Well… At Least He’s Not Her

Thus sayeth the gullible, idiotic Drumpfters.


But just how different are they when it comes to jew power and control?

Ever hear the saying, two peas in a pod?

Speaking of Drumpfters: Did anyone else notice that John Friend’s site has been down for several days.

I’m sure he has come to his senses about Trump and jewish power and is now revamping the site?


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7 thoughts on “Well… At Least He’s Not Her

  1. I have my site set to maintenance mode right now. You have to be logged in to view it. Taking a break and getting some things straightened out in life right now.

    My views of Trump have not changed. He is no savior and he’s definitely not perfect, but he’s a step in the right direction and his candidacy is opening up the political discourse in a major way. Plus, his stance on immigration, “free trade”, and foreign policy (i.e., America first), not to mention the way he is exposing the corrupt nature of both the mainstream mass media and political establishment, are extremely positive developments in American politics. He has changed the game, hopefully forever.


    • LOL
      Of course I didn’t think you changed your stance on Drumpf. You are too invested in him to back away now, no matter what information comes forth. Its the same for many others who normally seem to have a level head about them. Its just I am more surprised with you, because I thought you had a tad more discernment on the issue.

      Using words like “America First” is akin to all the others’ technique, yet then he goes out and talks about Israel and how we need to protect them, etc. All the same old/same old from every other politician. What Drumpf has been openly saying is that Israel is first (and by extension, jews are first). How you can’t grasp that simple, obvious point blows me away.

      This is where your stance erodes into worship because you are intentionally ignoring the jew power quotient over a few platitudes he gives. You are old enough to have witnessed this over and over again… every election. They all do it. And there are multitudes of gullibles that fall right in line with the lies and misdirection. I assure you that trump is no different. He is just more brazen with the lies because he knows people are hungry for them.

      You continually tout that immigration is the only issue, but then will interview others and talk about the JP being important. The dichotomy you present of calling out the jew at your blog, but then supporting someone who praises, surrounds himself with, gives away family members to the tribe, and is so glaringly, obviously, controlled by jews is astoundingly difficult for me to comprehend. Its like watching the girls cry over the Beatles.

      My criticism of your stance is not hatred towards you, much less any propagating the other tainted side (Hillary or Sanders or anyone else). However, you did try to push that on me and others at your blog more than once. All I can point out is that this is what party sycophants do. I have no party, John. But you have embraced one, whether or not you admit it.

      I hope the things you are working on go well, John.

      You are a good dude, even if you are highly mistaken on this issue.

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  2. Well said, B’man. I used to correspond and Skyped once with John when I first came across him. But he didn’t respond to the last couple of articles I sent him, so I’ve moved on. And I cannot afford to join his site and told him so. I’m sorry to have lost access to his many excellent articles.


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    ‘Trump’ – Presidents of the USA Parody trump

    Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Are Distant Cousins
    Donald Trump on Jewish Daughter Ivanka: ‘This Wasn’t in the Plan But I’m Very Glad it Happened’ (VIDEO)
    Meet the Immigrants Building Trump’s International Hotel in Washington D.C.
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