Renegade Broadcasting (or is it Renegade Bullshitting)

Constant Drama

I saw a tweet about how much drama goes on at Renegade, but this is ridiculous. Apparently, the once show host and Renegade sound engineer, Shaun Surplus, wrote an article entitled, Feminism Invades Our White Western Women,  that somehow rubbed the folks at Renegade (primarily, the queen, Sinead) the wrong way, culminating in the separation. I recently started following Shaun’s site just before all of this started blowing up, so I witnessed the train wreck in action. Shaun has since posted some audios describing his point of view, suggesting that people at chatrooms were calling him a shill and an informant or something.

I dunno.

He could be for all I know. They all could be for all I know. I don’t know any of them personally. But I am able to recognize an emotionally driven, mentally disturbed woman (Sinead) controlling  that “network” and website and has the ability to make Kyle do anything that is detrimental to that “network” and website. Seems like Shaun’s “pussy bitch” is a correct label for Kyle (maybe Hyle Kunt is better).

No one bitched before this happened

Last I looked, Shaun still has links on the sidebar for Hellstorm, CircusMaximus, etc. Maybe Shaun doesn’t know how to remove those links.

All I know is that until this thing, I heard him praise Renegade over and over again. I heard him say outright that he loved Sinead after the little spat they had (I have no idea what it was over, but my hunch is that this was the catalyst that was simmering for a while). He insisted that it would blow over and did his best at damage control. I was disappointed that he shut down his show (my first ever comment on his blog), but was pleased he would continue as engineer, because it was obvious his work made it seamless and professional for such a low budget operation. (This is evident because the operation has seen many technical difficulties since he stopped). His dedication, work, and long hours surely proved his allegiance to the network. I mean, in spite of Kyle and Sinead’s recent poorly videoed rant trying desperately to dog him as much as possible, any discerning listener could simply go to the archives to see what a fucking liar Kyle is. All Kyle is doing is trying to coverup the damage his ole lady is doing and it is evident.

Until now, I have never heard a single negative comment about Shaun from other hosts or Renegade members. Only praise and requests for financial support. Until this they wanted people to donate to Shaun for what he did (deservedly).

How awful he must have been

I listened to Chris Dorsey’s latest show recently while driving (I seldom get to listen to any of their shows live) and this dude took Shaun to task. The show had several technical problems (callers dropping out and Chris having to move between computers… all of which would have been professionally handled by Shaun during the precious love fest when Shaun could do no wrong). Chris was trying to have the Dautrie (sp) guy read some chat dialogue between Shaun and others critical of Dorsey’s last show with Jim Condit. The entire setup failed, but the gist was out there.

(If Shaun said and did all the things that Chris, Kyle and Sinead said he did, then he needs his ass whipped figuratively for being such a “whiney bitch”, too.)

But something tells me from this lie fest that Shaun is not as “guilty” as those liars would have us believe.

Chris then baffled me when he went overboard insisting people should find out who Shaun is (is Chris’s goal to identify anyone and everyone who works anonymously?). Sounds to me a bit FBI’ish, doesn’t it? He should get off that shit. (And, Chris, please work on eliminating that damned incessant “uh”… it is the most distracting thing about your presentation that is otherwise interesting and informative. It shows that you constantly struggle with words.)

Attacking anonymity

This is another sore point with the Renegade group. Their insistence that people not be anonymous. They seem to think they have some sense of superiority for using their names (which I think is stupid in most circumstances). They tend to attack people for using a pseudonym (this raises red flags with me). If they cannot understand the rationale of someone like me, who has worked 40+ years of his life to achieve what little I have, to throw it all away for a group that would alienate and cut your head off as fast as they do would be the height of stupidity. Why in the hell would I assign myself to the level of poverty they claim and starve my family? Morons. Or are they the shills? I didn’t think so before now. But now I am rethinking many aspects of their operation. When you start hearing calls to out people, or worse, actually doing it, then you will be safe knowing what an informant site it is. Are you willing to bet your safety on these fucking liars?

Let me just say it straight. This is the one issue that kept me from donating to the Renegade site. This over insistence on knowing someone’s identity. Contrarily, as much as I disagree with John Friend over issues of late, I think he is straight up enough to not divulge my personal information. I know that DC Dave won’t give me up, no matter how much we argue or whatever. There are quite a few people that know me in real life but would never give me up. I can’t say this about Renegade, because frankly, they appear to be the kind of people that would do something like that. And from the calls I heard directly from Chris, he has no problems informing or giving people up. That tells me a lot.

If these others had any sense about them, they would look to older, white, fairly well-to-do elders as allies, instead of the tact I have seen. Especially when there is so much in common otherwise. If I felt I could trust them, I would give. But I don’t, so I won’t. And now since the real Queen has spoken and her little gay boy Kyle has lowered the boom on me, I hope that none of you give to that worthless rag and her wife, Kyle, a damned cent. Not one.

The Kaminski Kerfuffle

Frankly, this whole Shaun thing reminds me of the Kaminski kerfuffle (same type of article got him quickly ushered off Renegade’s list of writers). Even if an article has questionable/debatable  issues, shouldn’t there be some consensus especially when dealing with key players in a network? Am I to believe that Shaun/Kaminski were great until that one article? I’m sorry. But this sounds more like a personality conflict, which is detrimental to the overall stated goals of the network. I discussed this previously here. This didn’t stop Kyle and Sinead from making a damage control video, which indicates to me that they know there is a problem but are addressing it the wrong way. The right way would be to take that woman to task and have her tame her tongue or get rid of her ass. But Kyle has some pussy grabbing to do… too bad its between his own legs.

(It appears Shaun has the ability to address these things himself.)

