When Will Hillary Pull Out?


Faked: But useful for discussion

Remember back in June when I wrote:

But I do believe to avoid this jail time, she will suddenly get sick and pull the candidacy, leaving Sanders to run against Trump. They have been floating certain illness clues all along (thyroid, cancer rumors, etc). And if you think about it, with the imaginary media hatred of Trump giving him as much coverage as he needs to keep him idolized by the red meat lovers, he, too, is despised by a huge contingent of Americans. I still think that the Bern has a chance at being our first open jewish POTUS.

Other than depravity, there must have been a reason Bernie made a complete about face regarding Hillary’s ability to be POTUS. I tend to think that he didn’t want to totally discount himself from the Party clowns and that he might know something about Hillary’s health that causes him to back down in case she pulls out (leaving him as the “sensible” candidate).

But whether or not Bernie gets a nod, it seems obvious that Trump IS the Trojan Horse I discussed. Just look at the neocons he is embracing after making all of you sycophantic ass-kissers out to be the fools you are.

It is embarrassing that I am part of any movement where so many have so little discernment.

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15 thoughts on “When Will Hillary Pull Out?

  1. Relevant to the topic, I was a medical imaging specialist, former medical asst. and a medication aide at a specialized dementia care facility.

    This is as fake as fake can be. It doesn’t conform to standard medical terminology as used in reports, which ordinary readers would not know. There are no logos or insignias on the reports, though this clinic is part of a network of clinics. Even the smallest family clinic uses borders (or something) because computers are easy to use now. Worst of all, this would incur a loss of license for whoever broke patient confidentiality. HIPAA fines start at $50k.

    But there no comparative penalties if it’s fake. They can get off just by admitting they were kidding.


    • It very well may be fake. But I haven’t heard that claim by people in Clinton’s campaign. Have you? I’ll search some more.

      I think it is evident that something is medically wrong with Clinton, other than being a cunt.

      My theory suggests that even if this is fake, they will use it to bow out. Therefore, there will be no law suits.

      I posit that even the establishment Dems know she is a loser. They will cull her before allowing a loss outright. That is if they don’t have the ability to change vote counts, as so many others seem to suggest.


  2. I agree with Mikey, a hoax. Here is Dr. Bardack’s credentials:


    Anyone can look her up and use her name.

    The Mount Kisco office is under CareMount Medical Facilities: Here is there logo:




  3. Has anyone considered that with Hillary’s dysfunctional behavior and Stump’s blithering idiocy, that we are being set up for at least one more term of Obama?? So they can usher in WW III?? What if both candidates became disqualified?

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