Skool Dazed, Skool Dazed, Deer O Goltun Ruel Daze

In college (I think it was in 1986), I had a class that was primarily white guys (one white girl) who were all beginning their lives as electricians. The class taught basic electrical theory and wiring techniques (focused on housing wiring/circuits). It is not brain science, but neither is it badminton (I actually took badminton as an elective and frankly, I can whip your ass on the badminton court, but I digress).

One day during the second week of the class, in walked this behemoth of a black dude. He didn’t say a word, but walked in, found the first available desk, sat down and promptly put his head on the desk and went to sleep (or tried to). Mr Inman was the instructor, a little white guy  that took zero shit from anyone, even the giant black dude who needed a nap.

Mr Inman walked up to the guy and asked him if he was ok. Did he need a doctor?

The giant black dude looked up and said, “Go away. I’m trying to rest.”


The look on Inman’s face is etched into my mind.

Inman said, “Get up and come with me.”

The giant black dude looked at him and snarled, “What for?”

“You’re going with me to the superintendent’s office.”

The guy glared at Inman, stood up, and looked down on him in a rage and said, “Fuck you. I ain’t going nowhere,” and started to push his weight against Inman (trying to intimidate him).

The class was full of smaller white people, but we all stood up and walked towards the two. Franky was in my class (you would have to know Franky… he was an older guy in the class who carried a pistol everywhere he went). Franky said, “Don’t touch that man,” with his pistol in his hand. The entire class had backed up Inman.

Someone had already left to get security and within minutes the security detail entered the scene and took the guy away.

A week or so later we learned the story of the giant black napper.

He was a football player who could not even read, much less pass the classes required for his chosen study courses of engineering. LOL

He couldn’t read or do math, yet some idiot allowed him to sign up for engineering classes (obviously placating him so he could block for some other stupid black guy holding the football). The engineering instructors quickly saw he was incapable, so they sent him to the technical school to be an electrician. (I guess engineers thing electricians are really stupid or something)

Here’s the point to this true story… that dude had no business in college. Period. Affirmative action was already hard at work,instilling in these black people that they are worthy and able to handle college level courses. But it was failing then and it has obviously failed totally now. Also, we won 2 out of 10 games that year. Whoo Hoo!

And the data makes it plainly evident that what I am writing is true. On the College Board’s 2015 report, the average combined SAT score for white students was 1576 out of 2400. Black students scored 1277 on average, and were the lowest of all reported racial groups. 1550 is the standard for readiness.

In every imaginable comparison, whites out shine blacks by leaps and bounds. Even when whites aren’t doing as good as they should (like in math, where only 32 percent of whites scored proficient) compared to blacks, they are geniuses because just 7 percent of black students did. Forty-six percent of whites were proficient in reading… 17 percent for blacks.

Looking at the ACT, the same test I took for admission to college (scoring a 21 while drunk and high and retaking it for a 27 straight), produced the same results: 34 percent of whites who took ACT were ready for college.

Blacks? 6 percent.

Now I can also relate this to my high school days. when I started in the 8th grade, I had around 10 blacks out of a total of 80 students in the class. When we graduated, there was 2 blacks remaining. They all still lived in the town, but they all quit (generally because they couldn’t pass and didn’t want to repeat).

In 2015, nationally 7 percent of black 12th-graders scored proficient in math, and only 17 percent did so in reading. It must have been the same in 1979.

After all the affirmative action and gimmes out the wazoo, blacks are still failing miserably.

But I am totally sure its whitey’s fault.

h/t Walter Williams

(Although I should explain to Mr Williams that it isn’t necessarily liberal “whites” that are making themselves feel good about this travesty by forcing inept and incapable students into the college arena, but moreso jews who infiltrate whites and cause this entire fiasco to begin with.)

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