Is Trump a j-Tool? Of Course


[A brief opinion piece on Donald Trump, pointing him out as being a tool of organized jewry  —  KATANA.]

B’Man: Very good piece over at Katana’s site.

It is a sad display of American discernment when our people select from the two prescribed and dictated scourges representing the R and D Parties, whereby One’s ONLY redeeming quality is that he is not she. America, you are getting what you deserve: more jew control and less freedom. You are embracing more Israeli dominance over the middle east (culminating with the entire world) and obviously willing to ignore what you have claimed forever, that jewish power needs to go.

But, no. You Drumpfters are willing participants in the continued demise, simply because he is not she.

I shared this comment at my buddy’s place (NorthernTruthSeeker):

the American people are stuck with having to choose between these two evils……

Why is that the only recourse?

I have ideas of masses simply not voting in block. If this became an online agenda, spread everywhere, the message would be known, and they would be forced to explain it.

I keep asking, “What if they held an election and no one showed up?”

What do you think they would do?

What if another tactic was a mass sign-in campaign (it doesn’t matter who for, even “nobody”).

What if the masses filed some sort of lawsuit?

What if we did something OTHER than hold our nose and vote for evil?

Surely smarter people than I can find a better suggestion than simply doing what we are programmed to do.

To break the monopoly, we must coordinate some effort that PROVES we won’t take it any more. I am no lawyer, much less a Constitutional scholar, but it seems to me there are some ways to massively coordinate our displeasure. But simply doing what they have brainwashed us to do is NOT the answer (John Friend).

My recent comment at his site:

it could not be clearer who is the better candidate.

You took the bait that either is worth voting for. Both are jew ass kissing sycophants. Both prop up jewish control and power. embrace it (by extension, you embrace it by not calling it out).

Our problems do not go away. They get worse. And you championed it with barely a whimper about the real problem.


I think I may auction off my Lifetime Membership at his site. Any offers?

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10 thoughts on “Is Trump a j-Tool? Of Course

  1. Thanks B’Man for spreading the message.

    Trump is seductive to far too many on our side. I hate to think what would happen if he started to shave his legs, …


      • Wishing thinking and a desire for a White Knight plays a large part I’d say in keeping people who should know better, in believing in Trump.

        The recent interview with John Friend and John Kaminski really demonstrates that. Throughout, Friend wants to believe in Trump while Kaminski keeps expressing doubts about him.

        Then there’s “self-controlled opposition” promoting Trump. By that I mean people and their sites that have only a limited understanding of what’s going on.

        But to return to your point, B’man, and why so few of “our” sites are calling out Trump. I think it’s mostly that they want to follow the lead of our own “mainstream” sites and not stick out without a compelling reason.

        Calling out Trump as a jew-tool is being on the edge and unpopular.

        But let’s continue to do that, if that’s the damn truth.


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        • White Knight = Hitlerian Hero

          Yes. Many of these people think of Trump in some Hitleresque way, which, of course, is absurd. Friend would never admit any such notion, but this seems close to what he is doing (many others go so far as to call him the Fuehrer.

          I believe that Hitler meant every word he said about the state of Germany at the time and why it was that way.

          Trump utters a few similar utterances, meant to appease the discontent of primarily the white majority, but has NEVER explained the who and why. But even considering his rhetoric for whites, they are very few, actually. These people are clinging on to one or two issues, disregarding how atrocious he is everywhere else. Friend keeps beating the horse of immigration, but is that seriously the Number One Issue facing us? Well, not if by calling out the reason for that immigration as “the” Number One issue facing us (jewish power, control, and influence).

          His (and others) untenable dichotomy eludes them (they will say immigration is the issue, then two sentences later say jewish control is the main issue and then bypass Trump’s lifelong subservience to that very jewish power, control, and influence), but not me.

          I have to figure out if a guy I have known for a long time is more than just naive.


      • Hello B’man! Glad I recently found your site on NTS. Also glad to read that I am not alone in my long time conviction about Drumpf being the one they really want us to choose! As we know it is a game and nothing is as it seems. Everything they tell us is contrary to the truth, and thus every aware person should have sussed by now that their pushing of HRC (while allowing Wiki and Drumpf to divulge her sins) is a clever psychological trick.
        They know how we naive and trusting goyim tick. It is a game and they play their cards well.
        I personally think we have passed the point of no return unless we are saved by divine intervention. Even then how to continue in a decayed world with too many lazy, greedy and unthinking zombies?
        Perhaps the life cycle of modern civilization has reached its end and we just have to accept it?


        • Howdy! Thanks for dropping in.

          Who knows how much of Trump’s rhetoric is real? Even if some of it is real, that doesn’t mean he will do anything against the status quo (and what he is told to do). All of these people who think that he is a rogue are completely missing out that he is the ultimate con man. He is one of those guys that can say virtually anything that you want to hear… then change tomorrow without the blink of an eye.

          All Narcissists thrive on lies.

          As for the end? I hope not. If its going to get real rough, hasten it, because I am starting to get long in the tooth.


  2. The constitution is a sewer where the bulk of waste is ” liberty” the virus in micro, contrary to this is : Only bankers are protected. The Constitution protects Bankers!
    All safety ever afforded them in this country, USSA is grounded in that document.
    What “National debt” existed in 1776? Reparations to England!


  3. Hi Buelahman,

    The sad thing about Americans is that you can’t unite them for a noble and true cause. There are the “welfare” leaches that have to do their utmost to get their piece of pie…which include: The families that take and give nothing in return, the military that murders for hire, the farmers that grow the useless crops the government tells them to, the DOD civilians that have cushy paneled houses with a pool, all the city mayors/morons that recites what they are told whilst demanding your taxes or kicking you out of your home, the media that is guaranteed their nonstop filthy lies, and surely not to leave out Hollywood that these idiot mfr’s would never boycott…I guess I could keep going but I think you get the gist. That is the problem. The truther’s are a small group and will stay that way or get even smaller as the jew controllers edit out the internet. You have a noble idea, and it is working in Syria; however, the dumbed down mongrels the Jews love to deceive here have been a success. The day that they are tired of being their slaves is the day you might get action with your idea(s). A revolution can only happen when there is a united call for it.

    Thanks for your ongoing efforts…


    • Hi,

      Thanks for your comments.

      Of course, revolution occurs from a united call for it, which is basically how I see my role in pushing for the call.

      I am no leader for this movement, so most of my ideas are never heard, but they aren’t alone (there are others that think this way). I only spout rants about the obviousness of our plight and to share what meager ideas I have.


  4. To believe that one man or woman could solve crisis , that is in Europe and North AMerica today is evidence, they do not perceive the real problem (enemy) Ultimately, it is the people itself. Pres. Elect Trump has never described the problem. He promised to make AMerica great again. But has never confessed such a state or nation even exists. THe actual “America” is a prison of debtors to alien banks, a menagerie of people , that can not be defined by race, creed, religion, language, culture, borders, law, or sovereign. When they confess the truth except when they swear their holy oath of allegiance to Israel, the greatest enemy of any sovereign man, then one can distinguish them from the liar. All I have heard are lies, prevarications and vain promises. The truth is: nothing can be made out of nothing, ex nihilo nihil fit. Therefore, dissolution is inevitable. A new creation is the only hope.


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