Drumpfter Day

Today is Trump’s day and by extension it will be known as Drumpfter Day.

Hillary loses by a landslide and all the jew control worshippers within the Alt Right will rejoice and tell people like me I was wrong (when in fact, I was right saying Trump would win).

Most people are so caught up in the false paradigm of liars that they still believe that by calling out the mendacity of their favorite object of worship, that I automatically (like them and their brainwashed election fatigue) will vote for the “opposition” that was given us. I wouldn’t vote for either of these scumbags.

The Theater has been excellent to watch. I’ve seen John Friend turn into a Bushie over night. I’ve watched as Jim Fetzer gave us all his political wisdom (much like the wisdom he bestowed upon us when he was voting for Obama… massive intellect and discernment there, right?). I even looked in at Incogman’s site, thinking that if there were any site in blogland that would refrain from pushing a jew ass kissing sycophant like Trump, it would be Incogman… known for his antisemitic/racial views. Hell no. Incogman is fully on board. Bring on the jews, no matter how many hundreds of graphics and posts he puts up against the jew. Forget all that. Get on board and vote for the jew again.

PS: The jewish pretend catholic priest troll, Salvatore, who has some sort of fetish towards me (its obvious he is gay and likely trans with a little nigger mixed in for color) frequents Incogman’s site. That figures.

Who would have thought it would be me holding the mantle for taking away jew power? Who would have thunk that I would be more anti-jew power than most anyone else out here?

If I had any sense, I WOULD have pushed voting for Hillary. Why? Because at least then people might have fought it with vigor, instead of kowtowing to Trump’s jews. Now, I will have to wait another few years to watch you get all outraged again and start calling for everyone to vote for the next Savior Democrat that counters Trump’s lies.

Operation Un-Cuck The Alt-Right

You bunch of idiots. I guess I will have to wait a few years to do all this “I told ya so” shit again. Like every other election cycle (which I have called correctly every time).

One of the best articles out there about Trump the jew ass kisser is from Aangirfan’s site.

Trump- Zionist Plot

I will never vote for a Republican or Democrat again. I will not submit to their mental directives like you lemmings out there.

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8 thoughts on “Drumpfter Day

  1. I do won’t vote. I have said repeatedly that who ever gets in office. Nothing changes. After the so called ‘revolution against England’ the bastard cartel ” founding fathers” voted to pay reparations to England and taxed the Colonies so severely that a bankrupt Philadelphia rioted. Good old George Washington sent federal troops to shoot the rebels.

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  2. Excellent, B’Man. My thoughts exactly. I’ve had several spats with other bloggers who worship Thumper, including Paladin Justice. I even wonder if the Thump (assassination haha) distruption was staged to bring in more votes.

    At any rate, the stinking jews will place in office who best obeys them and their agenda. God help us all.


  3. So, I’m in, B’Man, along with your two commenters, so that makes a total of four who aren’t buying into the Jewish pickled rhetoric of either political party.


  4. Conviction…

    a fixed or firm belief:
    No clever argument, no persuasive fact or theory could make a dent in his conviction in the rightness of his position.
    the act of convicting someone, as in a court of law; a declaration that a person is guilty of an offense.
    the state of being convicted.
    the act of convincing a person by argument or evidence.
    the state of being convinced.

    At least you are not a hypocrite B’man…


  5. Hi Bman 🙂

    “You bunch of idiots. I guess I will have to wait a few years to do all this “I told ya so” shit again. Like every other election cycle (which I have called correctly every time)”

    Being from Canada I really didn’t pay attention to the election. Intentionally.
    I did see your exchanges with GC , though.
    And until last night it seemed to me it was going to be Hillary. I was mistaken, clearly. Canadian media fawned over her.

    You stuck to your guns and that’s the best you can and should do. There’s not much satisfaction in being correct when most are oblivious.
    Good Call


    • Penny,

      For some reason your comment went to spam. Sorry.

      I know I come off hard about this subject, but I swear I have been right on this stuff for a decade, at least. People can go back through this blog and see where I called out Bush, Obama and all of them. But even early on I still pushed for theoutside choices within an R or D platform (Kucinich comes to mind). When he and Ro Paul showed their true colors, it made my position concrete: no one from an R or D party can be trusted, so I will never, ever vote for either again. If everyone took up this mantle, things would chnage. But no. Listen to the liars lie and believe them.

      Its like insanity, doing the same stupid thing over and over and over. People never seem to learn when it is so blatantly obvious.

      I hope that Trump does at least some of the shit he says, and I will eat my hat.

      I can say this, we will know if he is real if he prosecutes Hillary (I wager a dollar to a donut he will NEVER do it). He will start his administration with a lie.

      Thank you for this comment!

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