If You Want To Know More About B’Man (you gluttons for punishment)- See What Aryan Skynet Did

Dixie Dynamite! Down in the Trenches with B’Man’s Revolt


Rainer has outdone himself presenting my sorry ass.

Thank you, kind Sir!

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8 thoughts on “If You Want To Know More About B’Man (you gluttons for punishment)- See What Aryan Skynet Did

  1. What an excellent interview!!! Loved it! I will be sharing it on fakebook as soon as my ban ends!! I called out Cuomo for the jew butt puppet that he is and jewbook censored me!!!
    Tom Cat in Tempe Arizona

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  2. I’m always respectful trying to gab on topic (I hope) :-). That was an outstanding and enlightening interview, BMan, and I’m no glutton for punishment. You did extremely well getting your point across.

    But when you follow that thread, talking about ‘our movement’ this and that, it turns out that ‘our movement’ is totally in the divide and conquer mode. Trying to preserve the white race and culture is one thing, creating movements around it is a fools errand in my opinion. All the so-called ‘movements’ may have had a chance before they were all infiltrated by the common enemy. To distinguish a shill or troll seems to be getting harder and harder. And I don’t know how it helps to accuse someone of being a jew troll only because of some disagreement. See … divide and conquer.

    OT, you know how the Germans love Obambi. Just told a couple of visiting friends the Obomber, who cannot give a speech without his teleprompters, is gay and ‘married’ to the transvestite Michael. The reaction was, get this, ja, but they are such a nice family and we never heard about that. What about the kids? Which leads me to believe the Germans are even more kept in the dark than us North Americans.

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    • ‘our movement’ is totally in the divide and conquer mode.

      Can’t argue with that. It is obvious. And it always happens, no matter the movement.

      Frankly, the only movement I am actually concerned with (because it rectifies every individual problem to a great deal, if not totally) which is jewish power. jewish power/control/manipulation is the source for virtually every negative aspect we find ourselves experiencing. Add to that the gullible hordes, the hungry hordes, and the evil hordes and the “movement” doesn’t have much of a chance.

      I wish no ill will towards any individual, even though I can think of quite a few people if they were to have heart attacks all at once, would bring immediate relief to many people.

      As for jew trolls, I don’t remember talking about them in the interview. But they are around. Whether or not they are jewish or just carry the jewish water, what’s the difference? The jews still manipulate. They still control. They still wield undue power. Not that I want to beat that dead horse, but there are a multiude of people (especially southern folks) that don’t get it.

      We don’t deal with jews individually down here very often. Locally they stay hidden and in larger metropolitan areas, from what I can see. So, southern folk usually don’t make the connection that they have over-influence in their lives. Once rednecks figure out that the gay/tranny/immigration/etc agendas are basically jewish, Marxist constructs negatively influencing their lives, we might stand a chance.

      I think the jew that used to write here knew that and tried to keep it in check.

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