Pizza Renders Me A Noxious Gas Chamber

I despise pizza, frankly. It tears me a new one, if you know what I mean.

I have not touched the Pizza-gate stuff because I simply do not have the time and as much of a skeptic I have become makes it impossible for me to believe anything whole cloth without a good amount of time to look in to it.

Negentropic shared a video from a guy I have been watching lately that gets into numerology and gematria (spelling). This is very weird and if this is real, spells out what the jew is doing to the world.

Tell if this is real:

Pizzagate PsyOp = A Trap For the Truth Community EXPOSED: Len Pozner from Sandy Hoax & Hillary Clinton decrying “internet hoaxers,” “Fake News” makers, demonizing truth tellers!

From Neg:

What did I tell you? They’re not afraid of any “building 7” crap at all. They put that building 7 stuff out there themselves with Silverstein on PBS no less. FAKE NEWS is what they make and specialize in and FAKE NEWS EXPOSURES is the #1 threat they need to demonize and destroy in order to keep fooling and bamboozling billions of subconsciously programmed Pavlovized peons of all classes.


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21 thoughts on “Pizza Renders Me A Noxious Gas Chamber

  1. All I can say about this video is that ‘Zac’ is very careful to leave out the Jews. He systematically separates them into zionists jews…

    Gematria is a product of Talmud!!! And even though he presents this usage in msm and world politics…it doesn’t leave out the atrocities done by the Jews! Be very careful with this because it is ever so slight to be dragged into a satanic operation controlled by the Jewish Talmud and which will control anyone that is weak minded and open to its manipulation(s). It is evil… it is witchcraft.

    As he blows open this system it simultaneously catches your subconscious and will eventually control your mind…it is what controls the Jews and their programmed hatred for all who aren’t Jewish and who worship the Messiah. They are the Antichrist and all those who fall for their propaganda are destined to die by it no matter the sheep’s clothing they come in. In all truth (without gematria and numerology)…EVERYONE should be able to see the manipulation(s) of capitalism/wealth/power and their msm without diving into a cesspit of demonicly calculated numbers. By contrast when succumbing to this addiction…those same numbers can’t deliver you from the Jews ultimate end game…the abomination of desolation.

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    • I’ve seen a few of his videos. He has zero problem calling out the jew.

      The only interest I have in this is “do his numbers actually add up to what he says”.

      I would never trust the “calculator” he uses and would have to spend the time doing the math on paper to convince myself.

      What is it for (if real)? How can it be used to stop them?

      I am not even convinced this works, but this Zack guy is.


      • Hey B’Man…

        [“What is it for (if real)? How can it be used to stop them?”]

        It is real…used by the Jews from the Talmud which is a demonic man made witch hunt to elevate themselves and hate/torture/murder all others (goyim). These methods are used in witchcraft, mind control, and to operate the world by. There are many satanic methods used by them in coordination with numerology/gematria. The lottery is not only designed by it…they use it to control the ‘income’ of it. In short those who control this world (Jews) and it’s system in the west and specifically in Israel, operate it by these tools originated from Talmud/Babylon. Zach knows about it because he was taught by it.

        How can it be used to stop them? It can’t. Satan doesn’t fight against his own techniques! If one starts using it…they become his tool by being led by him. Think Hollywood and it’s powerful hold on viewers, actors/players! Think US Government and its powerful hold (AIPAC et al) on 99.9% actors and players. Trump is and will become the high seat (cassino’s/business/power/Israel/military/natural resources) or grand master of it. He was put into that seat by the Jews. The only power (and I am witness to it) that can and will come against this darkness is knowing God, through Jesus Christ by His Holy Spirit…(which is faked by the christian churches/and their ‘religious’ blind hypocrisy…and now is controlled by Jews). Just ask God for the Truth…and He will show you the way! He has the power to break these chains of Satan…and no other. That is why I am warning people to be careful…because chains are waiting for those who resort to witchcraft for wealth, power, and status…and no human in human capacity can break away from it. The internet is a playground, stronghold, and corruption laden arena for all of this…and one needs to tread carefully. By exposing the MSM with these methods may seem good…in this effort it causes curiosity for those who find it interesting even if to debunk it. The short is…you and many others have had the ‘common sense’ to debunk a lot of lies without using witchcraft…otherwise the witchcraft will cause ‘common sense’ which is based on Good…to be forfeited.

        I hope this helps…and thanks again for helping us stay in the truth.


        • …if I may I would like to share something that happened to me in the past. I hated churches and the hypocrites in them…but I loved God. In the midst of this I was touching witchcraft (soothsayers/astrology etc) trying to find Truth. I met a person who I found out later was a practicing witch. When visiting her one time she introduced me to a (thick) book and wanted me to read it. As soon as I picked it up it burned my hands and you could see the smoke coming from them. I dropped it just as a hot potato…and in so doing realized this was bad for me and my life (as it really scared me). When I cut ties with this person…she brought hell against me (accidents, strange happenings, etc) and it prevailed against me and almost took my life. But since my love for God was stronger…I lived. I then had another chance to know Him, be set free from the chains that had bound me, and commit my life to Him. This is why I know about witchcraft and it’s power. It is real, it is powerful, and it eventually will take your life. Because Satan wants to take away what God redeems, loves, and wants for His Own…he will. So because of the free choice He has created us with…it is our choice to want life or death… now and in eternity. I am a true witness of it.


