Can’t Trust A jew In Politics (or their Shabbos Goy)

Hell fire, I’d rather vote for Jill Stein (a jewwess) than either of these assholes. But I will never vote for a jew either. Because, really, if I were to just listen to the rhetoric (and believe it), she would be the better candidate than either of the two in the sElection.

~ B’Man

There is a reason why I would never vote for a jew… because a jew, no matter what the circumstance, cannot be trusted. People call this anti-Semitic (that I won’t vote for more jewish power and control over this country and my life because they have ALL shown themselves untrustworthy and liars of the worst degree). I hate it for you that you embrace this false accusation when reality is striking you squarely in the face.

Our Hero?

Our Hero?

Did you know that I once called Bernie Sanders a patriot on this blog (before becoming jew-wise)? It was a time that I believed in “progressive”

change (until I realized that “Progressiveness”, too, was hijacked to continue the same old money grabbing that always occurs). Same as the Tea Party, Occupy Wallstreet, Alt Right, etc. Good ideas initiated at a grassroots level, then co-opted by the same forces that turn them into toothless, gay worshiping, trannyphiles or some chest beating jingoistic applauder of all things military. Whatever.

As for the untrustworthy jewwess, Jill Stein, like Sanders, she attacked Hillary mercilessly during the election cycle, but now is working to gain Hillary the win via lawsuit (for is election integrity really her issue?). These people don’t care what they say when they say it. It can change tomorrow and they won’t bat an eye. For if her reasoning was true, she would sue all the states that were Hillary victorious, but at even less margins.



I know its all bullshit because she says that the money donated for her noble cause (which has garnered more money in a few days than it did the entire election season) may not actually be used for this purpose at all, but may be used for:

“We cannot guarantee a recount will happen in any of these states we are targeting. We can only pledge we will demand recounts in those states.”
“If we raise more than what’s needed, the surplus will also go toward election integrity efforts and to promote voting system reform.”

same_differenceThe unfortunate thing about today’s politics is that it isn’t just jew politicians that cannot be trusted. None of the shabbos goy now occupying our halls of power are ever going to speak out against the ones that control their marionette strings (be it money, threats, or blackmail).

It is the main reason I keep harping against the fake two party paradigm most of America is drunk on. We will NEVER get a sound solution for any of the woes upon us from within either of those established parties.

Until you figure that out, the screwing will not stop.

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8 thoughts on “Can’t Trust A jew In Politics (or their Shabbos Goy)

  1. I agree with you. This whole Jew Stein thing is beyond sickening. during her campaign she said she would support Hilary because nuclear war would soon follow. Now, someone who had an insignificant showing wants recounts only in states that Trump won. A real Jew backstabber–just sickening.

    They say Hillary won in NH, but this cannot be true. No one here has seen or heard of anyone who voted for her except a few millenials, the senile, and a few in the only actual cities small though they are. Traveling over the state months before the election I saw only three Hillary signs. After several days of back and forth and a lot of tension, they said that Hillary won by less than 2000 votes. A lie, I am sure.

    I am guessing election charade is to throw people off the story of pizzagate which will not go away like all the dozens of pedo scandals before them.

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    • Correction:
      This whole Jew Stein thing is beyond sickening. during her campaign she said she would* support Hilary because nuclear war would soon follow.
      *would not
      It’s too upsetting to even write about this blatant, in your face, Jew betrayal and perfidy.


    • Yes the Cathars are important. They believed that the so called god of the old testament was a demon or Satan. Doesn’t seem a stretch does it” They lived in the South of France and and were massacred by a special group created by the Vatican and run by a Jew created to kill them all call the Jesuits. They killed all of them. This genocide is where the phrase,”Kill them all God will know his own” came from. When people talk about Christians you should always remind people that the Christians were killed by a converted Jew running the Jesuits.

      I’ve talked about this before and have noticed since I started talking about it web pages have popped up that are prejudicial to the Cathers. Don’t be fooled it’s just more propaganda.


    • The coroner who pronounced Breitbart’s death a “natural” heart attack, died of arsenic poisoning days later.

      It isn’t just the two neighboring pizza places (comet pizza and besta pizza). One of them is owned by a Jew who is in charge of a govt dept of human trafficking investigations, which has offices accross the street.

      More children are reported missing from the area around Washington DC –especially VA–than any other place in the US.

      To the list of murdered investigators we can also add 39 y.o. Max Spiers, who was in Poland to speak at a conference about uncovering pedo conspiracies. He has told his mother that if anything happened to him to suspect foul play. He died suddenly, not previously ill, immediately after vomiting black liquid.

      Then there is Monica Peterson, a young woman investigating human trafficking in Haiti/Clinton foundation was “found dead”–no reason or cause given . People in their twenties don’t just drop like that.

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