New bill puts Jews above the law (as if they aren’t already)

New bill puts Jews above the law

(as if they aren’t already)

The real fake news is that we’re a free country

By John Kaminski


This is not the America you thought you knew. It is an international crime syndicate wholly run by Jews.

World history shows that when Jews rule, criminals run free and the innocent are raped and plundered.

Forced into silence, the people are ordered to shackle their minds and disregard their own common sense.

It happened long ago in a place called Russia, where they made Anti-Semitism a capital offense and butchered a hundred million people.

Russians didn’t do that to themselves; shipped in from New York City, Jews did.

A new bill just approved by the U.S. Senate mandates new prohibitions on how Jews can be mentioned in public utterances as well as news stories. According to the bill, any attempt to connect Israel or Jews to 9/11, or, notably, to “exaggerated” Holocaust claims, will now be regarded as anti-Semitism and punishable by law.

S. 10, the “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act of 2016,” was introduced and adopted by the U.S. Senate in a single day and without discussion on December 1.

This bill ends all pretense that Americans still possess their Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech.

If this bill is signed into law, you may no longer disagree with the government, and you will wind up in jail for doing so. This is already the situation in France — it is a crime to disagree with the government. And it’s even worse in Germany, where defending yourself is a crime unto itself, especially when dealing in matters of the Holocaust.

All of America’s allies are now lockstep totalitarian states. The Jews have imposed their artificial reality on the whole world. They fund both sides of every argument in order to reap the profits of conflict, the single biggest moneymaker in human society.

As the neocon New World Order spreads its stain around the world, in America . . .

• You may no longer connect Jews with the 9/11 attacks on America.

• You may no longer mention that the Holocaust Six Million was counted as 271,000 at the end of World War II by a responsible news gathering organization.

. . . because it would be Anti-Semitic to name certain Jews who are wholly complicit in the mass murder of millions of people.


Pizzagate hit a major nerve

It is an interesting convergence of two seminal events: the united opposition of mainstream media to Pizzagate, the shocking revelations about rape, murder and the most powerful people in the world, and the imminent passage of the Anti-Semitism bill, which will erect an impermeable curtain across all the major investigations of our time.

Jews did 9/11, sports fans! This Anti-Semitism bill will prevent the perpetrators, collaborators and facilitators of 9/11 from being investigated, indicted, convicted and executed for treason.

But there won’t be any 9/11 treason trials, will there? The event will remain unresolved forever, because the people who run America are the guilty party. I’m not saying they’re Americans because they’re not, no matter what they call themselves. But guilty they are beyond question.

Mainstream spinmeisters went into overdrive to delegitimize the Pizzagate scandal, because it hit so close to home to too many rich and powerful people. As they have with so many other shocking political revelations that have turned out to be true, the stunning unanimity of mainstream media to refuse to look at the case — and the child rape epidemic it reveals — demonstrates that some people who are calling it fake news have their own private interests to conceal.

It’s almost as if evil and corruption are suddenly somehow fashionable — innocent people wrongfully accused are put in jail while the rich criminals who run the world are able to break any law they like and are applauded for it by our vacuous media darlings.

When frauds cry fake, 

do the math

It’s good to see how everybody in the alternative media has jumped on the fake news fiasco, with a million different angles on aspects of the debate.

But the mainline seems to be that mainstream media has fed us nothing but lies since time immemorial, which is why Europe is being overrun by savage hordes and America continues to be fleeced by Israeli criminals who pretend they’re Americans. <>

I got a kick out of this fake news dustup. It was enjoyable watching these anchorpeople squirm when they had to announce the public trust in mainstream media has reached all time lows. A tsunami of ridicule has poured forth from the Internet, and the American public now has a much better idea on how the networks spin the news to suit the government which works for the bankers and their big business customers.

Everyone is trying desperately to cover up a genuine psychocriminal network among the very rich and powerful that enables those who would rape and murder children to do their stuff.

Frauds like the New York Times have been pumping out fake news for more than a century

Ironically, the real fake news is the official stuff funneled through Wall Street through the glitzy emoting of the news readers who are chosen for their subliminal sexual suggestiveness, right out through the TV screen and into your brain. Later, you quote authoritatively that you heard it from a very good source.

What once appeared clear to us becomes not so certain with the passage of time. And with spinmasters ready to help bury the truth, government fabrications like the burial at sea of Osama bin Laden become hard and fast historical events taught to spellbound schoolchildren in American classrooms.

Nothing about the mainstream narrative is true. Never has been.


All-out assault on free speech

Earlier this year, an uncommonly forthright Jewish writer, Max Blumenthal, wrote:

With guidance from Jerusalem, where the most right-wing government in Israeli history is mounting an all-out assault on internal dissent, the lobby has embraced a totalitarian agenda that aims for nothing less than the criminalization of all political opposition.