        • Zach knows about it because he was taught by it.

          What does this mean and how do you know what/who he was taught by?

          Look. When people start getting into demonic, evil, satanic issues, I generally turn a blind eye. I don’t necessarily have the same take you do on these subjects and I certainly do not let them control what I look in to to see what is controlling the world and the tools used. Believe me when I say that I have studied that particular subject.

          I don’t mean this in any offensive way. But I want to know about the weapon the enemy uses. If they use a sword, I want to know about it. If it is numbers, I want to understand it.

          Surely you understand my thought pattern with this.


          • [“What does this mean and how do you know what/who he was taught by?”]
            Because I know about it and where it comes from.

            [“Surely you understand my thought pattern with this.”]
            Yep understand. Go for it.


  2. It gets so bizarre. It is true that the Matrix (gematria, the ‘remarriage’ of Satan) is clouded by numbers
    CLOUDED not CLEARED by numbers, but the bride, Satan’s victims are not easily led astray by numbers so more is needed.

    A Study of Actors Playing Popes:
    This is a must watch.
    No ‘gematria’ needed here to understand unless you need to understand that ‘genatria’ ( numbers) have a logical conclusion..if you understand what I am studying right now, great! I do not.:)
    But….but…but…”gematria’ is a Janus
    It has two faces. One is Chaos and the other is Order.
    They are identical twins and truthfully, which is which?
    Numbers are for the study of numbers.. the coded message of the Matrix.
    Theatre ( now spelled theater, because the obvious , Theology tree, must be hid
    Yes! Ponder Theatre, it’s mysterious etymology then you can trace it through travelling ‘minstrels’ to present day Hollywood actors where their technique of thought theology ( theatrics) is powerful. Their theology is filth- now isn’t it?
    Don’t need numbers to conclude that.
    The signal that Masons use is the janus- two faced- God also known as Baphomat,the morphadite god,ultimately, Lucifer.
    If you understand what I am revealing, great!
    Dallasgoldbug on YouTube was very interesting until he began spending more time fighting shills than continuing his great work…now…
    I hope that you do not end up Like Dallasgoldbug (well and I hope you continue your brilliant blog and do not get frustrated by the enemy.
    Yes, the number 33 is significant to Master Masons as is 666 to Satanists,which Jews certainly are.
    However, one of the greatest accomplishment of theirs is symbolism. This Symbolism is in every Logo, every child’s story, every movie, every magazine, every billboard. In the words of ‘Morpheus’, (the god of dreams), to Neo ( the new boy) in the movie THE MATRIX,1999
    ” the Matrix is all around you”
    Another way to say it is ‘Gematria’ your ‘remarriage’ is all around you ‘
    In this movie, hundreds of Masonic symbols are blatantly exposed and in the opening scene the incredible amount of numbers are displayed. This is ‘Gematria’ who can possibly assimilate this?
    E=mc2 was known ages ago. At a time when in ancient Scotland, where a certain symbol denoting perfect learning was the logical conclusion and us still found embedded in the stonework of ancient Churches- the swatiska
    E=mc2 is a Jewish counter symbol for the destruction of their ancient enemy, the white race.
    Any questions? I get bogged in details that lead to others, then to others 🙂

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  3. Even if all 9/11 conspiracy theories are rubbish,
    the Jews still did 9/11 — politically — by planting
    and expertly cultivating the seeds of deadly hate.

    The 9/11 Conspiracists: Vindicated After All These Years? [google]
    by Alexander Cockburn

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  4. With all due respect, dismissing pizzagate as an attempt to discredit the alternatives is what the msm would do, or their sycophants. And playing the numbers game, as interesting and intriguing as it may be, is a crutch trying to make sense of and explaining the obvious. Namely, the inordinate influence on our perceptions by the tribe. Doesn’t matter if you believe in astrology, gematria or any other kind of voodoo, it’s all a mind fuck, imo.

    Discernment is the name of the game. Can’t always be successful but check your grey matter once in a while to confirm.

    Some nice pics of what the so-called elite are up to after hours, they call it a gala and performance art, yuck:

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    • Here is what throws me: this is all so perfectly displayed for us.

      I am not saying that there are no child molesters/murderers. I am simply addressing this phenomena which has been laid out for us to consume.

      If you watch the Truthgirls take, there are obvious faults in some of the details displayed (like there were never any weird images in the pizzaria’s bathrooms.

      There were apparently weirdo pics on the dude’s Instagram account and there are other weird details surrounding the guy.

      I just wonder if this is being blown up so they can try and put a muzzle on folks 0nline.

