The Propertarian’s Comparative Guide of Religions

Ex-Army hosted Curt Doolittle’s guide to religions from a propertarian’s viewpoint (I didn’t bother correcting the spelling):

Christianity consists mostly of church manufactured dogma for the purpose of persisting authoritarian rule, by preserving the ignorance of the population, but suggesting, directing, and commanding them to act in accorance with natural law with one another, using readings from the text. This is, from what I understrand, why prosperity increases with the distribution of christianity: trust extension through constant repetition and virtue signaling.

However, we are often the victims of the fact that the church held a near monopoly on literacy, and just as Bede manufactured a history of England, the church manufactured a history of its own over-importance. The reason being that the church/state divide was always present – a division of houses of government. So the church’s message of submission must be retained in context of the nobility’s caprice, aggression, and violence – a constant battle between two extremes.

Once literacy arrives via the printing press, and the bible is available in the vulgate, and other books are available as competitors to the dogma, christianity does not consist of the church falsehoods and authoritarianism, but the expansion of christian virtues. (The so called “germanicization of christianity”.) These virtues combine with the rise of the hansa civilization’s gradual middle class expansion, and the expansion of the population after the decline of the plagues. The power of the church declines. And the number of educated preachers increases (my family members among them in England). We see the professionalization of the craft of teaching rather than the expansion of the church bureaucracy.

When I refer to christianity, I am referring to the german professional era rather than latin bureaucratic era. The latin era which I consider lingering only in third world countries. And moreover, that the decline of the church has largely to do with the failure to complete the transition of the role of the priesthood to professional teachers that not only retain myth and ritual, but that teach what the common people need to be taught in order to oppose the (evil) religion of the totaliatrian state: fitness, virtues, friendship, marriage, parenting, household management, money, accounting, economics, natural law, history, and the conduct of WAR. And to provide banking services that have been monpolized by the state against the interest of the people. This is the reason for the failure of the church to preserve intergeneraitonal relevance, while the state simply “manufactures skilled labor for the tax-mines”.

Judaism is poly-moral. In other words, there are different moral standards for in-group and out-group members. The general strategy is to contribute nothing to the commons, nothing to the host, but to extract and hold within the clan (tribe) every calorie possible. It is perfectly acceptable to create negative externalities, to ‘cheat’, and it is part of the law that permits them to – and encourages them to.

So where christianity tries to increase their numbers by low cost purchase of options to build trust, judaism tries to accumulate capital by parasitic exploitation of the commons and host.

islamism is immoral. it seeks and spreads obedience and ignorance. it asks not for christian productivity and trust expansion to all, and instead of jewish parasitism, seeks expansionary conquest and predation – the expansion of mandatory ignorance. And it does so by fascinating means: the promise of respect for submission (non-contribution) rather than contribution. Islam sperads the curse of ignoranc stagnation illiteracy and impulsivity and weaponizes reproduction. it is not a primitive religion. This is the mistake we make. it is a vrery sophisticated means of spreading ignorance via the expansion of a lower class that is antagonistic to any competitior that falsifies its false promise by higher correspondence with reality.

Once we have literacy and have escaped the church’s imposition of ignorance and submission against the population, we are left with the current state of these three abrahamic religions:

(Reformed) Christian expansion of trust and production.
Jewish expansion of deceit and parasitism
Islamic expansion of ignorance and predation.

If that is not a damnation of all that exists in all three then I don’t know what is. But we have largely reformed chirstianity. And the only step remaiing is to redirect our churches to their role as professional teachers of intertemporal knowledge that is a competitor to the predatory education of the state.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine.

B’Man Notes: The reason I share this is more related to how, strategically, we should address and use these religions to our advantage. One of my recent complaints about Renegayde Bullshitting was their incessant attacks against Christianity. From virtually every possible vantage point, making nice with Christians to stop the jewish power structure or stop any muslim incursion that culminates in Sharia Law seems prudent.

