Post Drumpfter Day

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One of my focuses on this blog has been medical marijuana and cannabis decriminalization. You notice that I hardly mentioned it in regards to this sElection. I don’t really know Clinton’s position, but it was not as strong as Bernie’s (and frankly, I knew she would never be POTUS). Trump says it is a state’s rights issue (which is cool by me). But face it, if I had been a one issue voter, say, like John Friend, who kept repeating that immigration is the single most pressing issue, then I would have soundly supported Bernie Sanders.

There are Drumpfters out there who don’t care about cannabis or are outright against it (like John Friend, btw). So, when their Don assigns someone like Rudy Gulliani as AG, they may find solace knowing that Rudy will fight that scurrilous weed until they die.

Forget those that suffer. Forget that people end up in prison, losing social status, work, losing any ability to succeed because of a bogus war on drugs. Lives ruined over a plant, when even the most braindead pot head would do nothing to harm a soul. They may not be productive, but does that mean they should sit in prison?

Most people now know of its medical efficacy. Many people know of its relaxing and mind opening effects. But the stalwarts who pride themselves on never even trying it seem to think they hold some moral upper ground. They have no problem with its illegality and even want more stringent laws to fight this evil weed.

Trump is surrounding himself with the likes of Rudy and Newt and Chris Christie (well known for his anti-weed stance). If ya’ll think that this administration is going to lighten up on weed, please show me some sort of proof this will happen.

There were some successes in America during this sElection:

4 of 5 states passed legalization (which I do not fully support, but anything is better than what we currently have): California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada. Arizona did not. That is 8 states plus the district of Columbia  that have legalized weed to some degree.

4 more states voted in medical cannabis: Florida, Montana, North Dakota and Arkansas

The people are turning the tide. But I hold no hope from Trump to push the legalization/decrim agenda, as long as he is appointing known anti-weed advocates.

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One thought on “Post Drumpfter Day

  1. Beulahman…. I absolutely agree with your very powerful article here…

    My beef with “Renegade” started months back when Kyle and a few others tried to smack down Charles Giuliani and his truthful stance on the “flat earth” fools out there when Charles had a few shows on consecutively blasting these flat earth’s as the idiots and clowns they truly are… For the strangest reason, apparently Kyle is in league with the ridiculous “flat earth” crowd and went on air to try to argue with Charles directly… Charles hung up on him on his show, not knowing at the time that it was indeed Kyle making the call! And then to top it all off, Charles tried to make amends to Kyle and stopped even bringing up the subject of the laughable “flat earth” on his morning shows…. I for one being a man of science, astronomy, and physics was absolutely appalled! This showed to me that something was indeed not right with Renegade at all….

    Since that time, I have limited my calls to any of the shows on Renegade, and have been listening to some of them now with a more cynical approach… And when I saw the same thing this last week with the Kyle-Sinead attacks on Shawn, I could not believe what I too was seeing or listening to… It showed that something was and has always not been right with this “Renegade” network and its “hosts”….

    I have had my flags up for a while in regards to Sinead, and her antics are indeed troubling as you point out….

    You hit the nail on the head here, my friend… John Kaminski has also been right so many times about the shills and fools in this “truth movement” and he should be applauded for his ability to see them for who they are…

    Great post, and hopefully others will see what you and I see happening here…


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