Hillary For Prison 2016

DC Dave sent me a poem (I thought he had written) suggesting a video based off of Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues. Turns out he didn’t write it and we can’t find out who did, so I labeled it anonymous. Whatever. It seemed right up my alley, but I quickly figured out I couldn’t do Johnny’s voice. I experimented with several country voices I can do, but none felt right.

Then, I thought I would try to do it from Bubba Willie’s standpoint and voila’, one take, crude with too much noise (mic hiss because of incorrect gain setting, I suspect), barely a perceptible Bill Clinton, the karaoke version cuts off short at the end, and a million other imperfections… but I had fun. (Setup, recording, research for images and video, video production … about 6 hours)

I hear that train a comin’
It’s rollin’ round the bend.
Gonna pick up Mrs. Clinton
And take her to the pen.

They’ll have her coronation
Make her cell block queen

Hillary for prison
two thousand and sixteen

They’ve got an orange pants suit
Hangin’ on the wall
And a cell for Bubba Willie
Just a little down the hall.

We’ll put ‘em in the big house
Lock them up inside.

Unless a whole lot of witnesses
Commit suicide.

Remember James McDougal
And 20 or 30 more
About to testify, they found ‘em dead upon the floor.

Now they’re pilin’ up the bodies
Like they did back then

They want back in the White House
Here we go again.

Glue the china to the table
Nail the table to the floor
Lock up all the silver
‘fore they haul it out the door

White trash in the White House
Beats all I’ve ever seen.

Hillary for prison
two thousand and sixteen.

It’s been years since I made a video and I am very rusty (not to mention how bad this software is compared to new stuff around nowadays). I need to learn how to mix the mic gain correctly (the mic and mixer are fine) along with post production editing to improve.

But I missed doing them and after this, I plan more. My next one is a song parody from ZZ Top’s  If you have a song parody or some other parody ideas, let me know.

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7 thoughts on “Hillary For Prison 2016

    • I sent it to Trump’s Twitter account as a “gift” (hoping they wouldn’t pat attention to the description or come to the site and erroneously link to it).

      Nothing so far.

      But it has been linked to by Nick at Circus Maximus and a few others.

      Its so-so, but gets the point across.



  1. Pingback: The problem is not the latest leaks, it’s the long trail of corpses | vulture of critique
  2. Good, except that the Clintons are not “white trash,” they are crypto-jews. They are pretending to be Whites, thus serving the jew agenda making people think that bad Whites are at the top. No Whites are at the top.


  3. As if claiming to put somebody “in prison” can ever be verified by any of the peons and their pathetic representatives. Has anybody checked to make sure Bernie Madoff is still doing time in the clink? Of course not. The Clintons have no shame whatsoever, so the humiliation factor will not even remotely phase them and the Jews can easily make a photo-op of putting her in prison to rally up more support form their man Frump, and then let her out the back door or put her in a special prison with their own well-paid guards who replace her with a brainwashed lookalike.

    This Frump bait will not reveal its hook (holohoax denial thought crimes legislation after one or two entirely faked PsyOps making Jews the majority of the faked victims and some equally media-faked “white supermacists” of the Dylan Storm Roof type as the culprits) until probably a few years from now, maybe not even until Frump’s second term. By that time all the suckers, including Dukey Dave, Rensy Boy and the asswipes at the Daily-Shit-Stirrer plus damn near 99.9% of all WN’s and conservatives will be properly buttered-up with all kinds of superficial “prosperity” and jingoistic faux-nationalist Putin-like macho nonsense and will cheer on the demise of free-speech in America and the final nail in its coffin (free choice is already long gone EVERYWHERE in the world, not one country left where you have free-choice as long as that choice does not harm anyone physically, originally the 4th amendment of the U.S. constitution which does not exist anymore). Even if they recognize they were gypped with a simple time-release-bait-&-hook trick, it will be too late to do anything about it since they’ve been kissing Frump’s ass for 3 straight years or however long it takes for the Jews behind Trumpy-boy, to whom he has sworn 100% allegiance not just through words but through marriages of his own flesh and blood, to unfurl the hook).

    Full-size screen-capture of the Times of Israel article from 2012 bragging about full control of Media which has now, unsurprisingly, mysteriously disappeared, as if it never existed, from the Times of Shitsrael website:

    Thanks to Radio Islam.


  4. Correction: no parentheses needed here: . . . flesh and blood, to unfurl the hook).

    P.S. Even the whole “brainwashed lookalike” charade is not necessary to pretend somebody’s doing prison time when you own a media 100% complicit with everything the owners dictate. They can only have Hillary make a few appearances “from behind bars” whenever they need to convince the “general public” (the goyim plus your average middle class Jews) that she is really sitting in the clink, paying for her crimes. Right after the photo/video-op they let her out the back door with a little plastic surgery disguise (the type that’s easily reversible with some minor snips-&-tucks whenever they need the old Hillary back for another rare photo-op they arrange to sucker the public) into a witness protection program to a luxurious and very private location unknown. Very easy to do and who will find out anything about it if they do do it? Certainly not anyone working at any of the media outlets they own. Those people are all whetted for loyalty and the willingness to sell-out and have no integrity. They can even have nothing but Mossad agents work the major jobs at all the major Newspapers and TV stations and give 60% of them goy names without anybody outside that tight-knit “in-crowd” propaganda ministry being any wiser.


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