Now, one of the biggest problems I had recently was that for a group that followed my lead about Trump (because as far as I can ascertain, I was the first to call him out as a jew sycophant and predicted his win in the summer of 2015, if the PTB didn’t assign Bernie over Clinton) was the strangeness of their not posting my recent video on Trump, especially after I sent it directly to Kyle (who said it was good).

But then I considered that I regularly post Kaminski’s stuff which makes my blog a “third rail” for Renegade, I suppose. No matter what transpired between Kaminski and Renegade, his writing is generally spot on. Losing him was not very bright, in my opinion. (I have featured his writing for a long time). He is pretty darn consistent, until the third rail is hit and then…

FYI: They didn’t post my Hillary for prison video, either.

Best I can tell, they have never posted anything of mine (and I have no telling how many videos I have done of Digger’s work). Maybe Digger posted one and I missed it (BTW: digger is my favorite author at Renegade, but there are other very good ones including Mike Walsh, the Seawulf guy, and others). There is talent there, but one screech from the banshee and they will be gone, too. It is a regular occurrence there that Kyle calls “drama” (I just call it a loud mouthed woman)

I hope all of this doesn’t sound like a bitch against Renegade because they didn’t post my videos… maybe they aren’t good enough for their site.  But if we are both preaching the exact same tune on this subject and there is the common strategy of parody to push the point (same as Goyim/Shiksa Goddess… although I’ve been doing this much longer), where’s the love? Maybe I am just biased, but I would suggest that my production value is as good as Shiksa/Goyim Goddess videos, so it can’t be quality.  (I even reached out to Sinead a long time ago asking to collaborate on a video because I liked her work. I figured that doing one together could be excellent). Did I mention that Sinead went to my Youtube channel and wrote that the video was “awesome”?


Wait?!?! Did she compliment me, but now they suggest my work is not good?

It must have been my Kaminski connection, which is now confounded by my Shaun connection (which was initiated by Renegade’s connection). WTF? “Drama” barely describes it. Childish, emotionally unstable, etc describe it better. And of this morning, Kyle pretty much confirmed it in a response to my comment you see down below (I won’t bother with another screen shot).

Renegade Problems

As long as I am going to point out problematic issues at Renegade, I also think that the incessant Christian bashing will harm the cause of protecting whites. It will alienate natural allies like the traditional southern white families (I am not defending Christianity, but moreso thinking strategy). If you want to know how I fit in with Christianity, read B’Man’s Sabbath Watch: Nihilistic Gnostic

(I might imagine that even that would be enough to make me unwelcome at Renegade)

No one at Renegade has to embrace Christianity, but they should be smart enough to not alienate crucial people, because if they think they can get anything accomplished against the jew without Christians, it will never work. It is counterproductive and any thinking person would know this and quickly change their approach. Certain alliances are key and a constant bashing of Christianity, as if it is some harmonious entity believing the same as a whole, is detrimental to the cause. But that is Giuliani’s entire reason for being, apparently. Kyle is as bad or worse at times (suggesting to me a very bad personal experience). The Axe of Perum seems intent on completely alienating them. To listen to the others at Renegade (or Robert Reyvolt, who’s show they feature and attend regularly) who might have some Christianity still left inside, you hear them squirm when Kyle does one of his anti-religion rants (then Kyle wants us to embrace some Odinists religion… without even understanding the idiocy of such a desire). Give up your fake religion for this real one, right, Kyle? Moron.

BTW: anyone that reads here knows I am very critical of religions. especially Christianity, most especially any zionist form. I am not defending Christianity… I am thinking obvious strategy to succeed at the goal of protecting the white race. I think that to succeed at that goal, we must work with sections of Christianity. Atheists and Odinists (whatever) cannot, on their own succeed (please offer any difference of opinion).

I made similar comments on a recent digger-for-truth post at Renegade and got all sorts of flak from commenters for wanting a level head to think strategy instead of alienating everyone that doesn’t think exactly the way they want them to think.

It is a purist site of pure stupidity on some subjects. It is no place for discussion or advancement of ideas. It is an echo chamber that is becoming more narrow day by day and is set to fail miserably because of it. I should have taken Kaminski and Friend’s lead and bailed on this piss poor endeavor long ago.

It is apparent that alienation (even of someone like me that is obviously like minded in many ways) is one of the tactics used at Renegade. They say they are thinkers, but they are just spouting to an echo chamber if they aren’t willing to discuss and investigate all the views that their like minded audience may share. It is one of the main reasons I listen to and enjoy Nick’s show. He isn’t afraid to discuss with people he knows are not like minded… to get a better understanding.

So surely you can understand why I find it weird as hell that I, someone as closely aligned in most areas, except for this emotionally driven pissing match, am ignored and ostracized.

No Expectations Of Success

I’m telling you that your endeavors will fail miserably, if you don’t try a different tact.

Eh. What does a dumb ole redneck know, anyway.

So, thanks, Sinead. As Shaun would say, you and your wife Kyle can simply kiss my ass.


A Synopsis

I was first excited about this Renegade website. There were a couple of long time writers they brought on that I had followed for years (featuring their work). So, I started visiting and reading, finally subscribing and commenting periodically. I started sharing some of their work here and commenting on Twitter, trying to reach out and become part of the family. Yet, even though Kyle obviously followed my lead on several issues, at least by posting that thought or information after I did, I would have thought that I would be a ideal candidate for membership and possibly more.

It was evident from the very beginning that they had no interest in me or my work or videos. But I still didn’t stop reading and listening.

It was Kyle and all the others who praised Shaun, asking for donations. If Shaun was so bad, where was your discernment, Kyle? Why keep lying to the audience to get their money if he was such a bad deal? Are you that stupid or just desperate or a liar? I vote liar.

