He Hook(nosed) You

I drove 432 miles yesterday in 3 states. I counted one Hillary sign and so many Trump signs I quit counting.

Looks like white southerners are in the bag for Trump (as if this wasn’t the plan all along).

Friends are still insisting that we MUST vote for Trump, just to make sure Clinton doesn’t win. However, when I question them about Trump’s past, his acting antics, his narcissism, and his stupidity when it comes to gaffs and blunders, I still hear, “but we can’t let Hillary win”.

No one I know (in real life) seems to understand who made Trump… who bailed Trump out… who controls his candidacy… etc. It’s as if they BELIEVE he is what he says he is and that he is Savior-like.  He is The One who will fix all of this.

It is my contention that Trump will win this. sElection gaming and voter fraud are unnecessary, except for the Kabuki. He is the Trump Horse that will fake a few actions that were campaign promises, but when it comes down to it, he will simply continue the jew control.

Its really all the same.

(BTW: the Kabuki includes all the WWIII rhetoric and Putin worship)

Hillary is a non-starter, but that doesn’t mean I am foolish enough to fall for the foil.

Hell fire, I’d rather vote for Jill Stein (a jewwess) than either of these assholes. But I will never vote for a jew either. Because, really, if I were to just listen to the rhetoric (and believe it), she would be the better candidate than either of the two in the sElection.

Now, let me have it from the “never a jew” crowd who are still going to support a guy that has jews associated with his life in every facet.

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5 thoughts on “He Hook(nosed) You

  1. Here in the blue state of Minnesota it is the complete opposite. Hillary everywhere and Trump only on nice cars and in nice neighborhoods. (sorry I’m not profiling it is what it is) People from both camps keep telling me if I don’t vote I am casting a vote for whomever they happen to be against. My prepper mailman said 2 years ago that he believed it would be Hillary and that it had already been decided. It is not who casts the votes it is who counts them and how. It is all a sham to create an illusion that we have a choice. It is a dog and pony show. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic. I was a pro life republican delegate in another life and used to get so whipped up over all of this until I woke up to the travesty of it all. Trump is controlled opposition and Hillary is controlled. Either way we lose. Keep up the good work Bman you’re my hero!


  2. I can at least understand why people allow themselves to be duped by Trump. I might have voted for him when I was 18. Most white people just can’t bring themselves to part with civic nationalism and the long-discredited experiment in porno-capitalistic diversity called “The United States”. Trump has convinced a worried nation that it can solve its demographic dilemma while also loving “America”, supporting Israel, and not being “racist”. It’s a cruel thing to say, but a lot of these Jew-cult people are just going to have to get old and die off before a majority of whites (who by that time, of course, will be a minority of the general population) will get realistic enough to understand who their enemies are. What I can’t understand at all is why any white person would support Hillary Clinton. I actually have a liberal friend who sent me a link to some anti-Trump comedy video, the gist of which was, “look at all of these dumb hick Trump supporters!” He’s so much more sophisticated that those people, obviously, because HIS candidate NEVER grabbed anybody’s pussy … at least as far as he knows.


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