509 persons killed by police in the USA so far this year

238 White

123 Black

79 Hispanic

46 Unknown
23 Other

124 police officers killed




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2 thoughts on “STFU BLM

  1. No one would even know what that this BLM movement was if the Jews who own the media did not program it on ALL their hundreds of channels constantly. It is merely enemy-propaganda by an occupied government 24 hours a day. We IS the enemy and so are the negro puppet-pawns being encouraged in every way possible to be useful idiots. Anyone who thinks different is a sucker.


    • I know I addressed the BLM, but my concern isn’t really BLM. Its the crazy niggers who hear the brainwashing and act on it.

      Face it, there is already a low grade race war going on, even if it is by nigger thieves and low lifes. But with the instigation created by the jew media, now we have to be concerned with the imaginations of the slave trade digger-uppers… people with a fake chip on their shoulders… people who claim to be oppressed by whites, but have never actually been oppressed by anyone other than their own.

      I would hope that black people would stifle and shut down the niggers. In any event, white people best be prepared for any eventuality. Same goes for black people who are killed more by niggers than whites are.


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