Questions we need to ask


we need

to ask

Our leaders are criminals

and their lapdog media

cover up their crimes

By John Kaminski


Ask yourself. Where did you acquire the information you use to make your decisions about what you see in the world, in your own life?

Certainly from your parents, and your schools, and the media of the time you grew up in.

Now, here’s the question you have never asked, but will ask right now.

What was the motivation of the people who produced the information that shaped your mind and made you into the person you are today?

• • •

The depression is caused by knowing that our leaders are lying to us in just about everything they do.

We know now that our government creates the terror to justify its existence.

It’s a difficult task to authenticate an artificial reality. Why does everything seem so phony? Because it is.

I would have liked to moderate these so-called presidential debates. I felt no genuine questions regarding the health of our country and the world were ever asked.

The 2016 presidential debates focused on the superficial trivialities of media-driven events. The constant needling about the candidates’ character made for gripping daytime TV, but it overshadowed more critical issues that need to be discussed, namely:

• Why the insane push to provoke World War 3 with Russia? It is really about population control, or just a psychological disease that people with unlimited power seem to contract when republics morph into empires?

• Fabricating enemies like al-Qaeda and ISIS to maintain their fictional justification for constant war. Be certain about this. We American taxpayers are paying for the U.S. government to hire the most gruesome and amoral criminals to slaughter innocent people in Syria because it wants to run a pipeline through Syria that the Syrians don’t really want.

• Whatever happened to the Fukushima scare? The bizarre ice wall the Japanese were using is melting, and failing. <>. The entire issue has been pretty much forgotten among all the other crises entangling the world. Is it a real crisis that will sicken the entire northern hemisphere? Or is the real nuclear issue all the nuke plants in the U.S. that are leaking? <>

• Food producers putting glyphosate on organic vegetables, continuing to poison the population. <>

• Methane seeps off the East Coast in the Atlantic Ocean remind us that there are those who believe the planet will go up in flames if the methane locked beneath the oceans bursts into the atmosphere as the planet continues to warm <>.

• The deliberate pauperization of the country and the world by Jewish bankers intent on controlling everything and killing those who refuse to obey their Jewish jailers.

• The Jewish blackmail of all elected officials, utterly pervasive at all levels of government.

Living on the constant edge of war has made us broke as a country, and bankrupted and untrusted by the whole world because of the advice Jewish bankers give to American politicians as they stuff trillions in their pockets.

America’s politicians have been bribed into a kind of enforced senility and they only snap to attention when Israel’s well-being is at issue, because the quality of their loyalty to Israel determines the amount of financial support they will receive from Jewish bankers who determine who our leaders will be.

This is our new psychopathological plantation on which we are trying to survive.

No regard for the what the American people wish.

It only tells you about the degeneration of society and the normalization of perversion.

And for all this, The New York Times pronounces Obama’s presidency a rousing success. It was a rousing success, but only for the Jews, who have assumed control of every aspect of our existence.

Path to truth

9/11 truth would bring down the whole government.

The real questions were not asked. The issues most relevant to the American people — and the people of the world — were covered up, ignored, deemed not important to determining which one of these airbrushed demagogues gets to run The Great Satan machine for at least the next four years.

Both candidates continue to cover up the story of our enslavement. Because they are protecting the criminally insane behavior of the Jews, who rewards candidates they like with unlimited amounts of money.

Both Trump and Clinton are products of the system that makes money off of the movement of money, a practice that rules all countries and destroys them as well. Humane society of the future will ban all occupations that make money off money, and it will execute those who flout this law, just like China and Iran do now.

We are all trapped in a story akin to Chinese finger torture in which the more we struggle to escape the tighter we enmesh ourselves in the trap.

There are things we should all want to ask the candidates were we to have the chance. Here is a list of some of the more pressing issues that should have been discussed during the debates.

1. Why hasn’t the copious and professional documentation proving that the highest levels of the U.S. government in concert with the world’s most powerful bankers and their numerous intelligence services planned, engineered and continue to cover up the world changing events of 9/11/2001 been adequately addressed by the government, the media and the public at large?

2. Why can’t our government tell the truth about all the countries the U.S. robs with its military might? It can’t tell the truth without admitting it is committing crimes against everyone in the world, including its own citizens? What part of the 3,000 people killed in New York City — or the millions of needless deaths in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and so many other countries America has castrated in service to Israel — don’t you understand?

