Cat Fight!


Ken O’Keefe is a very clever and extremely charismatic man. He is a great talker and he knows how to tell people exactly what they want to hear, so who knows, maybe he will get away with it – yet again. But from my own personal experience, Ken O’Keefe is a textbook sociopath – or possibly even worse. For all his talk of being such a threat to the ruling psychopaths and putting his life on the line for humanity, he is not, he is more of an asset. In his testosterone charged public appearances he simply tells people what they want to hear and takes their anger for them like another controlled release valve. The only risk to life that Ken actually faces is possibly from one of the many people he has taken money from via fraudulent means, hollow words and empty promises.npdwjy36ds3mu87ko1pv

~ Max Igan


I’ll be interested to see how this turns out. But let no one doubt that Max Igan just spilled mega beans on O’Keefe.

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18 thoughts on “Cat Fight!

  1. I appreciate this enlightening post. To save face and regain any lost credibility, suggest that O’ Keefe do a TUT broadcast and denounce Sandy Hook Hoaxer with Mark Glenn. It goes without saying that on the broadcast O’ Keefe would also recant and apologize for his original hoaxer position on the matter.


  2. This is what happens when you elevate people to a status they don’t deserve. Contrary to popular belief there are no heroes out there anymore. Use your discernment. Whether Kenny is taking the donated money and buys himself some land and builds a house is really mute at this point.

    People have been falling for his ideas and rhetoric without checking their own brains for verification or at least being careful in what they believe in taking it all on face value.

    What can I say, stupid is as stupid does. And I don’t mean to be disrespectful to all the people out there who trusted this guy and let their own judgement fall by the wayside. Even if hope springs eternal, double-checking on the offers ‘out there’ wouldn’t hurt. Follow the leader, is that still a game?

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    • I always had a base distrust for the guy with the tear drop tattoo. Never could put my finger on it.

      But then, recently, he began discussing the jews and the Holohoax, etc. I was beginning to warm up to him, but still had that internal warning.

      What is weird is that Max has come forward to somewhat defend Zen Gardner and within a week or so, this. Not that they are related, just two opposite tactics.

      I wonder what Max thinks about the jews, Holohoax, etc?


      • Max’s choice of voicing his opinion in both cases is kind of curious, isn’t it? On the one hand he gives Ferguson the benefit of the doubt, on the other hand he completely trashes O’Keefe.

        Does that mean child exploitation implied through COG (and I’m not accusing the wannabe gardener of that) is okay but stealing from gullible people is not? To me these are the alternatives in this situation regarding Mr. Igan.

        I would say to him, make up your mind buddy and take a stand. Quit the wishy-washy. And come out on the holocaust religion without further ado, never mind 9/11.

        Otherwise, you’re another fake ‘truther’ trying to save your hide on the internet while obfuscating what’s really going on. Me, I’m just a seeker trying to keep my sanity.

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        • Quite a while back, I featured Max’s stuff. For a long time, there was a link to the book he did on the side panel.

          But then, as I became jew wise, I realized that either he wasn’t or he misdirected and protected them.

          It’s the nut cuttin thing I talk about.

          At least Ken calls them out.


  3. What do you mean? Can’t you just spend your donations on anything you want? How is O’Keefe supposed to fight the JWO with a hungry stomach and horny pecker that doesn’t get enough trim? lol Did O’Keefe specifically say he was not going to spend the money on burritos, Dominican land and lingerie for his new girlfriend to show off to his fans but only for buying this or that “really important” items necessary for the “cause,” whatever those are? Hey, some people need a big house, others need more guns and ammo and some others need hookers or almost-hookers! lol To each his own.

    When I donate money, I don’t ask the donatee not to spend it on titties and beer. If that allows him to let off enough steam to be a better “revolutionary” later, then more power to him. If he wants to smoke pot all day on my donations, that’s his choice too, unless he specifically indicated that he was going to spend the money on one thing and did another. That’s the only “dis-honesty” I see here but maybe O’Keefe never claimed “specific” reasons for donations but more “general” reasons such as his health and well-being, which for a red-blooded man with all that scribbled mess all over his body would have to include some floozies who like to do sexy poses in front of a camera, don’t ya think? lol

    I think Igan is pissed that O’Keefe was sympathetic to Hitler’s Germany in a few of his more recent speeches, particularly the one in Berkeley where he said the official story of the holycost was plain bullshit and Hitler, regardless of his faults, was only doing his best to save Germany from the Jew banksters exactly as “truthers” are trying to do today. Either that or Igan is closeted homo who wishes O’Keefe was his boyfriend and is jealous of O’Keefe’s easy charm with women. lol

    Who knows?

