I Told You He Was A Shoo In

All you “anyone but Hillary” people (you know, the ones that totally disregarded that Trump is just as controlled by jews as she is), I told you that Trump would win and BIG. That was never the question.

I am telling you that they manipulated you into doing exactly what you did.

They did it with Obama. They did it with Bush…. Clinton… Bush…. Reagan… etc.

You have simply done what these assholes wanted you to do. I hope you are proud of yourself for being manipulated so easily.

Did you not pick up on all the negative propaganda even loyal Dems were putting out there? Did you not hear all the negative news about her on MSM (I know you all kept saying they were dogging Trump, the whole time not a whisper about how Clinton was taking the brunt of it from the very ones you said was propping her up). Did you not see the hordes of supporters for Trump and hardly no one for Clinton.

Stupid people. She was basically a non-strarter from the beginning. She was but a hollow suited actress in the Kabuki that fooled you. Fooled you? Yes. Fooled you into thinking him some savior when there is very little difference between them as far as who controls them (just two sides of the jew control structure). But you all think he is not even influenced by jews. That he is his own man.

So, in what? 6 months? 1 year, I will write a piece about how stupid you all were. And you will hem and haw and make excuses and lie. Fetzer will defend his position until it becomes so obvious, then he will make idiotic excuses. All the Alt Right will hob Trump’s knob, so they are beyond any sensible thinking or discernment.

Then after 3 more years, you will begin telling me and everyone else they need to vote for the least evil Democrat because Trump lied to you.


Rinse and repeat until you die.

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27 thoughts on “I Told You He Was A Shoo In

    • Please come back and tell us how happy you are in about a year (not that I disagree with you about Hillary). What I am saying is that Trump was the sElection from the git-go. You never had to worry about Clinton (which is why I didn’t spend an inordinate amount of time telling everyone how terrible she is… everyone knows that).


  1. I want to see how soon this buffoon goes to Israel to kiss their Whining Wall in his little jew beanie to show his puking loyalty. The only saving grace here is there will be no war with Russia this time around. I hope.

    And to those fools who voted him as a strike against Killary, the lesser of 2 evils is still evil.

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  2. I agree with you 100% B-Man. They are both part of the same Yid controlled system. However within that system there are different factions, splits, and disputations, just like in any criminal gang or syndicate. He if stands by his word, Trump wants peace and a de-escalation of tensions with Russia, and I believe with China as well. The Hildebeast wanted to throw her filthy weight around with those two countries and get militarily aggressive with them, very dangerous and suicidal considering they are both global, nuclear superpowers and can pulverize the U.S. into nuclear ash. Vladimir Putin has said that if Clinton wins the White House, World War Three is imminent. It remains to be seen if Trump will keep his word on that but if he does, we can all be thankful that he won and not that satanic, lesbian, psychotic, hag. Which leads me to my 2nd reason for preferring Trump and being glad he won. He may be bad and a Jew tool (that is a prerequisite for advancement in big league American politics) but she is a reprehensible, disgusting, slimebag, hunk of criminal excrement wrapped in human skin. Personally far more detestable than Trump, and she wanted this so very badly. F_ck her and her equally scumbag “husband”.

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    • Thanks for commenting.

      He if stands by his word

      Although spelled with a small “i”, that sure is a BIG “IF”.

      I would caution any belief about Russia and Putin.

      It appears to me that in every way and fashion, Clinton was made to look horrible (and she is a despicable person, unworthy and unqualified for POTUS) by even the MSM.

      I say that Clinton is in bed with Russia as well. Why? It was because she was instrumental in the Uranium sell to Russia.

      I don’t believe, for a second, that any war with Russia is imminent. Its part of the Kabuki.

      I do not believe for a second that Putin is any person we should trust, any more than we can trust Trump (or Clinton). He protects the jew at every possible chance.

      You might want to hear this fabulous interview that Kyle Hunt did with Christopher Jon Bjerknes.



      • Very astute comment B-man. However, we live in a world of shades of grey, not black and white. Things are relative, on all spheres of being. In a relative, comparative sense, Vladimir Putin is a Titan when put up against the degenerate trash that rules the U.S. and the West. Concomitantly, Donald Trump for all of his misgivings is an avatar compared to the Clinton scum, swine and those of their ilk.


                • Don’t cover it up or explain it away or protect them. Say it for what it is.

                  As Sabrosky (a jew) said if Americans ever found out Israel was behind 911, it would be wiped off the map.

                  Similarly, if America ever understood the depths of their control in their lives and what it has wrought, that power would be diminished fast. Sorta wiped off the map.


                • Americans already KNOW Israel was behind 9/11… Most Americans give the Jew their power, by secretly wishing to be a part of their super secret club. The belly of the beast is fed by those who worship it. You really think you can wake up morality in people by telling them the Jew is behind the porn industry? On the contrary, they will thank the Jew amd offer up their daughters to him.


                • That’s exactly right. How DO we fix it? How do we dislodge the jews from our midst? Not only in the US but all over the world? They will not go easily. Does blood need to be shed?

                  I’ve been asked this many times, I really have no answer and that is the problem.


  3. Yeah, isn’t it brilliant?…
    You want Trump – you can have one!
    There is democracy for you – lap it up!
    You don’t need America First Party!
    Just keep voting for two monopoly Parties –
    and perpetuate one-party state!

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