Trump As A J-Tool – Part Two


Katana has added a second part to their Trump as a j-Tool post that you need to read.

Here is but a snippet.

His election does NOT surprise me, even though I was earlier inclined to think they, could have been using Trump as the fall guy for Clinton. It doesn’t surprise for the simple reason that if they control both candidates then the outcome, whether Tweddledee vs Tweedledum,  is a matter of their larger plans.

The whole election process has had various strange aspects that superficially looked like the media was overwhelmingly behind a Clinton victory. But, I think if you look it at it more closely it was in fact the opposite.

All the Clinton criticism from the jew controlled media was of real substance, the Clinton Foundation corruption, the private email server, the bizarre “spirit cooking” thing, the FBI on and off again investigations, the ill health of Clinton and then the announced “death” of Clinton on a news channel, etc.

All of this was designed to turn OFF ordinary people who are sick of the corruption and status quo.

Meanwhile, the Trump criticism from the jew media was typically non-substantial, that of him being “non-Politically Correct“, especially in regards to race and women. The media’s “grab their pussy” episode was one highlight among many that were back-handed complements.

All of this was designed to turn ON ordinary people who are sick of the corruption and who want an “Alpha male” to take charge, and if female, to “grab their pussy“, so to speak.

The end result, whether fixed for him or genuine, was a Trump victory.

I added a comment which led to this post and a commitment I will make after quoting the comment:

If anyone follows my blog, they know that I said all along that Trump would win this because TPTB pushed such a vile, sleazy character as Clinton. These people knew from the past Tea Party and Ron Paul Revolution type movements (before they get hijacked) that white people (European stock) are pissed and tired of the status quo.

Ron Paul touched the nerve of many white people (although I disagreed with much of his misunderstood military/economic budget policy) .

Trump (the jews controlling him) took advantage of this sentiment. At first, Trump must have felt similarly, because he could speak without teleprompters and written speeches (these came later). That message appealing to white sentiment compared to those same whites’ disdain for that murderous scumbag, Clinton, was the avenue used to win.

White people, on the whole, however, have taken their eyes off of the real problem (which is not immigration, jobs shipped overseas, etc). The real problem is jewish power and control of every aspect of our lives. Remove that influence and the other problems take care of themselves as sanity rules again without their influence.

I think that something bad is on the horizon and Trump will be the hammer. Had the Dems (or that faction of jew control) had wanted to win this, they would have run Bernie.

But I don’t believe that they want a jew as POTUS when the hammer drops (to avoid blame). They will use such a conman character as Trump, who, as the narcissist he is, will do anything contrary to what he said without blinking an eye.

I admit that I hope I am wrong. I hope that I can come here (and everywhere) to say I was wrong and I will apologize. I promise that.

But I don’t think I am wrong (and frankly, I have a habit of being correct about these people over the years).

Trump tapped into white outrage. His handlers knew it and encouraged it because they know one of two things (he knows he doesn’t mean any of it or that they can manipulate him whatever way they want whenever they want and however they want… when the time comes).

My Promise

I promise that I hope I am wrong about Trump. That even in the face of the obvious influence and control jews have had in his entire life, including most of his closest family members married, dating or BEING jews, he will stop their influence and control (lol: it sounds crazy as hell just writing those words).


I am wrong about Trump, I will apologize publicly and get on board that train.

But I am not worried about eating crow. Because much like ole Fred said:

My predictions, subject to ingestion of crow: No ethnic cleansing of illegals. No wall. No tight ban on Muslims. No punishment of sanctuary cities. No termination of welfare by states. No major decrease in military deployments. No war with Russia. Few or no jobs repatriated.

All the things that the white people fell for will be shown for the lies they were. And even “if” Trump means it, you know damn well that the jewish influence will not allow it.

You do know that? Right?

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8 thoughts on “Trump As A J-Tool – Part Two

  1. Thanks B’man again for featuring my “Trump As a j-Tool?” post. He’s definitely a person of interest to us all given that he’s being touted as some kind of savior figure in many quarters. By people such as Kevin MacDonald, over at Occidental Observer, who you would think, would cast a jaundiced eye towards Trump given his research into jews and and their scheming ways. But a while ago I concluded that he has a naive aspect to his overall judgement.

