The Matter of Black Lives and White Lives

Don’t fall for the divide, we are told. We are being manipulated by jews, they say, when we focus on details regarding black lives versus white lives.

Maybe those points are true. But you want to know what else is true? That white people are targets now and we have been for years. No amount of chiding white people for focusing on this blatant truth can take away the evidence that we are the scape goats being used in slaughter. The media and government support the lies of white supremacy and black oppression, especially considering cop shootings.

But what is true about these shootings? Are blacks truly targeted because white cops are just racist pigs?

If it were so, don’t you think the numbers would show it?

The [Washington] Post is documenting only those shootings in which a police officer, in the line of duty, shoots and kills a civilian — the circumstances that most closely parallel the 2014 killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., which began the protest movement culminating in Black Lives Matter and an increased focus on police accountability nationwide. The Post is not tracking deaths of people in police custody, fatal shootings by off-duty officers or non-shooting deaths.

White people are shot by cops more than blacks. It has always been true. It was true last year and this year.

990 persons killed by police in the USA in 2015

494 White

258 Black

172 Hispanic

38 Unknown
28 Other

Its not a title I enjoy, but it is fact. What is not understood is that blacks are far more likely to conduct dangerous crimes, even when they make up a small percentage of the population. They probably should be much higher in numbers because they are crazy, careless moron level IQ’s who have no empathy and understanding of their own, inherent proclivity for destruction and mayhem. But the Ferguson Effect slows cops from shooting blacks… not wanting the scrutiny that the media heaps upon them, but totally ignores the higher rates of white shooting interactions.

Blacks would have us believe that institutional white supremacy and racism are the culprits. That their inclination for violence and theft are because whites have oppressed them for centuries. That our supremacy has squashed their once kingly existence in the world. Some of these morons believe that white people are afraid of their dicks.

Philando already was born with one black phallus that white males fear. To have another black male phallus, albeit symbolic, in the shape of a gun gave him two black phalluses. The cop had one white phallus granted by nature and a symbolic black phallus. In the mind of the cop he was outmatched genetically so in his mind the only possible response was the termination of the genetic threat. White male police officers cannot control that reaction and there is no way to detect in an interview or eliminate it with sensitivity training. This is a simple case of a white man feeling genetically outgunned and retaliating to preserve a perceived yet subconscious threat to his own genetic survival.

I got news for that weak ass (who deletes my comments immediately…  acknowledging my superiority and knows his mental ability is dominated by mine, a white man), the truth is that we simply don’t like dickheads. And niggers are dickheads. Weak, but dangerous, dickheads.

That is the mentality of the weakest of the weak… niggers with a grudge, but too stupid to do anything about it except accuse everyone else for their inabilities and intellectual subservience. These weak assed niggers give black people a bad name.

I am saying that there is something genetic, be it intellect or psychopathy, that causes this and I refuse, as a white man, to take the burden of their failures and inadequacies. Maybe black folks should take care of their own dregs of their community instead of allowing this to continue. Because when it comes down to it, these morons are going to cause you decent folks some tremendous pain and suffering beyond what they do directly to you themselves (seeing how niggers kill more black people than any other segment of the population).

When the niggers drag you black folk into the race war, you don’t stand a chance. If the nigger is a small contingent of the black population, what the hell are you waiting on? Stop them before it is too late. Something tells me there are far more niggers in the black population than you want us to believe.

 h/t Washington Post


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5 thoughts on “The Matter of Black Lives and White Lives

  1. B’man’s revolt…come away from th dark side:

    On the other side is a movement that has developed organically and instinctively, growing without direct top-down “leadership,” but still guided through example by various teachers and activists, driven by a concrete set of principles based in natural law. It is composed of the religious, the agnostic and even some atheists. It is soldiered by people of all ethnic and financial backgrounds. These groups are tied together by a singular and resounding belief in the one vital thing they can all agree upon — the inherent and inborn rights of freedom. I call them the “Liberty Movement.”


  2. FUCK NIGGERS. In other news, the researcher linked below has created a vast, highly intelligent collection of factually supported videos covering our World’s REAL and deliberately suppressed and rewritten Ancient History. Never seen anything like it. We have been utterly betrayed.


    Pass it along.




  4. Interesting post. I can’t believe I was in such denial about this touchy subject for so long. Even when I supposedly woke up to the JWO. Somehow I still lingered behind with the race topics. Incredible the levels of conditioning we’ve all been subjugated to.


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