    If Rajneesh or Osho or whatever his name is can have his fans donate 50 Rolls Royces to him, why can’t O’Keefe have a pad in the DR and Victoria’s Secret underwear for his new squeeze? Is Max Igan a prude or what? lol

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    • You must have seen the very stylistic selfie video of the young chick sexily displaying her pouty lips (and other assets) and O’Keefe embarrassingly smiling (I could almost see the gears working in his head of how he would cover up that video that somehow got out).

      I don’t know how old O’Keefe is, but from what I understand, he left his wife and kids for the young thang. If that is accurate, he is more than a douchebag.

      And yes, I noticed the multi-thousand $$$$ worth of ink all over his body. Something else that I never understood about people. Why in the hell would anyone want to mark themselves up in such a way is beyond me. Then stick a ring in your lip.

      Freakish to me. But I guess its a personal thing. To each his own.


      • I’m giving you a thumbs up, BMan, for posting this walking, oh I mean driving mural and his sidekick without having to go through the hoopla of wordpress. Which means I’m too dumb to make your like button work.

        I’m also hitting the like button for Negentropic’s comment.

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      • Yes, that video exactly. lol It’s not very “humble” of him if you know what I mean. It’s almost like him saying to his followers, like a rap star flashing all his “hos,” “I’ve got the rock star life.” And they do to a certain extent. David Icke makes 2 million a year and plays at Wembley stadium in London, Rense makes over 400 grand a year and had 11 wives (lol; WTF? remember that shit from a while back?). Dukey Dave’s ex-wife now married to head of Stormfront Blackie Don (lol, I’m sure he’ll love that nickname) works as an “executive assisant” to a billionaire Sephardic Jew sugar magnate named Pepe Fanjul, who supposedly, even after knowing who she is, refuses to fire her because he’s a “man of principle”? Please! Give me a friggin’ break. The billionaire Jew who’s a man of principle and integrity is rarer than the sabre-tooth tiger. Even the less well-known “truthers” have groupies. According to Celtic Rebel, that Shiksa Goddess chick who is now married to the head vegan “man’s man” (lol) at Rent-a-gate was a “truth” groupie who sent him a naked picture of herself, then flew herself down to Florida with her uncle’s money just to sit on his sausage. (lol) After CR got tired of her nutty ass and vowed to the death never to sleep with a “troof groupie” again, she started going out with many of his guests, ending up with KH.

        This is from that troll/clown Rodney Martin’s site. Note: “I Am the Next Hitler” is not Rodney Martin’s avatar but some ex-Renegade guy who had e-mailed CR trying to find out his side of the story about the “groupie drama” (lol) that was going on at Oracle when CR had the most popular show there getting over 20,000 downloads per week.


        From: celtic rebel
        Sent: Monday, February 29, 2016 1:04 PM
        To: I am the Next Hitler
        Subject: Re: Contacting the Celtic Rebel
        Offhand, I’d say you’ve devoted way too much headspace to that crazy bitch. Setting things straight, NOT a former girlfriend.She’s a crazy groupie; and the reason I stopped having sex with truth groupies. Guess I was lucky the first few times. She uses people, as she has a history of being “used.” She came to fuck me while she was living with her boyfriend. She had sent me some nudes, and when I said I wouldnt’ buy her ticket, she called her uncle with some bullshit stress story and had him pay for her to fly down and fuck me. While here, she tried, like hell, to make herself a part of my show with some ludicrous teenage NWO mind control story.. When I refused, pointing out that her parents were right to send her to a teen rehab center considering she was a 14 year old, prostituting herself out for drugs (plus that same show had already been done by another former drug addict turned truth groupie Sherie on another Oracle show) … she started targeting my guests (ending up with Kyle, among others). Her parents do have some money, but I think they had enough of her drama and sent her off to New York (out of sight, out of mind).She doesn’t believe in that racist stuff, and I’m not even sure if Kyle does. She’s had sex with a few black dudes. She’s an opportunist. Kyle is after the money. She is after the attention. The time we spent together was purely sexual, and we didn’t really talk that much after, other than her “randomly” showing up as a new “best friend” or “lover” of almost everyone associated with my show for two years after. Getting rid of her, has been a process, and unforutnately, as seeing from your note, and that of others, it’s still not over. Does she really discuss me in the vid? As I said a second ago, I prefer to let that mistake of a period pass, so didn’t watch the vid.Look up the 10 traits of a sociopath, and you’ll get a pretty good idea of who she is (she fits every one). As to your other questions, though others have suggested I was “honeypotted” … her and I didn’t really get that much into family and such, the brief time we spent together was spent sexually, and for obvious reasons, not “intellectually.”Alex (Celtic Rebel) PS: Hope this is not a shocker, but your “movement” has always been full of liars.