No, Kyle. You let your husband fuck everything up and are too pussy whipped to be a man and fix it.

“Pussy Bitch” is perfect.

The barrel is tainted and no amount of bullshit will untaint it.

(I have removed all linkage to their site for being total Richard Noggins until I get an apology directly from Sinead and Kyle. I am not holding my breath and suspect that they will dwindle down to nothing because of Kyle’s ball-less ability to handle his woman’s irresistible compunction to fuck things up. I’m sure the next step will be all the hosts and writers making sure they obey Kyle’s directives and keep me at a distance. Hell, maybe I’ll get my own piss poor video from Kyle and his husband.)

To John Kaminski: Now I understand.

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52 thoughts on “Renegade Broadcasting (or is it Renegade Bullshitting)

    • Hey, cartier… I do agree that some of these people have their traits and their fallacies…. Not all are nuts though….

      I for one have indeed had my differences with Kaminski, but will continue to post his fine articles at my site from time to time due to the message that they present for everyone.. He is not perfect as nobody is, but his works are still fine pieces of literature..

      But what is happening now with Renegade is indeed very disturbing….

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hello NT, nice to “see” you again. My beef with John, if you read my article, is that he betrayed me by posting to Kyle and several others including my friend Digger, a private letter I wrote him supporting him during his fight with RT. This exploded in massive shrapnel that flew everywhere and the comments under my article are telling in their support of me.


        • I also had a problem with Michael Walsh, whom I worked with on a personal project, when I asked him for the source of his information on a remark he made about Hitler in an article he wrote on R. He refused and accused me of being a subversive and undermining his work.


        • For the record here, cartier, I’m not one of your biggest fans but I noted that imbroglio with utter disgust for all involved, meaning Kaminski, Darkmoon and just a little for Kyle Hunt for allowing Darkmoon to drag him down into her gutter.

          THIS SHIT HAS GOT TO STOP. Pro-white is an cavenigger Jerry Springer show and all who go public with what should remain private should get a hold of themselves.

          The main offender was Darkmoon, who recently asserted that any man could be turned into a pedophile. Kaminski and Kyle Hunt were just dragged along for the most part.

          We should have a slogan like 14/88 to put a stop to this scab picking. It’s literally like pro-whites flying the fucking israeli flag, that’s how self destructive it is.

          Liked by 2 people

          • I don’t know who you are and don’t care if you like my site or not, but I totally agree with you here. This infighting only distracts us from the real problem, White extermination. My language is rough because I prefer the slap to the kiss, mainly because we’re running out of time.

            I like your comments whether I agree or not because you speak with great clarity.

            Liked by 1 person

    • Found a link to this piece posted on Whoolis chat. I used to read, and post comments on VT, in the hope that the US military would wake up, and turn their weapons on the true crtiminals. I was blocked by Duff and Dean, because I disagreed with their push for war on Libya. Since then I have been blocked, or abused, on several sites, for varying reasons. On Renegade I was abused by the loud mouthed, foul mouthed Shaun, because I disagreed with his proclivity for violence, as a solution to Australias ethnic problems. Shaun was also extremely nasty with regard to Mamis, and Whoolis, both of which I liked. He has since appeared on the comments sections of both, and seems to have reconciled, but then Shaun is the sort of person who fawns over those who are useful to him, as long as they are useful to him, and he made a huge point of suiggesting that he was solely responsible for making Renegade what it is. I have never really known what to make of Sinead and Kyle, who have never been rude to me, and as far as I`m concerned, people are free to take, or leave websites, no need to be insulting..
      re. Lasha, who befriended Sinead, I believe there is a suggestion that she might be the daughter of a prominent jew. Her business if she is, Lasha was kind enough.
      BTW, wondered if someone could say thanks to Zapoper, and Whooli from me, I was able to buy zap a coffee a couple of times, but have been unable to comment on either site, as my avatar was not accepted by chatango..


      • Hi Ingrid,

        Shaun since became a total dick with me at his site. He is not worthy of another moment of my time. He had an opportunity to make friends but like with you, one little issue of disagreement and he becomes a total dickhead.

        I do not frequent Mami’s due to the idiot foon2e (however he spells it) banning my comments making jest of his idol’s obvious jewish connections.

        I did visit Whoolis for a while until I realized that Lindsey’s shtick is propaganda and is not only allowed but encouraged. If they have so little discernment to let him spam the chat section with bullshit, it is no place for me.


        • Bman, I think Lindsey has problems, what sort? Im not sure. I get a little annoyed at the way he litterally hogs the whole chat sometimes, and his waffling over his "loyalties",but, I think, on the whole, he cant help himself. I truly admire the way Whooli, and the others treat him, like an annoying younger brother, with humour, rather than unkindness. One poster in particular, Wulfsgang, nice man, is very kind with him, and has invited him to visit in the spring. Lindsey is like an excited child..
          Thanks for replying, glad I didn`t P you off regarding Shaun the total dickhead..


  1. Beulah I can’t even get through half of this. You were accusing Renegade of drama?! Uh, hello?!

    The fact is, Shaun Surplus was absolutely the one who began the drama with his blog becoming, for a week there, a constant update on his various butt hurt over Kyle informing Renegade followers that he no longer had radio equipment as Shaun had taken it with him.

    THAT WAS IT. Kyle Hunt had every right to let people know Renegade needed more technical equipment. Plenty of people who donated to Shaun are unhappy with how Shaun took ALL of the Renegade hardware, instead of trying to equitably conclude business with Renegade.

    Shaun’s response to this statement of business was to act like a pathetic vindictive little 13 year old girl for a week, hurling really base personal insults at Kyle and Sinead. This was after Kyle and Sinead remained silent on the why’s and how’s of Shaun’s defection from the station, allowing the Renegade flock to express appreciation and well wishes to Shaun.

