Don’t Make The Jewish Boys Angry

Looks like the jew has some competition:


Graciously sent in by a reader

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Make The Jewish Boys Angry

  1. the “Holy Bible” is a white supremacist manifesto…(Deut. 32)
    that is not about the “Jews”…
    as there are in fact no “Jews” in the Old Testament.

    In this critical hour, we must strive with all the strength and fortitude that we can muster to be a living light in the service of the source of all light and all power. The hand of the ineffable moves inexorably toward the lever that switches the course of force from the hands of the servants of the infernal, into the hands of servants of the supernal. In a moment, everything is changed. We wait upon this moment with both faith and certitude. God is not mocked, nor can the lies that entangle us, or our fellows, prevail over the course of humanities struggle to be free of them.

    We shall be free.
    In fact, all we need do is to recognize that we already are.
    It is much like the fear of Armageddon and the supposed battle that is the hallmark of the event.

    The battle has already been fought and won.
    —-> ! ! ! [SIX MILLION MORE] ! ! ! <—–

    Zion like Jerusalem has nothing to do with Jews or Jewishness.
    being a “Jew” means hating Jesus, and having a Talmud.
    the business of Jesus’ Daddy is ECONOMIC JUSTICE….
    ….it’s in the Bible, but not the Talmud.


  2. If Zion and Jerusalem have nothing to do with the proselytes, then why is it that the jews want to build a third temple in Jerusalem where the Al Aqsa Mosque is now? Isn’t their claim to the ‘holy land’ a totally jewish affair? Never mind that they also want Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel.
    Mind you that project would probably come out of the pocket of yours truly, the American taxpayer.

    Praise the Lord. Thank you Jesus.


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