Destruction of our desire to seek the truth


of our desire to seek the truth

Some short careers of recent heroes

By John Kaminski

A certain degree of heroism infuses the people who challenge the government’s lies. So when two of the brightest luminaries in the quest for truth beyond the poisoned mainstream disfigure what so many honest people have tried to reveal to the comatose populace, the longshot effort that we can rescue the suicidal course of human society becomes that much more unlikely.

Firebrand antiwar orator Ken O’Keefe has recently been laid low by accusations from his best friends that he absconded with contributions meant to construct a program he had invented <>. Now friends insist he is using the money to buy a Caribbean island.

O’Keefe’s hundreds of YouTubes have established the ex-Marine as a first rate critic of U.S. and Israeli crimes in the Middle East and earned him thousands of supporters around the world. <> So the tarnishing of his credibility hurts those trying to overturn the phony reality imposed by our criminal government.

Then there was the unfortunate revelation that the author of a most wise and compassionate Internet blog who went by the name of Zen Gardner concealed a long and sordid relationship with the Children of God cult that was based on sex with children.


Then my friend Victor Thorn, the pulp fiction champ of the alternative press, who was found on a mountain top with a bullet in his head on his 54th birthday, with his relatives nodding he was a happy guy and the famous quote — “If I’m ever found dead, it was murder. I would never kill myself.” — remaining unanswered in the final reports.

Victor had just cranked out a series about Clinton family murders <>

Like so many firecrackers popping around the Internet stories that he was a victim of the Clintons were mindlessly repeated everywhere.

Then there are the 50-plus cancer doctors suicided by Big Pharma <, the 54 dead microbiologists of years past <>,  or the murdered Clinton bodyguards that Thorn wrote about.

Today I learned that Wolfgang Halbig was made to take down his Sandy Hook Justice Report or suffer fantastic financial penalties. Halbig was the courageous citizen who marched into Sandy Hook and pointed out their account of things was full of holes.

8/31 UPDATE: Wolfgang Halbig tells MHB this morning that he was compelled to take his website down and go off of Facebook because one or more parties unknown to him are contacting his wife and son’s places of employment in an effort to have these family members terminated from their positions because of Wolfgang’s activities concerning Sandy Hook.

James Tracy lost his job at university for championing the theory that no children were murdered at Sandy Hook <>

Jim Fetzer’s book about the Sandy Hook hoax was blocked from distribution by Amazon. You can access it at

More lately still comes my realization of the persecution by notorious Canadian Jewry of Buddhist teacher and Hitler scholar Brian Ruhe, A YouTube producer who has interviewed me and dozens of other scholars who pursue the truth of history, the non Jewish version that has caused so much harm <>.

As most of us know, freedom of speech does not pertain to nonJews being able to talk about Jews, especially in Canada where the Jewish thought police routinely harass those who demand freedom of speech for World War II and 9/11, as Brian has been smeared by Jews to deprive him of most of his teaching jobs <>.

The Jews determine what freedom of speech is by the muscle of their money. This path leads to the death of the human species, and all the other ones, too.

We see all these things happen, the attempts to shed the light of truth on government lies, and we see the efforts come to nothing, defeated by the most devious of methods by the men with big bankrolls, lives broken, reputations ruined, by Jewish men who do not allow themselves to be accurately and impartially described, upon penalty of (your) death.

They have controlled both candidates in every presidential election since they put a bullet in the head of John F. Kennedy.

Henry Ford had them pegged correctly in 1920s as voracious vampires consuming everything their twisted mindset encounters.

Charles Lindbergh’s American patriotism was erased by the froth-mouthed Jewish extermination of Germans, and through it all, the Jews demanded reparations for their victimhood.

All those men who cried out to their generations to pay attention to the truth are long lost in the fog of white noise perfidy. They were the prodigious heroes of the past, champions of human liberty, ground into the dust of progress by the imposed rituals of the mind controllers.

We may only guess that the subconscious attraction of nonpolitical subjects combined with the difficulty of actually interfacing with the government keeps people from effectively analyzing the criminality that they endorse by their indifference. Or, they’re just not smart enough to understand what is actually being said and done.

Jewish control of media from cradle to grave has erased the ability of those whom it educates to discern whether they are being harmed by what the government is saying.

Thus the predetermined artificial reality is imposed upon us. People who really need help are left to babble to a silent night as the roar of white noise and the stench of its corruption eventually overwhelms our desire to seek the truth.

Too many people have no control over their lives, and will never regain it.

Suddenly, the meaning of things becomes a little less real as the prepackaged chaos of the future rushes toward us.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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12 thoughts on “Destruction of our desire to seek the truth

  1. “…reputations ruined, by Jewish MEN(?) who do not allow themselves to be accurately and impartially described, upon penalty of (your) death.”