    This drama was NOT instigated or engined in any way by Sinead. That’s not to say she hasn’t contributed to some of the dramas, or even started some in the past. This time, no dice.

    You reduce yourself to Shaun’s level with this ridiculous post. It’s men like him who are now the ‘drama queens’ who can’t disagree ideologically without becoming little gossipy children. It’s pathetic.

    You’ve always maintained a pretty cool, mature persona and I’m very disappointed with this post. I hope you reconsider it and regain your signature composure.


    • The drama reference was Kyle’s own words. He said that Renegade has drama all the time.

      I am not doing this to defend Shaun. I don’t know Shaun. But I can relate what happened to him and how it happened to other similar circumstances at the site. I can be critical of actions and mistakes. I can explain how I feel about how the place is managed and explain why I don’t give money. My post, to you, is drama queen-ish, when it is a warning to others of what I experienced. You take it anyway you want.

      BTW: You must have missed Shaun’s first post of “drama” which was simply bowing out in a sensible, cool way:

      I’m very sorry Ladies and Gents, but due to the last article I wrote, Sinead wasn’t too happy and after a long enough discussion with both her and Kyle, I have decided that I can no longer support Renegade. My time working with the crew was indeed some good time, but I feel my presence there from now on will only be negative, due to the given circumstances.

      I wish Renegade all the Good Will in the world and can only hope that it will bring the (((powers))) that be to their knees.

      I’m not a person to make personal attacks or stick around after parting ways, so I will just bid you all fair-well and good luck on your journeys.

      Take care.

      Shaun / Surplus.

      It was here that I made my “praise” comment (I assume this is the one Kunt is talking about):


      I don’t get it. I thought that piece was good… lifting white women up… pointing out those that have forgotten their own elders. Why would she be upset with that article?

      I assume that she would be upset with my comment to that piece, when I only support her and think highly of her.

      Too bad, Shaun. I really liked your work broadcasting and your behind-the-scenes engineering (which is outstanding).

      Post updates on yourself so we can keep up.

      I am not saying Sinead engineered anything. I am saying that she cannot help herself for some reason. She reacts and Kyle capitulates. It is a repeated behavior that will bring ruin to something that could have been cool. Covering up her foibles will not help things.


      • You’re ignoring that Shaun went on from there to totally engine this whole ridiculous spectacle. He devoted at least three blog posts to attacking Sinead and Kyle, all because Kyle had merely pointed out that Renegade was without its audio equipment.

        It’s not that I don’t agree with you that Sinead has some issues, it’s just that she really didn’t start the public drama on this one and how is it helping to try to blame it on her if she’s possibly trying to change? Shaun owns the fact that this became a bloodletting.

        Are you suggesting that Kyle rejects your stuff because Sinead doesn’t like your association with Kaminsky? I personally have zero insight into that.


        • I’m not ignoring it. Something happened that instigated Shaun’s retribution. If it was accusations of thievery, well Shaun should account for that (and I believe he did in one of those audios). I don’t know the agreement they had.

          I can only say that in my limited listening (20 or more shows) that Shaun was involved with in one way or another, I never heard him drunk or unprofessional. He saved many a show and stepped in live with his music (that Kyle denigrated).

          Here is the bottom line: Sinead is the issue. She is the common denominator with all of these blood lettings. Maybe someone internally needs to consider this before the whole shebang goes up in smoke (a self holocaust). And if you think I have the hots for her or envy her or whatever… jesus christ.

          I’m thru with the hinky operation.


          • Where did I suggest you had the hots for her?

            I’m sorry, but there is no excuse for Shaun’s public drama. Nothing happened to him, he just got pissed that Kyle stated the fact that Renegade no longer had its equipment. THAT’S IT. Sinead did nothing here.

            And had she, that would still have been their issue until someone decided to make it a public shitstorm, which is exactly what Shaun did. I have NO patience for this crap anymore and think that whoever takes shit public from here on out should be excommunicated from the movement. This is what the jews want. It helps NO ONE but them.

            The fact is Sinead didn’t make this some public spectacle. That’s all we need to know.


            • Where did I suggest you had the hots for her?

              It was meant facetiously.

              he just got pissed that Kyle stated the fact that Renegade no longer had its equipment. THAT’S IT.

              Well, you have apparently not listened to those audios, now have you?

              Sinead should learn to calm down and tame her tongue. This is repetitive behavior that I have seen at least three times. Each time chips away at readership/listenership.

              Thanks for your comments.

              Liked by 1 person

    • Tbh – the juvenile bellaching and name calling and CONSTANT negativity of Renegade drove me away right off…. I visited a couple times and also went to youtube to enjoy Sinead’s and Renegade vids, and couldn’t because of the [white] male bashing and other shrill commentary.

      I’m not a feminist at all – in fact, I support and defend the patriarchy because I know it’s the only for white people to become rehabilitated after decades of jewish feminism, 1st wave, 2nd wave, 3rd wave and now, 4th wave which seems to be WN/AltRight feminism. However – Feminism’s root IS jewish. So, it’s wrong for our people, even when someone like – or especially because someone like Sinead – who is respected and trusted – promotes it.

      In any event, Renegade/Sinead and their whole viewpoint put me off. From WN Feminism to the Flat Earth thing.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I was never able to listen to an entire show Sinead did. After I heard her talk about how she gets “triggered” left and right about virtually anything, I couldn’t listen. She’s very weak. But she did pretty good parodies, although with music I despise (like Lady Gaga, etc). At this point, I wouldn’t share any work of hers if my life depended on it.

        Kyle apparently gets triggered by the same shit that triggers Sinead… anything that is contrary to their point of view. But I think its all those feminine hormones raging through his system.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Sinead is a batshit crazy vegan she needs some B vitamins for brain health. And klye needs to eat some meat and become a man again. This is how most vegans act short fused and paranoid.

