Fooling ourselves

President-elect Donald Trump’s claim he is reinvestigating 9/11 is just so much meaningless hot air — more neocon crapola — if he intends to solve the greatest crime in American history by including two of the event’s participating perpetrators — Rudy Giuliani and Lewis Eisenberg — on his team of detectives.

What kind of truth can we expect from this kind of sandbagged scrutiny? None at all. Once again our government is investigating itself with predictable results. It will do no better than the first time — which was a total whitewash, because it is the very system itself that all these political functionaries are trying to defend which bears responsibility for this event and its impact on history.

Hiring the people who played minor supporting roles in the 9/11 bloodbath to identify its architects and actors may yield a few sacrificial scapegoats like Cheney and some generals, but the top of the line power structure will remain solidly in place, hidden from view and utterly in control of world events.


That Trump has surrounded himself with the tainted players who have carried out all these wars for Israel augurs for a dark future in which the militarization of America will further shrink individual rights, and the harsh crackdown on legitimate dissent — which will soon be banned — plainly signals the end of free speech as we have known it in the United States.

Recall Thomas Jefferson’s dictum: “Freedom of the press cannot be limited without being lost.” Today, it is long gone. The press prints only what the government allows it to print.

For Trump to hire such rancid refugees from the Bush administration means that he won’t be investigating 9/11. Instead he will be crafting a new more realistic coverup that lambastes Saudi renegades and totally omits the overwhelming presence of Israeli Jews in all aspects of the tragedy — the same presence that now dominates the U.S. government and its criminal activities throughout the world.

Preemptive war is criminal activity, in case you didn’t know.  The U.S. is practicing it everywhere under the cynical guise of fighting terror, which it itself creates by hiring thugs from around the world to fit into the proper terror slots and become believable enemies for the press to vilify and our military to bomb.

rudy-giuliani-forgets-911The U.S. has literally slaughtered millions of people around the world at the behest of a small group of mostly Jewish men (and the gentiles they have bought) who control not only virtually all the money of the people in the world, but also control their thoughts as a result.

Mayor Giuliani ran the command post in Building 7. You remember Building 7, that building that was knocked down by not being hit by an airplane. Giuliani knows everything that happened, and who did what.

Eisenberg, one of the world’s foremost financiers, was the head of the New York Port Authority who leased the Twin Towers to Silverstein. Silverstein, who spoke frequently with top Israeli leaders, wound up with $4.55 billion.

The question with regard to Trump’s integrity kind of splits down the middle since he seems to have a genuine desire to succeed and restore the tumblr_o2mksamy5x1v8y14po1_500peace, but he is indebted to forces far larger than himself, which he is now trying to placate by surrounding himself with the traditional pseudo Republican goons like Gingrich and Romney.

If only they were genuine Republicans it wouldn’t be so bad, but they’re poseurs, all ultimately working for the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds.

Business as usual in the Jewish American empire, gnawing on the fatted calf while the rest of the world bleeds.

Trump’s choices reveal a desire to continue the swashbuckling sadism of the Bush Administration. Throughout his campaign I always shuddered when Trump would proclaim that we needed a stronger military, and I thought, tell that to the people beneath the bombs because they want no part of any of this.

As a newspaper blows trivial events into earthshaking issues, so politicians identify all manner of enemies that demonstrate the desperate need for them to be elected.

Like the Boston Marathon bombing that turned a mercenary drill into a region wide suspension of freedom of movement, the worst story possible is presented even as inconvenient facts are left behind.

Think about the atrocities and false flag shockers that have been foisted on us since 9/11. Statistics reveal that more than 90 of significant terror incidents began life as FBI sting operations manipulating low IQ bigmouths into capital crimes.

Why is it the cops can commit crimes against the people but the people can’t commit crimes against the cops? This is not the kind of freedom we thought we’d get while growing up.


