bitch and moan about JEWS (sorry, jews) but they do not want to know why Jews or jews ARE jews and why they seem to have undue powers. It is plain if you just read the Torah. When you see the term “burning bush” or the Israelites being led by pillars of fire at night and pillars of smoke by day and the energies associated with the Ark of the Covenant you can read in EXTRATERRESTRIAL SPACE BEINGS most likely of malevolent persuasion.
        AND when you read of “angels” telling Mary that she would bear a son, etc., you can directly insert the word space aliens and abduction and gene manipulation. And “departing up into a cloud” when Jesus got out of Dodge you can read space craft. And there are many other examples.
        Every church you see from the clapboard hillbilly snake cults to the cathedral at Chartres and St. Peter’s in Rome is a purveyor of Hell and as such is a conman enterprise. All their ministers should be arrested by the bunko squad and sent to hard labor camps for life without parole so they can grind up the stones of their churches to dust by hand.
        Yes, you are so generous allowing me to post here but the fact that you resent me so much shows an unkind spirit in seeking the truth.
        Kaminski who we all know is a great writer used to communicate with me but when I exposed Yukon Jack on the Rebel site for giving me a death threat he supported Jack and said he was “setting the world on fire” and that I should be ignored. Yukon Jack has now mysteriously quit posting for months. Hmmmm?
        And another favorite of the Anti-Jew set is the Jew who calls himself Brother Nathanael.
        When I questioned Brother Nate about the origins of his Christian religion he blocked me from even writing to him and blocked the comments section on his video site for everybody and then threatened me with judgement and eternity in his Christian Hell.
        You can take the Jew out of the Synagogue but you can never take the Jew out of the Jew.
        I also got banned from posting on “The Ugly Truth” when I exposed Christianity and Islam for what it truly is.
        So if you wish to block me you will be among the ranks of the many who I have offended by stating inconvenient truths. WHO TAUGHT YOU TO BE OFFENED BY CAPS?????? Is it the caps or what the caps imply?


        • Let me explain a few things to you.

          The usage of CAPs (as you did) is obviously used to make a point. But when whole paragraphs are done so (in my opinion) it loses that effect. It makes you look like a lunatic.

          Be that as it may, the CAPs in the Title at this blog (you will notice that every title is capitalized) is a product of the theme (nothing that I can change or I would). Not that I expect you to understand any of this, but your lame finger pointing is just that… lame.

          Obviously, you have not read much around here, for this is one place that deconstructs the hell you attribute to the clapboard hillbilly snake cults to the cathedral at Chartres and St. Peter’s in Rome . Maybe just a cursory search in the obvious search window at the very top right hand side, virtually impossible to miss, would enlighten you as to how this “clapboard hillbilly snake cult” dissects the subject (not that I expect you to actually do any due diligence).

          As far as space ships and aliens… jam on it, if that floats your boat. I suppose that if I disagreed with such a thing, I’d be some sort of zionist shill or something, right?

          As far as your hard-on for all of those people. I really don’t give a rat’s ass.

          If you think that I agree with all those you despise, then obviously you haven’t read here much. But something indicates to me that you are really just going around to blogs being a dickhead. Whatever. I see them daily.

          So, you are welcome to post comments here, as long as you aren’t a dickhead. I’m trying to decide if you are or not. I will give you the rope, its up to you to hang yourself. But my patience wears thin with those who insist they have all the truth… and insist upon it by CAPs, and are rude assholes who think that just by being allowed to comment somewhere they own the comment section with their “truth”.


  3. Funny that you would use Obongo on a trike as your Avatar. Hmmm?
    Aliens are a fact of life on Earth. ETs seeded this planet and gene manipulated indigenous hominids to create “Man.” (“Let US make man in OUR image”)
    They are millions of years in advance of earthman and they are telepathic.
    Religion is loathe to reveal that man is not the most advanced type of being in the Universe or even this galaxy.
    At age 12, I was interested in “flying saucers” and so sent out a “prayer” nightly for a couple of weeks to see one.
    While on the school grounds during morning recess in the sixth grade I found myself unconsciously backed up against a basketball pole while most other kids were down on the other end of the field playing softball.
    I turned my head and immediately saw TWENTY (20) concave metallic round craft flying by in tight military pass in review formation and silent as death in their flight. They were in 5 groups of 4 each in offset Vs one behind the other. The formation was so precise it was as if the formation were painted on glass and the whole sheet of glass was moving.
    With a friend who saw the last V before it went behind the smoke from the local cement plant I had the story printed in the local paper.
    When Christians speak the words “Holy Ghost” in lip service they do not know that this is an actual energy that can be experienced which I have done. In Eastern religions it is called a kundalini rising . It is real and profound. Some have referred to it as “Cosmic Consciousness.”