3. Why does our government eagerly approve the sale of toxic foods and drugs that don’t work? What kind of weird, ritualistic philosophy urges people to kill their own countrymen, just like they did on 9/11.

4. From there we could go on and ask all the candidates to explain, as Cynthia McKinney once did, how much money they receive from Jews, and what happens if they don’t play ball.

Most humans have lived their lives dishonestly. They have accepted what their teachers have told them and twisted themselves into the shapes that society has deemed necessary and valuable, instead of carving out their own unique paths and creating new purposefully productive vistas for their families and their species.

Instead of applying their talents to the genuine human needs that stare us in the face all over the world, they dedicate their lives to some holy image in their imaginations, and wind up killing other people whose holy images don’t conform to the rules for salvation dictated by the priests who set up the original scam.

We are the only species that aspires to be something it can never be, an eternal benefactor to everything that lives. So it was a good idea that this character, this Almighty God, was invented, because it gave us something to shoot for, somebody to try to be as good as.

It also puts something beyond our own needs in our reckoning, and becomes a valuable friend for those who have none. Those people who abuse this reality for their own profitable purposes will always dominate this profession.

If Donald Trump is insincere about what he is saying it would make him the greatest traitor in American history, ranked above (actually, below) even George H. W. Bush, Woodrow Wilson, and Lyndon Johnson.

If he is sincere, should he win, hope for the world is renewed. Whether that’s realistic or not is another matter. The recent debates certainly avoided talking about all the life and death questions that people and governments eagerly ignore.

But have you noticed? All the presidents are employees of the international money lenders, better known as the big Jews. They are the ones who select the candidates to begin with.

The media Jews encourage us to be violent. Violence sells newspapers. And when you’re violent, you can’t properly analyze the dilemma.

When you’re in pursuit of compulsions — be they sexual, psychedelic or financial — you don’t have the focus to pursue the idea that your life — all of your life, from start to finish — has been scripted for you by men who figured out how to enslave the world.

If you follow them, there’s no way in hell you can ever actually know what you’re doing, because you are constantly fulfilling the manipulative wishes of someone else.

By simply controlling money, by creating it out of nothing and then charging you for it, they control every interaction in the world and every person in it.

Nothing gets fixed as long as control of the money remains in private hands. If it does, the wars will never stop.

We can easily get bogged down and depressed by our inability to derail the criminal forces that are ruining the lives of everyone in the world, but a step in the right direction to eventually retake control of our currency is to support PBI, the Public Banking Institute, which states:

Our current private banking system has presided over the greatest concentration of wealth in human history, while the vast majority of America and the world has endured stagnant wages, declining wealth, and recurring recessions. In contrast, public banks empower small businesses, students, homeowners, city and state governments, and community banks to prosper and thrive by banking for the common good over the long term, and making low-cost credit available where it is needed in the real economy.

PBI is at the forefront of the public banking movement in the 21st century, pioneering something truly revolutionary: a banking and monetary system that supports sustainable prosperity for all of us.

whether it actually works or not is up to the people who believe in it to make it work.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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2 thoughts on “Questions we need to ask

  1. The number one question the American patriots are consistently failing to ask is why are they being so consistently treasonous to their own best interests as to neglect setting up a political party of their own – like America First Party – and, instead, keep giving their votes to the parties/politicians known to be owned and controlled by their worst enemies? By any definition, this is suicidal conduct.


  2. Hosea 1:11….is not about “Jewish” economic terrorists…
    or proselytes to Talmudic Judaism from the land of Gog & Magog

    eventually the language must be made pure…Zephaniah 3:9 !
    here’s an example of how the braindeadgoy LIE to themselves
    using words incorrectly with horrible {NASTY} results…

    “We know now that ‘our government’ creates the terror to justify its existence.”

    “our Government”….who is we…?

    you can count on the “White People” {Israelites} do the right thing
    right after they have tried everything else

    “Jews” {Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism}…are not Israel.

    “We are all trapped in a story akin to Chinese finger torture in which
    the more “we” …..{WHO IS WE?}…
    struggle to escape the tighter we enmesh ourselves in the trap…DUH!

    leave the trap….KNOW THE TRUTH !


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