Trump certainly is not addressing any of these issues, and a Trump administration will merely continue the clumsy depredations and smokescreen lies that have exemplified the utterly corrupt and criminal nature of the United States as it is run by Jews bankers holed up in the City of London, and wreaking havoc throughout the world by their control of everyone’s money.

What is really needed is a full accounting of what the Jews have done to the United States, and restitution to United States citizens over moneys illegally stolen by the Federal Reserve Corporation to be taken from its stockholders immediately.

Of course this is impossible because the Jews own the government and all the corrupt minions within it. One word from them and you’re out of a job.


The avaricious Jews are really only a reflection of the darker side of humanity. Like good sociopaths, they learned everything they know by mimicking others, and have become better than everyone else at what they do simply by practice and cooperation.

They have never once considered that the fate of the world ultimately depends on treating everyone in the world as members of your own family, even as that becomes impossible on a continent overrun by hungry savages who were put there by these very same sadists who control the United States and its fearsome war machine.

A war machine that is now being used against its own people — through media, medicine and food — as the people who control everything consolidate their hold on a population rapidly being shaped into the cattle our Hebrew herders have always called us.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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4 thoughts on “Fooling ourselves

  1. Reblogged this on behindertvertriebentessarzblog and commented:

    Das Rad dreht sich, und überleben kann nur jemand, der Systeme erkennt und seine Werte rein hält, so auch den Schutz sich in seinem Volke sichert! Menschenrecht und Naturschutz, sie gehen daher nebeneinander und miteinander durch das Universum! Und gerne sehe ich Germanische Wissenschaften und somit die des Deutschem Reiche in Einheit verbunden! Merckel ist eine System-Verwalterin und büßt das auch in Familie, wie auch Umgebung, abgehoben und gesteuert lebt sie, bis man ihren Lebensschalter, wie bei Ulbricht abschaltet! Man sieht es ja auch an deren Liste mit Berbrechern zusammen die Welt vergewaltigen zu wollen, ohne den Menschen und seine Rechte anzuerkennen! Meine Grundsicherung in einer Landeshauptstadt ist dermaßen beklaut, das ich fast mit einem taschengeld eines Asylanten vergleichbar in der Obdachlosigkeit und dahin mit Gesetzes-Verstoß-agierender Scheingerichte lebe! Der Fluchbeladene Laden BRD GmbH wird sich dafür auch selber nicht mehr reinwaschen können, da es mir als Behinderten nicht viel anders ergeht als denen, die sich in der Heimat zur Heimat und darin mit Rechten Geborene, bekennen und auch so leben wollen! Erster Bruch derer Versprechen, ist die Ausgrenzung der Leistungen nach HLKO oder auch nur der Gleichheit vor dem gesetz, wie auch derer, die als Leistungseinzahler über den Tisch gezogen nun als Leistungs-Hilfe-Empfänger, statt Versicherten und zu Recht unter Schutz gestellt, die Hifen zum leben in deren System zu bekommen hätte! Glück, Auf, meine Heimat! Grüße an die verräter und Systemlinge im Volk, das Ihr selber haftet, das wißt Ihr mit Merckels Bereinigungsgesetzen zur BRD!


  2. Nothing was “hit by a plane,” not “building 7” or anything else. The “planes” are only the most obvious things faked on video on 9/11/2001.

    Kaminski has previously come out as more-or-less a 9/11 No-Planer though he has not gone anywhere near the faked-CGI-buildings and skyline

    or fake simulated victims (vic-sims)

    information discovered by Simon Shack and later corroborated by, at the very least, the obvious simulated victims (vic-sims) in the Sandy Hoax and Boston Legless Retardathon PsyOps, so why does he keep repeating this “not hit by a plane” meme, reinforcing the false validity of the existence of the supposed WTC1 & WTC2 planes? He should be wiser than that and aware of these psychological traps set for him and all other truthers. The easiest thing to prove on 9/11 is that the videos of the planes are fakes. End of story.

