If They Put A Gun To Your Head And Made You Vote…

I call him Country, not because he likes country music or grew up in the country, but because he is huge. And he is black as the ace of spades.

I’ve known Country over 20 years and we are friends (one of my few black friends). But I gotta say that there are many things about his life that piss me off. I don’t focus on those things and try to alter his perception slowly and wisely. Most times it has helped him in one way or another (for instance, I first brought up the jew to him about 6-7 years ago, now he understands their role in the control of America).

However, after he and his girlfriend began asking me what I thought about the election, it became clear that he has fallen for the Clinton rhetoric about Trump. I felt like they needed to know the truth about both of them, so I started to let loose. I explained about the Kabuki and related this election to all the others. It wasn’t long before they nodded in agreement, but could not get the “racist” meme out of their minds. I tried to explain that Clinton’s rhetoric about race is not real (she doesn’t give a damn about black people, or any people for that matter). I tried to explain that Trump is being used as a salve for white people’s outrage at the Establishment politics and that most white people, too, were being bamboozled. It is the classic divide strategy with a goal of giving white people some sense that someone (anyone) was thinking about them.

They kept countering that it was time for a woman to be POTUS since we just had a black man (of course, I mentioned that Obama is supposedly half white, but no one seems to credit any of his success to that half). I then asked them how that has turned out for the world? The look was like deer in a headlight. I asked them if they thought the world was any better after 8 years of him. The reply was that it wasn’t his fault. So, I asked, do you think it really matters who they select for us as POTUS? I asked if they really believed that these two assholes are the best that America has to offer?

He tried to pin me down.

Are you going to vote? Nope, what’s the point?

If they held a gun to your head, who would you vote for? Shoot me.

Seriously, if forced, who would you vote for? I wouldn’t.

They just can’t grasp why I would not vote for Clinton, deciding that I am a Trump fan. But then, I would not vote for Trump. (They are stuck in the duopoly and refuse to climb out).

But we don’t need that racist as President. We have to vote her in.

If you vote her in, you vote in more war and more Mexicans (one of their sore spots), less freedoms (taking guns), etc. There is nothing redeeming about her platform, unless you love tranny’s (another sore point).

But he is a racist, he said.

I said he may be, but that is the least issue about him.

Then the money shot: He is going to cut my check, Hillary won’t.


He doesn’t grasp the meaning of such a sentence, talking to a guy who is worse off than he when it comes to physically and I still work and have never received one penny of assistance for disability, etc. He knows how hard I work. The miles I drive. The hours spent. He knows that my wife is seriously disabled and that I take care of her and my daughter. That this has been my life since the late 90’s and it will grow worse due to her condition.

It goes right over his head and frankly pisses me off.

He lives in a 3 bedroom 2 bath house (1960’s model, but nice). He pays $90 month (the rest subsidized). They get food assistance (and eat better than we do). He gets a check, too (although I don’t know how much). But he has toys and phones and goes to the casino and …..

His ole lady has never worked since I met her about 10 years ago.

I didn’t say it, but it is obvious the oppression he and his family are under by white supremacists like me.

Sorry for the rant. I need new friends.


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9 thoughts on “If They Put A Gun To Your Head And Made You Vote…

  1. Please tell them to watch Hillary’s America. The guy that nailed it the first time on Obama D’nease D’Souza forgive me for my spelling really hit the nail on the head. This will also explain the big swap the Dems did on the Blacks back in the 60’s. Please watch this it is an eye opener. Hope all is well my friend. Barry Watts

