I love the smell of anti-semitism in America

Wide Awake Gentile

Many people are surprised by the sudden surge in “Anti Semitism” AFTER the elections It doesnt seem to benefit anyone directly or electorally

Of course it does serve the jewish image of the Perpetual Victim ………but the money and effort and media coordination put in does surprise any Gentiles with an iota of common sense

The Jewish use of “Anti Semitism ” is well explained by the courageous  late Israel Minister Shulamit Aloni . That explains the reasons why “Anti Semitism ” is used to manipulate Gentiles

But “Anti Semitsim” is equally important in keeping Jews under control

This article explains the need for Anti Semitism vis a vis jews and specifically with respect to the US Elections Its written by Israeli “analyst” YaronLondon and published in Y net on 21.11.16 Why Israel isnt shocked by Anti Semitism in America

bb Aaron London

QUOTE A world view which supports…

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