    Kaminsky did a good job on this article but he keeps making the same mistake in all of his writings. I have told him about this but to no avail. This is the same mistake that 99.9999% of the world’s people make — that is, the Jews absolutely are not men. They are devils.

    Jesus and Hitler Told the Truth about the Jews; the Jews are Devils — Real Ones!


  2. Perhaps one of those cosmic coinkydinks that seem to accompany cons’ piracies from vast to miniscule, Catherine Austin Fitts (The Solari Update, 1 Sep 2016) begins with a quote from Lao Tsu, a personage who may or may not have existed himself — save as a composite of many truth-tellers in ancient China: “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes: Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality.” Both my mind and my heart resist the very notion of nonresistance in the face of recent take-downs of Zen Gardner, Hillary truth-tellers and DNC staff, and so many, many more.

    I would add to the list of take-downs listed by Mr. Kaminski the recent interference with and the apparent destruction of the excellent and well documented work of “Dutchsinse” (see, follow the link to the latest [last?] YouTube video). Dutchsinse is a man who determined (1) how to predict earthquakes when “scientists” said that could not happen (proof in the pudding, MJ has the proof) and (2) that pulsed radar (megaherz) was causing extreme weather conditions local to the radar stations and also dissipating developing storm systems (aka HAARP — attention Jerry Brown, who KNOWS why California has a drought!). Beyond the science and (geo)engineering of “weather modification” and “weather as weapon”, we have financialized “weather futures”, whereupon people in the know can make money on agricultural disasters planned and executed!

    TPTB do not appreciate their serfs connecting dots, sketching the treasonous destruction, and bringing to light what “they” had hoped to keep robed, in the dark. Perhaps we, too low on the totem to warrant our lives’ ended or ruined, can figure out a way to retrieve, support, and nurse back to prowess brothers and sisters who took up arms and went to battle with TPTB — and who have suffered the consequences of success. I for one volunteer!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Just like a tick or a leach or a tapeworm, the jew is just following its genetic programming/predisposition.
    Similar to if an alligator or a giant reptile had you for dinner it would not have even the capability to ‘moralize’ about it. They (the jew) can’t be changed or stopped by any normal means now that it has become so infested in areas that allow them to almost fully control our health and lives. They have nearly demoralized us as a race and as a country, but the fat lady ain’t singing yet.

    The jew hubris and arogance has led to their downfall and of course expulsion so many (109) times in the past. Also, caught in the act of child-stealing and/or blood libel blood drinking they have been driven out of countries. A human-parasite that the jew is will only leave the host after they have sucked it dry or killed it, unless they are expelled or killed first. We must apply our strengths against their weaknesses. I see a lot of cracks showing and added to the jews smug and arrogant nature, now I find many more people are seeing the jew for the devils that they are. It seems a lot easier to talk to people about the jew menace now. There doesn’t seem to be any incentive to organize though–for good reason, obviously.

    Most likely scenario, the jew will make a mistake and push the wrong people too far. It may try to kill us with diseases or high-tech weaponry and so-forth. It may try to just leave us on the surface while it moves underground into the stocked luxury bunkers they have built over the last decade or two in the underground cities they have built with all the stolen trillions that have gone missing. I do know that quite a number of people, and more than a few, are ready to take action when the time comes–Basically, when you throw your shit down and say enough is enough and I ain’t taking it no more.


  4. Victor Thorn’s brother was so full of it on that Dave Gahary interview he did. So fake. First of all, he seemed very cheerful and barely even affected by his own brother’s supposed “suicide” for no reason whatsoever. Second, ONLY when Gahary gave him the cue by mentioning how “sad” you must be to lose your brother, did the cheerfulness very slowly and suspiciously fade out to be supplanted by a couple of minutes of B-Movie-Crisis-Actor-level fake-as-shit crying and boo-hoo-hoo-ing, which then, instantly and on-cue, again just like an actor, went back to way too much cheerfulness for someone who had supposedly recently lost his “brother and best friend” to a “tragic suicide” no one even supposedly expected.

    I don’t believe a single word of the Victor Thorn “suicide” story and I don’t even think he was murdered because if he was murdered his “brother and best friend” sure wouldn’t be putting on the kind of ridiculous charade he put on with Dave Gahary. And as if that wasn’t enough, that alcoholic at Mami’s – Zapoper or whatever his name is banned me from making any critical comments on this topic. I’m starting to suspect that all of American Free Press, including Piper and Bollyn and their WWF style fighting, Gahary and and all the rest, might be either cointelpro or infiltrated by cointelpro people like Thorn and his fake-ass actor brother. John Friend has to be very, VERY careful with these “American Free Press” guys and even other somewhat shady guys with con-artist instincts like Ken O’Keefe (if the pyramid schemes and embezzling accusations turn out to be true as Igan says) because they will ruin his reputation through association. Permanently linking to CI cults run by convicted murderers doesn’t help either but those slimeballs are much easier to spot than the cointelpro people who pretend to be “one of us” to infiltrate, divide, destroy and conquer from within the gates.