It is my contention that without Christians on our side, the battle is wholly lost. I also contend that this is the reason why Christianity has been under attack. Break Christianity and the white man is gone.

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5 thoughts on “The Propertarian’s Comparative Guide of Religions

    • Perhaps none of these religions are monoliths that believe identically within the many sects.

      The problem is that when one compares the texts of Christianity (which, in my view is the NT, especially the red letters), one can find plenty of writings that suggest that both jews and muslims can be quite radical and head cutting off dangerous.

      There are no NT texts that instruct followers to do any such thing.

      I have spent a considerable amount of time looking in to Islam (reading texts and listening to sermons). Islam is a religion of peace UNTIL the masses are enough for Sharia to be voted in.

      I don’t want Sharia or a majority of Muslims (or even jewish control and power over my life) running rampant in America. It was made without these and I intend on keeping it that way.


      • I continue to contend that it’s racial compatibility rather than culture that matters the most. If England were being flooded with people from France, or vice versa, there would be problems, but nothing on the order of what is happening now and will happen in the future. I suspect that Europeans converted en-masse to Islam would turn it into a theologically toothless decorative feature of their society rather than let it dictate their lives. Africans converted to Islam are still Africans, and Jews, if they pretended to be converted to Islam or any other religion would, in the vast, vast majority of cases, still be acting like Jews. Christianity can be used as a cultural rallying point; but even then it tends to undermine the necessary message of racial solidarity. I think its usefulness wanes as young whites are less and less religious and therefore less and less interested in what its arguments, which actually endorse postracialism and furnish theological cover for the acceptance of white genocide.


  1. If properly read, the Gospels are utterly inimical
    not only to the Jew Talmud, but also to the Jew OT.
    Christ’s position on banking is identical to that
    of Mr Hitler, who regarded himself as a follower
    of Christ. Anyone who wants to discard the true
    (Jew-free) Christian religion is either emotionally
    immature or a calculating enemy agent.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The Old Testament is not about “Jews” or “Jewish”…!
    so-called “Jews” oooze from the Talmud
    “Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism can leave the stool sculpture deity
    cult compound by “Knowing the Truth”…John 8:32!
    {ignorance is no virtue}

    Jesus declared emphatically that putting the “Workers of Iniquity” into
    the “Eternal Ovens of Truth” is the Highest calling for the “White Men” who
    are ….”Israelites”…@ Matthew 13:39-43 !

    the word “Jew” doesn’t enter the lexicon “English” until the 18th century AD

    Luke 22:29-30 –

    “And I appoint unto you a kingdom, as my Father hath appointed unto me;
    That ye may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom,
    and sit on thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel.

    Talmudic Judaism is the Satanic “Religion” that Jesus describes
    in John 8:44 !
    which is the “REASON” that so-called “Jews” must hate Jesus.

    100% of so-called “Jews” don’t have to be…”Jewish”.

    Rejecting the truth about the stool sculpture deity
    and remaining in the cult compound of Talmudic Judaism
    doesn’t change the truth about the RELIGION of the
    stool sculpture deity cult…

    the above “Anti-Christian”sentiments may be from those who
    have neither contemplated the “Facts of the case” for very long,
    II Timothy 2:15… nor studied the History
    of the “White Supremacists” relationship with the only begotten
    Son of the Almighty

    Loving Jew Poo and goy goo is not Mentally or Spiritually ‘Healthy’ !
    just try to find a Talmudic Rabbi in Leviticus or Deuteronomy

    BTW :
    which Toe of Ra did the “Jews” take with them when they allegedly
    ….”left Egypt for the Promised Land”…? was it like the BIG TOE,
    or knowing the “work ethic” of the “Modern day Jew” a little toe ?

    just sayin’….Revelation 3:9.

    ecoutez aussi :

    There Only Was One Choice !
    & On The Road To Kingdom Come,
    Someone Keeps Calling My Name,
    Legends of the Lost & Found
    & The Stone of Destiny by Steven McDonald


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