    Liked by 4 people

    • I used to think it was just “crazy at Rage Town”
      The “Shoahs” IMO were their lack of knowing when to press ENTER vs DELETE.

      But now that these supposed 14 words people – have started to gather poison tables for female youtubers to join them for attack fests of white Alt Right & WN women calling them – “cunts” “bitches” and stating violence against these women “I want to slap her face all day long!” Etc., Etc.

      There is no way to color it crazy any more. It is intentional, and I believe, it wants to Grow Violently.

      These are also the same people who have posted addresses of parents of various Alt Right WN site hosts online, and then linked and re-linked them. Think about that info in this season of violence by SJWs.
      Do these people want HARM done? You don’t post someone’s parents address up online – and then advertise it – without a purpose. Will Ragers be satisfied when someone kills another host’s or blogger’s parent?

      What is enough for someone who tells the world – online – that she was locked in institution for behavior modification, and then states quietly, “MK Ultra.” “We are All MK Ultra”.

      The ANSWER to the Question, “What Do They Want?!” may be more than people want to know.
      So let’s do a quick review of their behavior this last year ……

      Kyle states, online, that they use words as Spells via Broadcasting.

      The spells this year have been WORDS ATTACKING people in Alt Right and WN sites and blogs.
      Parents addresses have been posted online. (Kyle also stated Spells should be Written Words.)
      Now young guest females are invited to their table – and are encouraged to speak against, and attack WN and Alt Right Women, and MEN (“I was a SPY at the conference!”) using female energy to strengthen the power of the Original Spoken Words by the original male and female in their discourses and rage fests. Oh yeah, the pagan knows what she is doing, even if the naïve or ignorant girls do not.
      Their marked hatred of Christianity and opposition to freedom for others to believe, is not tolerated, and is actually ATTACKED – online. Linked Online. Over and over and over.
      At a time politicians screeched for WW3 with Russia, the dialogue of “purity, purity, purity” expressed that Russians weren’t really human, or white, they’re really “all Jews” ! Was this supposed to become a meme for
      “Yeah, Killin’ Russians a GOOD THING — BRING ON WW3! NO WHITE PEOPLE THERE!!!!!!!!”

      Stop & Think People. This is not A JOKE perpetrated by 1 “crazy” person.
      Consciously or not consciously – a Very Real – work is in play.

      I used to think K was saddled with it …. Or married to it…..
      But hearing him speak these last months, his personal anger and Rage at others has escalated as well.
      This has become a Team Effort.

      I first heard of K when he was Cosmic Gnostic. I enjoyed a number of his interviews.
      It is difficult to comprehend that Cosmic Gnostic and the Storming Angry Man of today – are one and the same.

      This is all a very ugly turn of events.
      Can you even imagine the harvest of ALL Of Their Own Words coming back at them?!

      I wouldn’t want to be in proximity, after all the WORD crap they’ve thrown out using their “Broadcasting Station” this year! Shawn is probably wise to get out – regardless of the root cause.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. B’Man, I think you’re definitely not alone — again — in your views about Renegade and its members. I’ve stayed away from Renegade well before the implosion of the Mami’s Shit website that used to sponsor Renegade’s podcasts.

    There’s a guy named Joseph Sigur, who uses his real name at his website, who has done his best to figure out what’s going on at Renegade. He’s also done some videos. Joseph Sigur is anti-Jew first and foremost and doesn’t cater to White Nationalism since he believes it’s a wrong-headed movement. But he’s come to similar conclusions as you — about Kyle and Sinead, in particular.

    I like your writing, your work, and your viewpoint. I do think your goal of supporting the White race as a whole is what is exactly what is important for the White race, not some race-members’ religious beliefs. Renegade lacks some real maturity of mind and heart that you already have.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Beulahman…. I absolutely agree with your very powerful article here…

    My beef with “Renegade” started months back when Kyle and a few others tried to smack down Charles Giuliani and his truthful stance on the “flat earth” fools out there when Charles had a few shows on consecutively blasting these flat earth’s as the idiots and clowns they truly are… For the strangest reason, apparently Kyle is in league with the ridiculous “flat earth” crowd and went on air to try to argue with Charles directly… Charles hung up on him on his show, not knowing at the time that it was indeed Kyle making the call! And then to top it all off, Charles tried to make amends to Kyle and stopped even bringing up the subject of the laughable “flat earth” on his morning shows…. I for one being a man of science, astronomy, and physics was absolutely appalled! This showed to me that something was indeed not right with Renegade at all….

    Since that time, I have limited my calls to any of the shows on Renegade, and have been listening to some of them now with a more cynical approach… And when I saw the same thing this last week with the Kyle-Sinead attacks on Shawn, I could not believe what I too was seeing or listening to… It showed that something was and has always not been right with this “Renegade” network and its “hosts”….

    I have had my flags up for a while in regards to Sinead, and her antics are indeed troubling as you point out….

    You hit the nail on the head here, my friend… John Kaminski has also been right so many times about the shills and fools in this “truth movement” and he should be applauded for his ability to see them for who they are…

    Great post, and hopefully others will see what you and I see happening here…

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I have spoken privately to Sinead and Kyle (I’m not really friends with either but do communicate with Kyle at times via email) and expressed my impatience with the Flat Earth stuff, which just serves as a distraction.

    I think both have given some thought to how they’re going to proceed, and that Sinead in particular seems to be reconsidering some of the hyper feistiness she’s become known for. This is just what I’ve observed.

    But Shaun Surplus going on for a week calling her and her husband all sorts of really outrageous epithets serves no purpose other than for Shaun to vent his personal spleen which should have been kept private, as Sinead and Kyle attempted to do.