    All time is now and space does not exist. That is why prophecy works and telepathy is instantaneous across billions of miles of so called space.
    Everything you experience you create. You are the Creator in individualized human form. The religions of the West seek to keep man separate from the Creator and other people or souls so they can threaten them with Hell to make money off of the dumb and ignorant.
    Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, etc., have all failed and the proof is in the puddin’ as they say.
    I will say that you B man are a very crude individual and your use of obscenities to try to diminish me is very revealing.
    Again I would infer from the lack of replies here that your traffic is very minimal.
    The thing to remember in all this is that there are both malevolent and benevolent alien space races.
    All anti-Jew writers report on what Jews have done, or are doing or will do. Holocaust essays are old and boring. So what will you do with this knowledge is the question?
    This world was created by ETs and it now stands at the abyss of Jew WWIII and it is most probable that they take a dim view of the whole world being destroyed as was Mars or the planet that now comprises the Asteroid Belt.
    The whole world of Anti-Jew essayists has failed to stop the Jews. Joe-Six-Pack has not the time to read them and cares only about sports, politics and religion and keeping meat on the table.
    There remains ONLY ONE solution and that will come from beings patrolling our skies at this very moment.
    If you wish to hide your eyes that is your problem.
    This will pass through one ear and out the other of most.
    Even Nostradamus who was a Marrano Jew, got the exact date of 911 correct: “In the year 1999 and seven months, then will the god of terror fall to earth…”
    This of course was an anagram for 9/11/01 and September (Sept Mois)
    St. Malachy has predicted hundreds of years ago that the last pope is now in play and that Rome (the Seven Hills) will be destroyed.
    Some have discerned from other passages that WWIII will begin as soon as Nov of 2017. With either Hill or Donald you get Jews in abundance.
    The question is do you want a solution or do you want to keep badmouthing me?
    It is a question of your ego or the lives of billions


    • Well, thank you world Changer for gracing us with your superior knowledge and vain imaginations.

      I hope (for your sake) that you truly saw the aliens spaceships, orbs, or whatever. I am not arguing what you saw or think you saw, nor does that have anything whatsoever to do with the topic of this post. So, in other words, you spent a whole lot of time puking up shit that I really don’t care much about, especially in light of the topic subject. But did I ban the comment? Nope. I’m still evaluating you for sincerity and how far you think you can push before getting your IP put in the spam filter.

      Thus far, I have been quite tame, so your pussified little complaints are seen by the few that do read here for what they are.

      If you have any sensibilities about you and you actually want anyone to participate in your commentary, I suggest a different approach than the one that gets you banned all over the place (according to your own words). You seem to think that your being banned is because you hold some wonderful truths that others are hiding.

      I am telling you that I do not like dickheads. And you sure as hell seem like one. Like I said, you are not the first and won’t be the last.

      You are welcome to comment here in open, amicable dialogue. If you cannot do such, then please move on.

      I warned you once and now I warn you for the last time. Because now, you have stepped on my last bit of patience.


      • B’Man, you wish to relegate this exchange to the level of a pissing contest. I am for getting to a solution to the problems of this world. You wish to make it about me and you but in the meantime you offer absolutely no solutions yourself except read B’Man’s posts and the posts of Kaminski et al, none of
        which have a prayer of stopping the carnage about to be inflicted upon this world by the Jews and their suck ups.
        Yes, you have the power to ban me and I hope it gives you an exhilarating feeling of power but you will not answer my insights and contentions. First answer this man:

        “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident”. Arthur Schopenhauer

        I was told long ago directly from the Holy Ghost that people would laugh at me and call me crazy and silly and you have fulfilled that along with many others.
        The remaining part of the prophecy is ongoing.
        It will be fulfilled in spite of any opposition.
        Lead, follow, or get out of the way.


        • Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

          Then get your own blog and stop thinking that your presence is somehow leading me or anyone else.

          You came here. I didn’t invite you but offered this section for you to comment on topic. Thus far, you have done nothing but write off topic, criticize me and the authors I feature, then insist I am the asshole.

          Go away.


  4. When did the first so-called {{{{“JEW”}}}} show up on the radar screen….?

    seems like eventually intelligent people would try to review the facts and
    determine when something actually provable “allegedly” happened….

    how did the word TOE RA come about…

    it just seems that only people who “BELIEVE” in the {{{{“JEWISH”}}}} so-called
    NARRATIVE always mention the TOE OF RAH as if that lends some “CREDIBILITY”
    to the {{{{“JEWISH”}}}} so-called narrative…

    but again,
    where & when in the first five books of the “Bible” do we find a…. {{{{JEW}}}}
    with a copy of the Talmud hating on Jesus….?

    eventually intelligent people,
    and more specifically FATHERS and GRANDFATHERS who actually
    will with steely ICE COLD LOGIC confront the insanity of arguing about
    NONSENSE and misdirection based on some emotional roller coaster ride
    “RELIGION” which is just “TALMUDIC JUDAISM” for the braindeadgoy…

    or um anything other
    than the actual facts….which most people who have all their emotional capital
    invested in the “JEWISH”so-called narrative can’t deal with because they are
    too heavily invested in all the lies….

    the Old Testament is NOT ….REPEAT NOT about “JEWISH PEOPLE”….!

    the Children of Israel never turned into {{{{“JEWS”}}}} !

    which doesn’t mean that there isn’t some validity to your “insight” about
    maybe other dimensions and “beings”…notwithstanding the

    “HOLY GHOST”….and in my freaking humble opinion …
    BMAN has been friends with the HOLY GHOST for a good long time
    even if he does exhibit a short fuse for DICK HEADS & JEWTARDS.

    bring it on…IN GOOD FAITH

    where and when did the first “JEW” show up ?


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