    Like you and others on our side, I would love it if Trump was secretly for “real”. And I would eat my non-existent hat if that turned out to be the case!

    What I find both endearing and disappointing is how so many Whites can be led down the garden path, as such sentiments reflects trust, decency and the longing for that White Knight while remaining oblivious to the snake.

    Organized jewry, over the past century and more, have abused such notions to engineer our mass slaughter, and will continue to do so until enough Whites today wake the fuck up and destroy these psychopaths.

    Trump is just another one of their many tools. And the proof will be seen in what he actually does.


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    • Good stuff, as usual.

      Trump is just another one of their many tools. And the proof will be seen in what he actually does.

      Sadly, it is waiting to see if he is real for that proof that has disappointed me every time in every election I can remember for over 40 years.

      I think we both know it won’t happen, but we can hope.


      • Hope is good and all, but what will really change things is spreading the word on the reality of our situation and how organized jewry has been and continues to, deliberately and murderously destroy us and any others that hinder them, like all the millions of people in the Middle East that they have slaughtered using the US military.

        From telling that truth springs real change.


        • Amen.

          you can say that twice more again, already !

          and don’t forget about the Emet Group…

          A group of “American” business and political leaders are building a pro-Israel media “war room” in Washington, D.C. The group will be called “Emet” —which in Hebrew means “truth.” Emet will try to address biased media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and also make the case that the conflict,
          ….while serious and important,
          pales in comparison to the larger geo-strategic threat posed
          to the United States and the West by Iran and Iraq,
          both of whom are trying to build and/or acquire weapons of mass destruction.
          Funding Emet is Leonard Abramson;
          he sold U.S. Healthcare to Aetna in the mid-1990s for $8.9 billion.
          Abramson has recruited a powerful board of directors,
          including Bernie Marcus, founder of Home Depot;
          Les Wexner, founder of The Limited;
          Edgar Bronfman Sr., who once owned Seagram’s;
          and Lou Ranieri, a major Wall Street player who now co-owns
          one of TALMUDIA’s largest banks.
          Also joining the board are Jeane Kirkpatrick,
          former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, and Jack Kemp.

          GLOBAL POGROM 2016

          SIX MILLION MORE !!!


  2. Trump is not center stage here. The White Europeans (the true children of Adam and eve, and not the mudskin children of Eve and the reptile) are waking up. The question is: Is Trump fool enough to think he can lead a nation of whites who are waking up? He was being led by them pre election. He soon realized that a tidal wave he could only ride with the support of a white engineered Surf board was carrying him.
    Now he will be forced to punish the wicked or be punished. The White Race will abide with nothing less.


  3. Pingback: B’Man muses on J’Tools and I muse on Deplorable Gunslingers | vulture of critique
  4. Look who voted for Hillary:
    71% of Jews
    78% of LGBT
    This is according to exit polls, which also showed that more blacks voted for Trump than the MSM would like you to believe.

    Trump is only a slightly less evil puppet of the Jews, but he is very sneaky as he grew up among the Jew mobsters and is presently involved with the Jew mafia of Russian origin ( the top is all Jew, not any Russians). I think he is not that happy he won because they will be controlling him more than he’d like with whole world watching. When he used his casino for their money laundering and went bankrupt, there was not quite as much scrutiny as there will be now.
    It’s not only the Clintons in Epstein’s black book…


  5. “…I think that something bad is on the horizon and Trump will be the hammer. Had the Dems (or that faction of jew control) had wanted to win this, they would have run Bernie…”

    This really scares me too. There’s the distinct possibility that Trump will turn on them, like Putin.

    I think that their ability to control events, even if Trump is their inside man, is rapidly swirling out of control. If they crash the economy it could make things even worse for them. What Steve Bannon has said doesn’t sound like he’s in the pocket of the Jews. Could they be flim flaming the Jews?

    The real test is 9-11. If they let them get away with that then we’ll have our answer. They may even try to blame 9-11 on Bush and leave the Jews out of it.


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