    I’m just repeating my mantra here because I think it’s that important.

    We really don’t have time as a people for all this. Now that Trump is in office we might actually be in worse straits than we were and there are only a few pro-whites around who seem to countenance this. I do think Renegade misses out on a broader variety of contributors but they’re not without powers of self reflection and giving in to Shaun’s tactics won’t help them evolve!

    I won’t repeat myself again, I hope people can consider that if we don’t help each other along and try to present a semi united, professional front we’ll lose that center we need to engage to win.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sinaed is the biggest issue that is detrimental to renegade, but certainly not the only issue.

      At this point, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass what happens at that place simply because I see their tact (and tactics) are hardly what they claim they are.

      These people go out of their way to alienate people. Including me. And I’ve seen it over and over again (like with Dorsey saying that if you are not like him and his group you aren’t an American (or whatever it is he says). Dorsey is full of other mumbo jumbo, as well, and when cornered on it, puts on the same “we’ll surround the sherrif with our guns” horseshit. Some of his rhetoric will get people killed.

      I listed quite a few disturbing characteristics about Renegade above in my post that have nothing to do with Sinead the Banshee. All of them will keep me and my money away from that place. And I hope that everyone that reads this abstains from feeding them money, as well. If people want to fund them, then find your favorite radio host or author and give directly to them… they are the only decent thing Renegade has going for it, since the owner and her wife, Kyle are total pieces of shit.

      Liked by 1 person

    • “I won’t repeat myself again”

      Thanks, we appreciate that. We’re getting sick and tired of hearing it. And since basically all your doing is ‘excusing Kyle and Sinead for doing all the childish name calling while holding Shaun responsible for the same thing’, nothing you say here has any credibility as far as i’m concerned. You’ve wasted you time. I’ve seen many of the drama unfold. and Every time……. EVERY TIME…… Before Shaun left and After Shaun left, Sinead was in the middle of it. Every god damn time. Stop blaming the victim and protecting the victimizer!
      There was always only ONE problem at Renegade, and that’s Sinead. She’s crazy, she’s a liar, she’s a bitch, she’s psycho, she’s paranoid, she’s sick, she’s a troublemaker, she’s loud, She’s not well.

      Ban the only person at renegade that DESERVES to be banned, Sinead, and the drama may stop. She instigated every problem at Renegade, she’s creating division

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Hehehehe,Renegade without drama isnt Renegade!
    I have folowed drama queen Kyle since his first show on Oracle some 6 years ago,and have been there from the first day of Renegade network.

    The drama never ends with Kyle!
    He is a know all ego maniac and everyone that disagrees with him is a shill and a jew!

    The list of drama over there is very very long!!
    It started with Celtic Rebel who first was Kyles best friend!
    Then with Mamis Shit,Mike Sledge,Dave from Texas,Bill from might is right,Dana,Angelo Gage,PTD,John Friend,now Shaun and Kaminsky!
    It will never end over there!
    Thats why i stoped lisnening years ago!

    But hey,what do i know!
    Thats probably the way it functions on a flat earth full of pagan crisis actors!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Where have you been? Could have saved me time.


      I have learned of all this since this last drama started. Maybe Kyle is just as dramatic as Sinead… I think he was going on about estrogen levels with Shaun, but maybe its his that are elevated.

      For years, I have joined one outfit or another with hopes that networking could help spread the work and grow a consensus. It took me a long time to let my guard down even enough to start commenting at their sites. Friends and acquaintances started frequenting and submitting. I started listening to them as I realized Red Ice had jumped the shark of Alt Rightlandia (they are shift changers, as well). (I was never a member of RI)

      But I thought this new Renegade deal would be another of those outfits that could make a difference. At least we were talking about the same things and many of their views resonated with mine. They had some really good researching talent and attracted some great writers.

      But now another foolish, dramatic, goof has occurred and another hit the “network” takes.

      Instead of introspection, they will blame everyone else.

      And it grows weaker and more insignificant with every obfuscation.

      Kyle isn’t very bright, is he?

      Liked by 1 person

      • good analogy, you all, the fact is incessant fighting over dogmas occurs in all areas of the WN movement and I do have to wonder if it’s not intentional. The key is to take it all to the Jew and why>? You really can’t tell what is a Jew problem and what is a goy problem till you remove the Jew. I have tied all the white racialists together with what I call the White Race Religion
        I never could figure out why to fight the Jew you had to worship the white race. I think this was a herd occasion to make it happen. Simply look at Kyle five years ago. Was he race obsessed? Look at all of them Delaney? Worked with Eric Huffschmidt (not a racist bone in his body) and 1/2 black JAM , then goes WRR (White Race Religion)

        Anglin is now a Republican. Does anyone see the herding effect? It’s happening and the answer is going solidly anti-Jew. Leave the race crap behind.

        They are watering out false flag scrutiny (a form of Jewish lie that needs outing) and substituting race as a code word for Jew. Yes, we smart ones know when you complain about Muslims you are really complaining about Jews but do the dazed and confused know?

        In an email Celtic Rebel said Sinead is a psychopath and causes division wherever she goes. I believe Kyle is going along for the ride



        • Thank you, blindlight.

          I think there are two areas of thought. One is the idea that Gentiles must team together to fight the jew’s influence and control. Secondly, we are talking about white genocide.

          As long as other races are on board the white genocide train, I find it hard to ally. It is what should make whites work together.

          But there are platforms that have money as the goal. Watching Anglin turn is nothing new. He flips and flops and changes with the wind (much like Trump). The people that follow him blindly remind me of the people like Roy, who blindly follow Kyle and his group.

