At Least He Is Not She


Regulars here know how I feel about Trump. They also know how I feel about Clinton. Both are hardly the two best we have to choose from in America to lead this country, but really, we all know we aren’t choosing anything. Right? You know that, right?

Take a look at the view counts of the two recent videos I did (Trump 155, Clinton 7,889). Immediately, the Clinton video started gathering play at various blogs (much bigger than this place). It got a good bit of play on Twitter. All sorts of people on the “right” used that to show their disdain for Clinton.

Contrast that with the Trump video.

The Trump video took me near 24 hours to produce (the Clinton video was 6). Much more thought, time and effort went into the Trump video. It looks and feels better than the Clinton video.

I suggest that both are extremely accurate, so the lack of the Trump plays cannot be related to accuracy or quality. Virtually everything about the Trump video is superior to the Clinton video. Even the singing.

So, what gives?

As I suggested to Mr John LeBon (who graciously mirrored the Trump video with very kind remarks at his unpublished channel… which has garnered more views than my published channel… WTF?), people are so caught up in anti-Hillary rhetoric because they hate her. Masses of people in America despise her and what she stands for and who she represents (basically the jew world order). People are so blinded by that hatred that they will embrace virtually anyone to keep her out.

At least Trump isn’t her…

Truly, his best redeeming quality is the fact that he is not she. So, obviously, we must all believe the bullshit he spews and neglect/ignore who he is surrounding himself with (another branch of the jew world order… this one controlled directly out of Israel).

People are afraid of Clinton, and like Pavlovian dogs, rush to the ringing bell Trump holds.

But there is another side to this. The lack of plays by Clinton’s side is also telling. Because it will knee-jerk the antisemitism reaction (as it was meant to do), this video is not acceptable even to the ‘left’ to be used against their opponent.

To me, this is obviously a reason to believe the subject is spot on.

It is unfortunate that so many people I usually hold in high regard are falling for it. They are so ready to keep Clinton out, that they are willing to accept the Trump kind of jew control without even a whimper. But even the blogs that agree with me have not shared the Trump video. The ones most vocal about his jewish leanings are culling this video. Unreal. (Thanks to the few on Twitter that shared it)

The believers, however, took the bait and chose the side that I contend is meant to win… Trump. He was always meant to win after they realized the buffoon was able to convince you to horn swallow the bullshit.

These assholes have done it again. And Americans, in mass, have shown what blithering idiots they are (even the smart ones).

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5 thoughts on “At Least He Is Not She

  1. Please continue your good work, without regard for the amount of views. the masses are not merely asleep, but are hypnotized.

    Think of all of Trump’s bankruptcies and be amazed that he could lose with his casino, which is even more impossible than Dub-ya failing at the oil business in Texas.

    How dumb is anyone who thinks a guy who uses a gold toilet seat cares about the poor and about blue collar workers, or anyone else for that matter?

    The spiritual vacuum of the USA has been filled by a depraved pop culture of vice celebrities and Trump is jsut another actor.

    In reality he is poor compared to those who pull the strings behind the scenes who will not relinquish their absolute power to anything resembling “voting”.

    While the circus goes on, people ignore the realities of imminent disaster, thinking it will make a difference whichever one “gets in”.

    The truth is that nothing has changed with any election, ever. Anyone who tried to buck the sytem or even point out who the real power is has been assassinated.

    Didn’t Obama promise “hope and change”, then give us Passover Seders in the whitehouse, endless war, and altogether worse everything than Bush? Didn’t he say he’d close Guantanomo Bay torture center right off? Well it’s still open, and there are still people tortured there. One of them cannot go to trial or anywhere else because he needs surgery to repair his bowels, which exit his body with movement, due to what Americans have done to him.

    Trump thinks torture is a good idea.

    Trump now says what some people want to hear. How stupid to believe anything said by someone running for office, which is just a front anyway.

    Although I came to it differently, I concur with the view expressed in this excellent video called: “Reality Trumped (Regarding the Presidential Race)” :

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  2. Trump is good. He is really good – at following the script handed to him.

    And what else can it be than a script conceived of by (((them))) who are realizing the “information revolution” called the internet can no longer be contained and the deplorables need some crumbs to keep them satisfied. Enter right stage: The Drumpf, uttering outrageous remarks about the PTB without repercussions, so far anyway.

    If anyone thinks he is original, his past and background should tell you otherwise. He is a blatant attempt of a pacifier, imo. On another token, he also rides the horse of divide and conquer. If he wins the election, I guess we can expect a lot of white-washing and back-tracking. If not, well wasn’t that just the plan? He is not dead yet, is he?


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