Would A Cell Full Of Black “Criminals” Do The Same?

What’s Natural to some, isn’t to others.

h/t Zen Gardner

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10 thoughts on “Would A Cell Full Of Black “Criminals” Do The Same?

  1. I’m feeling some strong racial pride from this vid, because we all know what the outcome would be if that cell were full of darkies. Ironic that it is generated by a bunch of jail birds.


  2. You have to wonder about the sanity of most people! Your masters rob, deceive, exploit you and intead of putting aside your irritations to face your common enemy, you engage in stupid games of moral or untellectual superiorty.
    Has the Oligarchal rule not come to Amerika? Has the Bush crime family from Prescot Bush, Bush Snr, Bush Jnr and Clinton family not shown what lawless cowboys run the US with their other democratic pretenders in the EU?
    GMOs, vaccines, floride, austerity, trade agreements, corruption, survellance, despotism, corporatism are a threat irrespective of race.


    • But, Would A Cell Full Of Black “Criminals” Do The Same?”

      Most of the diversionary topics you list miss the entire point of what the white guy called natural.

      Is it natural for black people to do the same? I contend that the answer is no.

      Maybe GMO’s caused the difference.


      • Are you asking me if a black person can feel empathy for a prison gaurd or police officer?

        Let’s play this game. If I recall one of the prisoners states that the gaurd was a good man. How did he know this? Prior interaction. So despite their current roles, he has not victmised, bullied or abused them.
        If the guard had done any of those things, would you expect the prisoners would still help the guard?
        Any being with empathy would do the same, European, African or Asian.
        Empathy as opposed to psycopathy.

        What would the world look like, if we assume that blacks (Africans) are the most psycopathoc race on the planet, how would that manifest in the US, Europe and Africa?
        Very different and a lot worse than the present. That thought alone exposes the self indulgence of the initial question.
        I lose respect for bloggers and commentators that indulge in such lame examples to bolsters their sense of superiority


        • A very simple, single sentence question is a game to you. But as snarky as the question may seem to you, I was serious.

          You don’t have to respect my question or me. But you felt enough emotion to comment, so you must have some skin in the game.

          I would bet you a dollar to a donut that a Memphis jailer would have died with the inmates laughing.


          • It seems to me that this mindset feeds into the divide and rule of the ruling shitheads, that is why i just find it contemptible.
            Those same prisoners are as affected by globalism, TPP, TTIP, GMO, Common core, Vaccines, Central bank frauds, radioactive pollution, government and judicial frauds, etc.


            • Those same prisoners are as affected by globalism, TPP, TTIP, GMO, Common core, Vaccines, Central bank frauds, radioactive pollution, government and judicial frauds, etc.

              What is the price of tea in China?


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