          BTW: I wonder if that is the same Roy who called in to Chris’s show when Chris was trying to get people to out Shaun. I wonder if Roy is ok with those people divulging information like that? If that is what they expect of their leade4rship? Wasn’t it Roy who denigrated all Aussies in that call and Chris even had to tone it down some?

          I read what the Celtic Rebel guy said about Sinead and actually defended her.

          Now, I have few doubts about her. And it looks like you are right… Kyle is riding it out for poontang… he isn’t real.

          Liked by 1 person

  7. Thank you for this. I said years ago and agree with all of what you have said. They drove me away from even trying to make a difference. Khunt is a joke Sinead ruins the movement for intelligent women. They made me look like a fool (because I exposed Breadncircus as a degenerate. read my blog. I’m not a liar) and I had few that would back me up. Power is in numbers but not in truth. Renegade has been a total platform of paid operatives that use people.

    So happy I just read this. Been away for quite some time. Maybe You, RJ and I can start something real that matters., Would love to talk to you…

    Liked by 1 person

    • First of all, thanks for still following my blog and all…. but do you recall when renegayd was first getting started they used all the Nazi and Hitler memes? Well it was mentioned to him by a cpl … namely myself and Wendytheredhead that he was portraying a view that wasn’t shared by the majority of folks in the usa. Most folks are indoctrinated by jewish “education” of how horrible Germany was. How absolutely “evil” Adolf Hitler was. How Adolf was to take over the world and we would all be speaking German and controlled by Nazi’s. Just what I recon folks think these days due to media….. Am I wrong?
      Well douche’ banned me immediately and ostracized my view as anti white. HAHA. I am actually wishing folks would wake the fuck up and not be duped by this (shill) . Kyle and CO. are absolutely shilling for the opposing “team”
      The fact that some morons are still willing to listen and believe this crew of sycophants amazes me. Free thinking and common sense is a rare commodity these days isn’t it B-man.
      I’ve been watching, keeping tabs and RARELY comment anymore because IABATT! It’s All Bullshit All The Time!!!!!!!!!!
      Obviously the funds are king for the renegayed crew… Thanks jews.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Thanks babe. And I do mean RJ. But he and I are newbies and oldies at the same time.(haven’t been around for awhile) Much respect to you B’man. Your positions are true and honest. Hope they believe you because few besides RJLivegood believed me. Funny… I didn’t really even know him at the the time.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Hey ya’ll. I figured you both were busy (I still follow the blogs but not much activity).

          I was not aware of your Hyle Kunt run-ins. But obviously I am not surprised.

          I first thought it was mainly Sinead, but now the entire picture becomes clearer… Kyle is as much of a nutcase as Sinead is.

          They have all blocked me on Twitter and I would assume at Renegade.

          They have a certain level of jew-like self-superiority that is not backed by evidence or reality.

          It is doomed to failure. You can’t ban everyone and still have something.

          Let’s talk about your idea.

          Liked by 1 person

      • Nice to see you, RJlivegood… I thought you had quit the fight, or had mega-run ins with Spingy and her cohort in the Sandy Hook lying club, that JEW Johnson?

        It does seem that everything that Kyle Hunt touches eventually turns into a disaster.. Now Renegade has been ruined as well…

        Again, I am worried about Charles Giuliani, especially how he buckled under when Hunt and Sinead demanded he stop his shows on the flat earth numbskulls and other idiots… That to me was blatant censorship and did damage to the idea that Renegade was for freedom of thought!


        • Charlie Giuliani is a gentleman who prefers to keep out of the infighting which takes place everywhere. wonder if Wendy would mind explaining how she and her fellow shills were able to shut down truthhertzradio..


          • I didn’t realize Wendy and Co had so much influence.

            Personally, I am not a fan of Giuliani. His constant gentlemanly attacks on Christianity are way over-the-top. Suspiciously so. But I admit, Renegade is a good place for him. Constant Christian bashing, atheism and/or Odin worship promotion and alienation of almost anyone and everyone except complete sycophants.


            • Wendy stated on Whooli`s blog that she and her fellow shills had been responsible for “disappearing” Guilianis truthhertzradio. Had hoped that she would reveal how it had been done..I have not been especially religeous since age 18. Charlie pulls apart the myth, in such a way as to leave no-one in doubt that the bible is yet another “tool of the jews”.. of which there are many..


              • If all Charlie did was tear apart the myth, I would have no problem with him. But this is not where he stops. Virtually every broadcast, no matter the subject, ends up bash Christians (and not simply bash the Bible).

                So Wendy was able to take down Charlie? I wonder if Charlie would agree?


