There’s no such thing as a ‘Native American’

You can thank white people, America.

Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

let’s clear a few things up


these people are morons

fact by fact

the ‘Native American’s believed nobody owned the land, so it didn’t belong to them either, they made no ownership claim so everyone ignored their ‘right’, they waged war against the invaders and lost, and previously in thousands of years after taking the land themselves (by war) they added precisely nothing to it, living like animals, by choice all they did was live off the land and piss and shit and fuck like an animal, but America isn’t the land, it’s the idea and the people who turned it from a vast wasteland into civilization, and that was white people you ungrateful fucks
by all means, live in another wasteland, but the map reads America because the Puritans made it so
no shitty rhetoric will undo their accomplishments as no faux histories will make your own people superior…

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One thought on “There’s no such thing as a ‘Native American’

  1. All these problems stem form the mystical and inexact nature of collective thinking versus individual thinking. There’s no such thing as a “native ” anyone. There is only what the strongest force in society, those exact number of individuals possessed of the most strength and might at any given time MAKE (by physical force or the threat of it) “right” and “native” by kicking the asses of any other groups of exact numbers of individuals who disagree.

    The “majority” of any group of individuals living in proximity does not have the strength to enforce “laws” by its superiority-in-numbers alone unless it has the discoveries and inventions of the the most creative and ultimately extremely tiny number of maybe a few hundred or at most a few thousand individuals working for it. An army of one hundred Marines with AK-47s, some grenade launchers and endless hundred-round drums of ammunition vs 10,000 spear-chuckers who have never even seen a gun. Who would win? Who would be the ruling class of that society, the gods of that society within a very short time of having demonstrated the amount of power it possessed? Who would dare call themselves “native” at that point if they only had a spear to back up their piss-marked area and the guys with the AK-47s disagreed?

    Because becoming a creative minority requires honesty and integrity to truth (t-root, to-the-root, root know-ledge and principles on a foundation-building level), these kinds of extremely rare, high-IQ individuals are usually not interested in swimming in the sewers of cunning and deception long enough to develop immunity to all the tricks used by imposters, charlatans and con-artists, fields of destructive “creativity” in which Jews are always active and always not just “over-represented” but more-than-represented and usually the master charlatan “head-honchos” in. Destructively parasitical “creative” minorities are those who are cunning (con-ning with just a different spell induced) enough to gain the con-fidence and trust (to-the-rust, too much trust will make you rust, count on it) and therefore con-troll of the discoveries and inventions of the constructively creative and productive minorities. Then they encourage all confusions between themselves and the real creatives, including the creative Jews like Kubrick and Kafka and Bobby Fischer and whatnot, and bid themselves as the “strong ones” to be worshiped as gods to the masses.

    The “masses” are also changing numbers of exact individuals at any given time, the “masses” of today will be comprised of different quantities and qualities of individuals than the “masses” of a month from now but their overall level of mediocre intelligence, easy moldability by more cunning persons and tendency to imitate rather than create will still put the label masses on them. The label “masses” designates those individuals whose uniqueness as individuals has not developed far enough to overtake their conformity to the group, those who are stuck at a certain stage of life and tend to be pleased with the relative “safety” of it and seek to wallow in that safety at the cost of essential liberties such as free-speech and free-choice without which none of of their original “safeties” would have found the win-win dialectic to be carved out of creation. Nothing necessarily forces them to stay there in their “safety zones” of non-creative vegetation permanently, but those who do not, on the whole, create much regularly or have access to dormant areas of creativity in themselves as hue-man beings, those who feel left out from the “creativity” party can be manipulated through their fearful emotions such as envy and jealousy and low self-image to reserve the respect the achievements of their betters deserve so that they can better free-load off them unfairly given the destructively “creative” ideas such as Marxism and class-warfare and democracy that the master con-artists and charlatans push.

    With the pressure of high numbers of envious masses on their side and with the fraud of “democracy” or the dictatorship of the lowest-common-denominator majority opinion (usually monopoly-mass-media-manipulated but that is beside the point since even if it wasn’t subconsciously engineered manipulated and voluntary, majority opinion is not the arbiter of right or wrong) becoming law of the land, those who do not know how to parasite well-enough off creative minorities are led by the rhetoric of the master con-artists screaming “unfairness” and “inequality” and “exploitation” and other such deliberately exaggerated nonsense into the zone of maximum freeloadery or maximum liberality.

    These are the people whose weak character is then deliberately engineered through the mass-media controlled by their shepherds, the con-artists and win-lose dialectic parasitical masters, from generation to generation. Each new generation of manufactured freeloading robots labeled by the term “masses” is then led by the nose by their own new generation of similarly-but-differently engineered parasite, predator shepherds (the sons and daughters and offspring and associates of those who conned their parents’ and grandparents’ generations out of free-speech and free-choice and the very possibility of individual moral choice and responsibility and the win-win dialectic of all see-will-I-zation only possible through these freedoms). These predators armed with the ballast of totally fraudulent but toxic and infectious mental viruses such as collective thinking, democracy, Marxism, predatory/mercantile capitalism as opposed to real free-markets with even-playing fields on all sides, then lead them to their “marks” or prey and the potential of getting more minority-mind-created labor-saving de-vices (those inventions that reduce vice or wrong and outmoded and more harmful ways of doing things are called de-vices for a reason) as instruments for protecting their lazy state of stagnation.

    The lazy stagnation, in turn, makes it much easier to engineer the next generation of dumbed-down consumers and you have a perfect vicious cycle for decades and even centuries of mind-control feeding on itself from one free-loaded, short-term “benefit” the next, always leading in the longer term to one miserable state to another, since nothing unearned can ever bring true happiness.


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