    P.S. Anthony Robbins aka Lurch from the Addams Family cusses like a sailor during his live seminars? Who knew that this 6 foot 7 inch “P. Diddy fan” (lol) and supposed previously “dirt poor” and now “super successful” motivator of organized crime boss Billy Bob Clinton, Oprah “I was a teenage prostitute” Whitney (don’t flatter yourself “Oprah,” few self-respecting “Johns” would want to bang that lard-ass even for 10 cents! Most wouldn’t go near it with a ten foot pole if YOU paid them! lol) and NBA basketball players and Hollywood bigshots had such a deep need to be “manly” and “macho”? lol

    P.P. S. Robbins talks a lot of smack about “success” and how he has Rolls-Royces and Jets and mansions and beachhouses and whatnot, but what really is “success” anyway in the context of the type of world he’s trapped in or one of the “trappers” of the naive in? Does the word itself tell you anything through how it’s crafted and sounds about what it might really mean? Yes! “Success” aka “Suck-cess” aka “Sucks-ass” aka “the act of “suck-seeding” in a society controlled by bankster criminals does, in fact, SUCK, because using your superficially built-up ego as leverage it sucks you right into all its deliberately falsified and perverted narratives and dichotomies and makes you kiss-ass every inch of the way for whatever bones they throw you off their table to keep you coming back for more. The better you kiss ass the more shekels you make and what kind of success do you call that? You can be making the greatest product in the world but it will never get to a market of any sizeable dimensions if you don’t cut in some Jew or other for a piece of the action. Shit, you can’t sell hardly any food at all without paying out to the kosher extortion racket! So success really does suck-sense out of you since a society based on brown-nosing competitions is anything but a sensible one. lol

    “The essence of lying is in deception, not in words; a lie may be told by silence, by equivocation, by the accent on a syllable, by a glance of the eye attaching a peculiar significance to a sentence; and all these kinds of lies are worse and baser by many degrees than a lie plainly worded; so that no form of blinded conscience is so far sunk as that which comforts itself for having deceived, because the deception was by gesture or silence, instead of utterance; and, finally, according to Tennyson’s deep and trenchant line, a lie which is half a truth is ever the worst of lies.”
    — John Ruskin [From “Of Vulgarity,” 1887]

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    • I forgot to add: “Has anyone even seen Victor Thorn’s autopsy yet?” Nope and don’t hold your breath that it will ever be forthcoming.


    • Your observation of the Gahary interview are interesting, and in many ways, I agree. It was weird. To say the least.

      I have two brothers. I am not close to either one (in the way Thorn’s brother discussed. Don’t get me wrong, I love them both dearly, but with well over 10 years age difference, I was more a father figure later on than a brother.

      But if either one of them died, for whatever reason, it would devastate me. And both have gotten very close, multiple times… times where I cried wondering if they would live.
      Thron’s brother didn’t seem like that and it was mere days afterwards.

      I cannot say with confidence because I don’t know any of these people, but your instinct may be on.

      I know that relating to sandy Hook, the entire AFP team went off reservation. It was the strangest thing and, indeed, made me reconsider my thoughts about Piper. But I have never been a big follower of the site/authors. I was intrigued by Friend’s foray with them, but right now I have a problem with John. I have tried to understand all of his alternative ideas, embracing the CI group (hearing him say multiple times it makes the most sense, etc) and his over-the-top Trump worship… sickening.

      Anthony Robbins, P Diddy, Oprah, basketball players, etc…. I cannot relate to any of them. In any way.

      The only motivation seminar I ever attended was a Franklin Planner event back in the mid 90’s. I cannot fathom wasting money to listen to that puke discuss his Rolls Royces or whatever.

      I call on a company that has a picture from back in the early 1800’s of a man holding a device that he invented that helped bring in water mains in to city streets and an easy way to maintain them. Although the story outlined on the picture doesn’t say this, the owner of the company told me (the pic was of his great grandfather) that he tried to patent the device and contacted an attorney firm in NY city (which most certainly was a jew). By the time he was ready to patent the device, another company in NY beat him to the punch.

      Come to find out later, the attorney was in cahoots with the NY firm and screwed the old man.

      It is motivation for the company owner, but I still don’t think he realizes the depth and just ‘who’ screwed him.


  5. Not entirely unlike JFK, (President) Lindbergh
    was also assassinated, even if only politically,
    when the Jews kidnapped and murdered his
    baby son to prevent this ‘stupid goy’ from
    running for office.

    Likewise, Victor Thorn, had to be on the Jews’
    hit list with or without the Clinton crime family.
    Given, however, that only the Jews would get
    away with top-line assassinations, it’s quite
    likely that Vince Foster’s ‘suicide’ was also
    their handiwork.


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