  8. After reading your screed about Renegade, the jury is out on what this website is trying to accomplish. You are highly critical of the “emotionally driven pissing match”, but your hit piece is mostly ad hominem from start to finish. How can you feign indignation over “drama” at Renegade…AND then fan the flames with innuendo, vulgar language and character assassination? I’m not sure whether to consider you irony challenged or just a whiny hypocrite. If you want to present as being in favor of white unity and coalition building, you have a strange way of approaching it. Additionally, your childish website header is not humorous and is insulting to southern whites. One can see plenty of stereotyped slurs against southern whites in the jewish media…so what are you trying to accomplish here? Are your readers supposed to see that and take you seriously?
    In between all the vitriol, you do make a few good points. If Renegade is indeed making an issue of anonymity, that would be a regrettable position. Knowing the position that we all face, anonymity is an important tool to facilitate our ability to discuss issues that the (((government))) doesn’t like. The nails that stick up too far have a habit of getting hammered…the recent case of Victor Thorn comes to mind. But then you go on to name writers on Renegade such as Axe of Perun, Digger for Truth and Seawulf, which sound a lot like anonymous pseudonyms to me. So unless I’m missing something here, your criticism seems contrived.
    I support your opinion that it would be better to quit inflaming religious differences and unite all factions against our enemies. But your bashing (so-called) pagan beliefs and atheists doesn’t really accomplish that either. I would hope that Kyle, yourself and everyone else in the truth movement keep that in mind going forward. I believe mature adults can and will put aside their religious differences in order to fight against their own extinction—if not, the jew world order will be our future.
    I find agreement with your criticism of Renegade for their decision to drop Kaminski from their bevy of featured writers. I emailed Kyle that it was my opinion that Kaminski’s writings were powerful and it was ill-advised to cut him off because of an ideological disagreement with one essay. It would be preferable to see Renegade spend less time spinning their wheels attacking fellow whites…but that applies to almost every other “white” website, and now your site as well. Websites are private property, and the owner has the right to allow or disallow whatever comments or viewpoints they see fit. And if the website presents nothing of value to the readers, they are free to move on to other websites and content…or get off their ass and provide their own content.
    You have a website, you can post your videos on youtube, so I don’t find any value in your complaints that Renegade isn’t promoting your views. Your posting of Kaminski’s articles is a positive draw for your website, as John always places the blame squarely on the jew. Take a cue from Kaminski and focus your ire where it belongs. Renegade may not want to post your videos, but they aren’t trying to genocide you either. BTW, I listened to a few of Shaun’s TCTA shows, they were incoherent profanity laced ramblings with little or no contribution to understanding deeper issues….seems you may have a lot in common. If you find value in Shaun’s content, why not feature it on B’Man’s Revolt?


    • Hi Roy,

      Thank you for your comments.

      How can you feign indignation over “drama” at Renegade…AND then fan the flames with innuendo, vulgar language and character assassination?

      So, after that entire blog post (I call them rants as opposed to “screeds”), you think my biggest beef is about “drama”?

      (I’ll wait here as you go back and read the other 92.5%)

      Since you do not like my header, would you mind designing one that fits your taste?

      Websites are private property, and the owner has the right to allow or disallow whatever comments or viewpoints they see fit. And if the website presents nothing of value to the readers, they are free to move on to other websites and content…or get off their ass and provide their own content.

      Right. And when a blog site owner asks for content to be submitted and that content fits the website’s shtick to a “T”, would you question why that is? If they claim they want to build a network of like-minded individuals and voila’, here I am, ???? If you have had contact with these individuals and various hosts on their network and have long standing relationships with various individuals involved, would you question if your content is unsatisfactory or desire to know why that content was refused (or ignored)?

      What do you think of my video, Roy? Not quite good enough for Roynegade, either? Should I remove it to spare the world?

      I am not a jilted lover or disgruntled ex-employee. I was doing what they want and need (just read here a little bit and notice that the message is quite similar). Even this thing with Shaun (whom I don’t know except from Kyle’s platform) was driven because of the contacts Kyle made.

      Now there are plenty of other issues (obviously, several you agree with) that cause me to discontinue my participation on my own free will. You don’t have to agree with my tactic in warning others before they find out the long, arduous way, that it is a go nowhere site that only caters to a very narrow bunch of sycophants. That it is unwise to spend your money there.

      Did you notice, Roy, that I say outright that I don’t want anyone’s money? That I have no conflict of interest? That I have outright refused money from people?

      Now, let me know when you have that header finished so I can review it. And if you have any other content of any sort, worthy of sharing with the 4 regular subscribers I have, then feel free send it my way. Apparently I need really good content from people like you, Roy. I would put up Renegade stuff, but you know, they don’t seem to like me very much for some reason. You got any idea why they don’t like me, Roy?

      Thanks, again. And do come back.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Perhaps when your temper calms down, you might want to re-read…and perhaps reconsider what you wrote. I think your instincts are right about Trump…but really not with regard to Renegade.

        Cheers from Roy in Tennessee.


        • Roy,

          That was a sad display. And from a fellow TN’er.

          What happened to you? Did my one comment shut you down so soundly you had to set up an ad hominem, as you accused me?

          Roy, if we can get Renegade behind us (as I said, this will be my only post on the subject and I move on), you are welcome to visit any time and share with us. I promise you that unlike Renegayde, I will not make an offer then rescind it over a woman’s hurt feelings. In this you can rest assured.

          PS: I only ban Richard Noggins. Thus far you don’t seem to be one.


  9. Pingback: Renegade Broadcasting (or is it Renegade Bullshitting) – ionwhite
  10. Thanks B’Man. A little late for me but that’s OK. I did send Kyle some money. Lessons are sometimes expensive. There is some good content on the two sites, Renegade Tribune and Renegade Broadcasting. I like your Redneck header and I still often post your “I Fall to Pieces for Israel.” Like you, I find it is hard to listen to Sinead.



    • Hi Sarah,

      The weirdness continues at Renegade. Sinead and Chris Dorsey had a falling out, it seems, so Kyle cut those strings, as well. I wasn’t a big dorsey fan (way too many “uhs” for my liking), but they sure used him to cut down Shawn, including the David dautrie guy, but now claim they suck, too.

      Just how un-discerning can Kyle be to have picked all those people just to have his harridan squeal loud enough for him to cull them?

      Sinead is the catalyst for every destructive behavior seen at Renegade.

      I agree that there is some good talent, but from the signs of it, they want to eliminate that talent whenever she gets a bee in her bonnet.

      Thanks for sharing, Sarah.


  11. Renegade: “Shaun called Sinead a wigress and all sorts of other shit and you were in there praising him. See why that wouldn’t be taken kindly?”

    This is a perfect example of Kyle making up bullshit stories in order to justify or cover up his stupid mistakes
    I hear Kyle took ‘psychology” in college. I wonder if all that is bullshit too. He doesnt seem very intelligent


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