    Harping on building 7, WITHOUT acknowledging that all videos of the “planes” are fake, reinforces 90% of the official “how” of the mass-media-communicated Obama-in-a-Cave-with-19-boxcutting-hi-jackers conspiracy theory AND the myriad thoroughly false “remote control planes” theories from Alex-Jones-Loose-Shekels on down to Chris Bollyn and Alan Sabrosky. All of those guys are wrong about the “how,” whether deliberately or through useful idiocy or ego, the result being the same: DISINFO.

    Haven’t we had enough disinfo already?

    It’s not that the “average person” can’t understand the proofs of the closest-to-the-truth scenario of faked-planes-on-video-with-full-media-complicty or the half-truths-deliberately-ignoring-the-faked-planes/buidling-7-wasn’t-hit-by-a-“plane” scenario. It’s simply that he doesn’t want to understand 9/11 because he senses a threat or at least trouble and extra problems ahead to his immediate livelihood and more important, his levels of fear and paranoia.

    Therefore, IF guys like Kaminski and this website are still pushing the “planes” and “no plane hit building 7” narrative because they fear that “No Planes on 9/11” would unduly alienate “newbies,” they are sorely mistaken. The “average” person’s motivation to be ignorant of 9/11 truth has nothing to do with reasoning ability or “brains” but the fact that PsyOps act as trauma-inducing triggers to high-levels of fear which can be easily re-triggered by similar “events” or stories of “events.” The high levels of fear then keep all these people in line and in-check BEFORE any desire to reason calmly and logically even has time to assert itself or come into the picture.

    Otherwise, good stuff. Kaminski still seems to always have many sharp insights to impart while still caught in some of the traps set for him and the rest of us by PsyOp departments almost 2 decades ago. Only when the average man fears being “uncool” and cowardly more than fear itself, will he be motivated to acknowledge the truth. Watering it down with deliberate half-truths will not do the trick, just as it hasn’t done it for over a million followers of the Alex Jones and Loose Change (or the Israel-did-it variations of the same bait-&-hook away from the real “how” of the magic trick by Bollyn & Sabrosky) crew screaming “building 7” and “NWO did it” for the past 16 years.

    September Clues – (2008) – Simon Shack

    September Clues II (Addendum) – (2013) – Simon Shack

    25 Second 9/11 Truth Test for All Your Friends & Relatives:


    • Neg,

      Therefore, IF guys like Kaminski and this website are still pushing the “planes” and “no plane hit building 7” narrative because they fear that “No Planes on 9/11” would unduly alienate “newbies,” they are sorely mistaken.

      Frankly, when I started looking in to Simon Shack’s work, I quickly found just as much discension and in-fighting within the group at Clues Forumn, so much so that it turned me off to the whole thing.

      I am not saying they are incorrect.

      The No Planes Theory is fine with me, but the average Joe won’t be as receptive to it as you seem to indicate (not that this is the reason Kaminski wrote what he wrote or I post what I post).

      I have never argued one way or the other.

      To me, it doesn’t matter because I know for a fact that those planes (even if they existed) never brought down those buildings. It is a physical impossibility.

      But those buildings did come down (and this is where I found the most contrary theory within the Clues Forum). Some suggest they came down at a different time and/or date. That even the footage of the demolition is faked.

      I know the buildings once existed because I was in them.

      They aren’t there now.

      I know that all the main culprits that benefited were jewish and possibly Israeli. I know that all the main culprits that managed “security” are all well known jewish or Israeli entities.

      I also know that box cutter wielding “hijackers” never beat the defense systems of this country and that there are way too many “coincidenses” of failure for it to not have been on purpose.

      So, where does it really matter?

      Surely you don’t think that I am too fearful to approach the subject matter. Or that I am afraid of being retriggered?

      I am not being contrarian. But at some level, it really doesn’t matter if the planes were real or not as far as the culprits who benefited are concerned.

      Or are you saying that the media is the sole culprit and we are looking at innocents if I look at anyone else?


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