The de facto situation is this.

By law, Jews are innocent of all crimes. Between the judges and lawyers and the rich bankers who buy both, when Jews rule criminals go free and the innocent are plundered.

By not recognizing the profound extent to which Jews have control of your life, you assist them in their efforts to control the whole world and you profoundly disfigure your own life by participating in the falsehoods — from psychology to finance — which they compel everyone to embrace.

The purpose of anti-semitism laws is to criminalize all reports of Jewish criminality, and thereby prevent them from seeing the light of day. Very similar to the situation in German courts, which are also controlled by Jews, where defending oneself against baseless charges is now a crime in and of itself, squeezing the last drop of sanity out of a terminally sick system.

Since Jews have totally infected the system, this amounts to making all criticism of the government illegal. They are already doing this in France.

Senate Bill S.1 law forbids any critical discussion of Jews or Israel, placing Jews even further above the law than they already are

If all the politicians weren’t owned by them, the proper maneuver to save the world would be to arrest the jewish kingpins for treason and confiscate their wealth to balance everybody’s budget.

Disabuse yourself of the notion that their wealth was honestly accrued. The Rothschilds made their money by stealing and swindling people, according to biographer Frederic Morton.

With each passing day, the history of the USA more closely resembles that of the old Soviet Union, where doctors are murdered for practicing people’s medicine and the government declares who is guilty and who is innocent without considering any evidence.

Forced into silence out of fear for their well being, the people are ordered to shackle their minds and disregard common sense in order to survive.

This is what the new Common Core system of education is all about. Forget about thinking, just do what the government tells you to do.

Murder Palestinians when you are told to do so.

Jews claim to be superior when in reality they are twisted savages, destroying everything they cannot steal.

Under the bill, any attempts to “demonize Israel,” which could include “drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis,” would be defined as anti-Semitism. Universities which tolerate speech of this type on campus would be in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and presumably could be denied federal funding. <>

Michael Hoffman wrote about the impact of this subversive legislation on college campuses <> and listed the chilling contents of the new bill, which are principally . . .

• Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as a collective—especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.

(To those who have studied the matter, it is no myth; it is a verifiable, 2,000-year-old truth.)

• Accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group, the state of Israel, or even for acts committed by non-Jews.

(Every rabbi cheers for deaths of non Jews. You hear it in Jewish rhetoric every day as Jews describe why they had to blow Palestinian children to smithereens for throwing rocks.)

• Accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust.

(The Holocaust is a total hoax. The Germans took much better care of their prisoners than the Americans, who starved 2 million prisoners to death in a field in France.)

• Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interest of their own nations.

(No dual Israeli-American citizen would ever say that America was more important to them than Israel. Of course Jews lie constantly, so it could happen.)

I am guilty of these four offenses and would love to debate them in court, were not all the courts in America controlled by Jewish judges who aim not for justice but for total control over the stupid American goyim.

I shudder to think how our new President-elect Donald Trump will deal with this demolition of the First Amendment to our beleaguered Constitution.

But since he is surrounded by Jews, and virtually indistinguishable from them, we can expect the worst, which we always seem to receive from all our presidents. They are always are far more concerned with the opinions of the bankers who gave them their careers than they are watchful that honest ordinary people get a fair shake.

Instead our government goes around shooting up the world and then demands the taxpayers pay for all those murderous escapades that benefit only the super rich yet kill a high percentage of the poor slobs they get to fight in their unjust wars.

Don’t you look forward to telling your children that your president goes around murdering foreign leaders because they possess oil and water that the Jews of Israel want the Americans to steal for them?

Do you find this patriotic? Or psychopathological.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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11 thoughts on “New bill puts Jews above the law (as if they aren’t already)

  1. Of all Arab regimes, only Syria is still independent –
    and, hence, the war against the ‘tyrant Assad’…
    However, the number one target is, of course, Iran.

    It’s certainly not about any ‘religion’ – and, would
    you believe, it’s not even about oil! It’s only about
    the Jews and their I$rael – the number one monkey
    on their back.

    As far as Trump is concerned, the intentions may well
    be purely mercantile – the ‘business as usual’ recurring
    rip-off of the long-suffering American taxpayers
    on behalf of the military-industrial complex.

    This is not the case, however, with the Jews. The Jews
    want to suck blood for real – as they always do. And if
    some proportion of the American population happens
    to get nuked in the process, well, that’s a perfectly
    acceptable risk, as far as the Jews are concerned.