        Apparently she denies everything. But don’t they all? (lol) When have you ever met a womb-man, especially one who’s kind of sexually “loose,” who admits the truth about her past? They never do, they’re less likely to tell you any of that stuff than if they’ve had a nose-job or boob-job, and you find out in bits and pieces later, sometimes even stuff you wouldn’t believe, like “I had to strip butt-naked for 6 months in a club to pay for college.” (lol)

        If Celtic Rebel aka Mr. Butt-Codes (lol), who is practically a nobody, has women sending him nude photos and flying themselves over to party with his schlong, imagine the amount of groupies Ken O’Keefe, who is far more famous and well-liked, gets. It’s not a bad lifestyle after a certain point of popularity if you’re a professional activist.

        Also sometimes relationships don’t work out, especially if you’re traveling all the time like this guy. I’m sure he loves his kids and will take care of them with donations given by his fans after he buys the pad in the Dominica (not Dominican Republic). (lol)

        Igan was also saying on the Richie Allen show that Ken’s mom left him a fairly big inheritance, so that’s why he’s been wheeling & dealing a lot lately. He supposedly wants to make some big moves that he’s been planning for a long time.

        I also heard he had Palestinian wife before the British wife too, but I could be wrong.

        Since trolling practically everybody in the anti-Judaic factions of the half-truth movement and calling it “exposure” seems to be RM’s main concern nowadays, it goes without saying that he also has a Ken O’Keefe page set-up already

        Of course, it’s really hilarious that Rodney Martin, of all people, should feel himself so “capable and competent” as opposed to the people he’s always trying to find fault with, when his own writing and grammar is, in many spots, so incorrect that he wouldn’t even pass a basic university level “English 101” course! lol I’m serious. If you read that long CR/SG/SM article, there are a whole bunch of very obvious mistakes in there, like mixing up singular and plural within the same sentence, etc., that any intelligent 14 year old would catch and correct.


        • Dude. Interesting!

          I don’t really know any of these people discussed, other than listening to videos or reading at renegade (primarily Digger’s stuff). But there are other decent contributors, as well. I like some of Spero’s talk show stuff.

          I’ve never heard of Celtic Rebel, so I am not sure how truthful his brand of truth is any more than the others.

          In many ways, it sounds far fetched. But who knows?

          People obviously do not have the same type of scruples my Mom taught me. Hell, I wouldn’t dare put a dot of ink on my skin for a million dollars. Much less to think it is attractive. Any woman with a tramp stamp has shown me that they don’t have much self respect and probably expect as much respect from their fuck buddies as they give themselves.

          I guess I am just old fashioned.

          I am sure there must be money in it, but I cannot imagine that the real truth seekers make much. The ones like Jones will say anything for the money. But thus far, Hunt at Renegade seems more real to me than Jones. Certainly the information seems more legit.

          Funny, though. Here, I blatantly say that “I Don’t Want Your Money” (which is one reason why I like Spero… he says something similar). I have never and will never take a dime for anything I do here or spreading my brand of truth (as little of it that I contribute). Of course, I don’t reach many people and probably never will, because by refusing money I have to work. By working, I don’t have the time to do what sites like Renegade does.

          Of course, my reach is extremely limited. Really, I share this stuff with just a handful of people like you and the other wonderful hanger on’ers to this bogus little blog. It is as much for me as it is anyone else. If you know what I mean.


          • LOL

            Maybe I should have read the link first. Frankly, it reads like a badly done hit piece by a scorned boy toy. What? Did Renegade can him and now he’s pissed? Then I look at the guy’s pic and I think, this old ugly bastard that no one has heard of was able to attract Sinead because she wanted to get on his show? Seriously?


            Sounds totally ludicrous to me. And then 2 sentences about Spero’s love of trannys? Jesus.

            But whatever. Nothing would really surprise me with anyone any more. Its just that I have never heard of CR and by reading the link, I am even less convinced he is truthful. That doesn’t mean that all the others are truthful, but this guy reeks like hes full of shit.


  4. Unlike you, BMan, I never suspected anything in particular was up with Ken O’Keefe, whom I admired as a speaker and whose videos I used to like to share around. I knew he wasn’t a racialist or a nationalist in the way that we are, but I always thought he was ardent and honest. I didn’t want to believe this story when I first heard about it, but this is more than just his word against some other person’s. Everybody has abandoned him. What a disgusting louse.

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    • O’Keefe could be inspirational. He was bold… forceful. He can speak, for sure.

      But even then, there was something that rubbed me the wrong way. Of course, I am torn because at least Ken would speak of the jew. Then yesterday, I listened to him talk with Richie Allen (I think is his name) and all he could do was rant and rave and not really persuade me that he wasn’t a louse.

      So I agree.


      • I heard some of that, as well. Does it seem odd to you that, practically just prior to the exposure of his scheme, Ken started to say favorable things about National Socialism? It makes me wonder if maybe he knew the end of one career was in sight, so he might as well lay the groundwork for a reinvention of himself. Could he be planning to next present himself as a YouTube Nazi messiah? I bet he could attract a ton of followers and/or shekels if he did. Whatever he ends up doing, people need to avoid association with him for credibility’s sake.


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