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  2. Hey B’man…

    You are experiencing what I have my whole shit poor life without assistance from anyone. Work 3 jobs at a time to get by without kids. My final fed-up was when learning about the entitled buying lottery tickets…with my hard earned money, barely able to eat. I changed my life to the point where I now never pay taxes to support the corruption. I still get vexed when at the grocery trying to wind my way around VERY LARGE entitled’s trains of heaped up groceries when I can still see through the bottom of the cart…for a weeks worth! And yes their toys too are provided. Who do you think BLM are? But in all truth…when the economy falls…those people will be the LOUDEST, the GREEDIEST, and the biggest proportion of thieves that will take to the streets. And did you know that the welfare racket is a huge prostitution ring with the pimps raking in the money. Many of the bastards born by ‘who knows’ are from prostitution welfare rackets…not to mention the ignorance that prevails (all willfully) to the MSM’s PC cheers. Yes Dems are the creators and masters of it. And Jews like Soros and Co. use them to bring forth their evil plans of chaos. And “Yes to like minded friends”.

    I’m sorry to learn about your wife and I am happy to meet a man that keeps his promises. That’s called noble. I hope she gets better. Thank you and take care.


  3. Free-choice for everyone. That’s how you should have pinned him down. If he, in his everyday life, and you, in you in yours, don’t get to force people to give you free stuff, why should he or you or anyone else, be able to do it when the biggest mafia of all, the “government” is doing the forcing indirectly? Using private property rights, Racists get the free choice to ostracize and not deal with races they consider inferior and non-racists get to hang out with whoever they want and ostracize the racists if they want in return. But nobody gets to force anybody to do anything unless a crime is committed. Being a “racist” or “fatist” or ‘agist’ or ‘misogyist’ or “sexist” or “misandrist” or “homophobe” or “transphobe” or any other ridiculous label you can pull out is not a crime, merely a vice, depending on your point of view. But vices are not crimes, never were and never will be, regardless of all the laws that have made some people’s (mostly white people’s) free-choice a crime. Only by corrupting people at the root level of ideas, by turning vices into crimes, can parasites get the collective wedge in to violate all people in their individual capacity for this or that group, forcing everyone to join this or that pressure group for “protection,” which then corrupts the entire system through divide and conquer. In a free system, you can proselytize all the “virtues of collectivism” you want, but it must be voluntary collectives, not forces ones. You can preach all the morality you want, but it must be a morality people voluntarily obey, not through force.

    Get him to agree that he’s a fair man who’s for FREE-CHOICE for everybody, including white boys like you (lol) and THEN get him to keep his word and logically progress step-by-step forward all the way, pointing out any contradictions. Explain to him why collective punishment is wrong and two wrongs don’t make a right (the example of slavery and civil rights is perfect; one wrong was supposedly remedied by another wrong no different at root principle in its violation of individual rights). Also remind him that might-makes-right-only-if-rights-make-more-might and all the most important discoveries and technologies in the world that benefit everyone, including parasites, unfortunately, come from the brains of a minority of, at most, a few thousand people, mainly scientists, inventors and artists in the entire world. Parasites con these real creators to give all their discoveries and hence, massive new power, over to them, which, they then use against the creators and everyone else.

    If he realizes you are right, maybe you can give him some Lysander Spooner to read and don’t forget to tell him that Spooner was an abolitionist.


    It’s not about either being neurotically individualist or neurotically collectivist; it’s about restoring the balance between the two tendencies, through T-ROOT IDEAS which then give everyone healthy branches of be-leaf. If force has been initiated beforehand, this is a crime and it will be remedied. However, if people have freely chosen to be degenerates, then they can’t claim any victim-hood and the responsibility for their miserable lives LIES WITH THEM, not with anyone else or “everyone” else through the win-lose-dialectic extortion racket of democratic governments.

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    • Poignant, critical information, as always, Neg. Thank you.

      This guy is not much of a reader. However, neither does he have cable TV, etc. He does not get into politics, except via the bullshit he hears and sees locally.

      He is entitled like the rest. Maybe moreso, and it rubs me the wrong way.

      I never criticize the guy, but I do often discuss how hard I work, etc. Long days, mental stress, blah, blah, blah.

      Last time, he replied, just be thankful you have a job.


      Yep. It pissed me off.


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