    Tough luck, goyim – or what did you think you were
    paying for, when you shelled out over six trillion dollars
    for ‘poor little I$rael’ – and all those super-rich wars
    on behalf of that cesspit of Khazar Jew excrement?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The destruction of Syria and it’s people for the Yinon plan, with the idea Americans are told is important i.e., “toppling” Assad, was easy to put over on a people who have consented, since the inception of this country, to allow Jews to dominate every aspect of their lives with Jewish perversion. We now see the fruit of that. Complete control of finance, all media, big agriculture, big pharma, education, etc. would not be possible without the continuing help of the Evangelical Protestants, and other phony Christians who worship Israel, it’s demon gods, instead of true God, and who use the Rothschild sponsored fake Scofield Bible.

    The sidewalk survey videos reveal youth so ignorant they have no idea who fought in the civil war or why, or anything else about history. The SJWs who think, not only homosexuality is good, but incest too, as revealed in a recent video, are those who will be safe from the scourge of the new law.

    This is who Stalin started out. People forget that he did not burn a single synagogue. In the Holodomor in Ukraine, Stalin’s Jew brother in law Kaganovitch (does that name sound familiar to anyone?–supreme court justice, war college president, etc.) actually sacrificed children and babies to Moloch. Read the Soviet archives, they never thought gentiles would see. Read Juri Lina’s books, while you still can.

    Most Americans are ignorant of the fact that the Syrian people are cultured, generous, and hospitable to an astonishing degree. They enjoyed subsidized non GMO food, free education–even through medical school, and collected 11% interest on savings from their national bank, which is free of Rothschild control. In fact, the economy of Syria was doing great before the war, and the govt was completely debt free–no IMF, no fed, no loans (unlike Americans “owing 20 trillion” to the devil and paying for it.)

    The Syrians knew that the Muslim brotherhood was a Jewish psyop since the sixties, and it’s activities were restricted. The Syrians know and have always known that the Saudi royals are Jews, slavers, perverts, hence the fact that Israel has never attacked Saudi Arabia, and the US sells them weapons to destroy real Arabs in Yemen, and allows them to continue their public beheadings, mutilations, kidnapping and torture of children, and slave trade. Americans are too dumb to see the evil of destroying a country which is the only peaceful, secular, elected, govt in the region, while letting the most vile prosper.

    Syrians wonder why Americans think the Golan Heights is part of Israel, when it is Syria’s watershed and nature reserve since ancient times, and was stolen with impunity in the 1967 war and continued to be fought over for decades.

    The Jews have been trading Syrian oil and gas on the Israeli stock exchange since 2011, apparently Kaminski missed that.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What will it take for idiots to realize that Obama (his fake name) is not a Muslim? Why would a Muslim bomb eight Muslim countries? Why would a Muslim celebrate Passover every year in the White House even when falls on the same day as Easter (the photos have been published by the Jew owned media)? Why would a Muslim push the gay/trans agenda and be obsessed with bathrooms? What Muslim would hang around in gay, Jewish bathhouses in Chicago? Why would a Muslim have a $65,000 pizza/hotdog party in the White House? Why would a Muslim increase money and weapons sent to Israel? Why would a Muslim be living with a man? why would a Muslim have the rabid gay Jew Rahm Emmanuel as his chief of staff, to later be replaced the cannibal Jew Podesta? Why is Obama’s other staff made up of mostly Jews? He claims his mother was a Jew. People have seen photos of her as a prostitute. She worked for a Jew CIA run NGO. How is this Muslim? Why did Netanyahoo give Obama a copy of the book of Ester–the only OT book that does not mention any kind of god–on his first visit to the US?

    I am looking forward to this Thursday’s press conference regarding the nine layer fake birth certificate. A gay man with a fake name, fake ID, no college transcript or diploma, doing the opposite of every single thing he promised, even sanctioning torture, telling WWII vets to “get over it”, celebrating only Jewish holidays, lighting a giant menorah on the White House lawn, building a new bunker and tunnels, spending over $100 million on vacations, issuing more executive orders by a hundred times more than any other president—how Jewish is that?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Pizzagate PsyOp = A Trap For the Truth Community EXPOSED: Len Pozner from Sandy Hoax & Hillary Clinton decrying “internet hoaxers,” “Fake News” makers, demonizing truth tellers!

    What did I tell you? They’re not afraid of any “building 7” crap at all. They put that building 7 stuff out there themselves with Silverstein on PBS no less. FAKE NEWS is what they make and specialize in and FAKE NEWS EXPOSURES is the #1 threat they need to demonize and destroy in order to keep fooling and bamboozling billions of subconsciously programmed Pavlovized peons of all classes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was recently turned on to this guy. Fantastic stuff, almost unbelievable how this number stuff works out.

      Have you ever taken the time to confirm his “math”? I have been so busy lately, its difficult for me to find the time to research.

      I have not seen this vid, yet, but will listen as I travel today. I’m going to put it up in case someone else can take the time to review.

      Thanks for sharing, Neg.


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