      Could this be cognitive infiltration, Cass Sunstein style? What details are real and what is misinformation/disinformation?

      Someone shared this video with me. I don’t follow this woman, so I don’t know a lot about her. But this video has some decent analysis that contradicts “some” of the narrative.

      Would these people rape and kill children? Nothing, at all, would surprise me.


      • who were the economic terrorists that were
        “printing the currency”…
        when the Davidians were Murdered…?

        [MUG SHOTS, PLEASE!]

        who owned the Media and worked in “Covinous Collusion”
        with the Crime Syndicate, The GLOBAL CRIME SYNDICATE
        called the USGOV when the Davidians were murdered..?


        Who had the means , motive , and opportunity to
        “COVER UP” the Mass Murder of the Davidians ?


        why do all the cult members in the stool sculpture
        deity cult compound insist on doubling down on
        STUPID every day with wild eyed enthusiasm ?

        {…you should have 830 million “followers”
        at this point in time…}

        also, there are NO “JEWS” in Deuteronomy 32.

        and, 3 cheers for Judge Rheinhold…
        dig that MUGSHOT !

        ….get the MUGSHOTS !


  5. You tubers who try to sell gematria, etc. have no idea what they are doing. None of those so-called programs are valid because real gematria is not based on English/Arabic numbers/letters at all. There is no such thing as Pythagorean numerology either. All this crap is made up by Jews to keep the goyim from looking at the Truth, which is what they fear the most. Hence the voluntary suppression of #pizzagate.
    If you want a serious look into this ongoing horror, you need to have a look at the voat/pizzagate subverse, then check out the aspects that are of interest to you.
    What you seem to miss is that no one expected their Instagram accounts to be exposed, or their art collection, or have Obama writing about hotdogs and pizza in 2009, etc. etc. By my count at least a dozen people have been murdered over this topic, including Senator Schaffer of California, Breitbart, the coroner who said Breitbart’s death was “natural” was poisoned by arsenic days later, Monica Peterson, 25, The entire family of the man making the “Grey State” movie you’ll never see, Seth Rich, Aaron Schwartz, the British guy who was at a conference exposing this, etc. Countless have been threatened, yet no law suits have been filed and the guilty are simply hiding and continuing their perversions, having already taken down many YouTube accounts, blogs, their incriminating Instagram pictures and numerous articles about them. Wikipedia entries have been channels. For example, in early November, Marina Abramovic’s entry was changed from saying she is “of Jewish ethnicity” to “Serbian ethnicity” and her new picture shows her wearing a cross, though she is claims to be a disciple of Alleister Crowley and is a cannibal witch. Time magazine ran an article on her “cutting edge art”. (they must mean artists like ‘the B thing’ who set the charges in the towers, or ‘pussy riot” who desecrated a cathedral, or Andres Serrano, who placed a crucifix in a plastic container of his won urine-real Jewish art.)

    I would have to conclude that you are okay with the fact that the world is run by Satanic cannibalistic pedophiles, for which there is overwhelming evidence for decades. Why don’t you read some of the book written by survivors of SRA, or listen to Kathy O’Brien out Hillary and the rest of them back in 1983? How about the influential Satanist Colonel Michael Aquino in our own military? Or the thousands in the pentagon busted for child porn in ‘Operation Flicker’ years ago.

    I suppose you think it is just coincidence that several journalists who were questioning the Norwegian govt involvement were murdered, after 150 terabytes of CP was found (1/5 the volume of the entire library of congress). They were shot down along with the person they were to interview and that hundreds of govt officials have resigned. I suppose you think it is just coincidence The the prime-minister of Italy and the PM of New Zealand resigned on the same day over threats of exposure as pedos. I suppose you think it is just coincidence that the president of South Korea was impeached the day after 2 million people marched on their capital, for running her govt by the dictates of a proven Satanic cult. I suppose the hundreds of arrests of govt officials involved in this all over the world and the common thread of all of the aforementioned being involved with the Clinton Foundation is just a coincidence and that the CF and the Clinton Global Initiative cannot possibly be a child trafficking network. How’s that cognitive dissonance working out for you?

    It’s all in the Protocols, folks, and it’s been going on a long, long, long time.

    If people have learned anything this year, it’s that the MSM is nothing but lies, and now with pizzagate people are learning that a lot of so called alternative sites are just vanity showcases of superficiality.

    Pizzagate is not going away when worldwide serious researchers are continuing to expose it, and to archive their findings, so they can’t be scrubbed. Americans are idiots to be occupied with nonsense, while atrocities go on.

    Over 30,000 Syrian refugee children are “missing”, and Cypriot fishermen are finding little bodies in their nets of children who have had their eyes and vital organs removed.

    Let’s see if the illegitimate Indonesian Jew in the White House gets his nine layer birth certificate with the CT soc. sec. number exposed at the news conference tomorrow.

    BTW, if you are lactose intolerant, use white cheddar on your pizza–there’s no lactose in that.

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  6. Yes you no can’t !
    The Jews do play and flash numbers. It is one of their symbolic speech. ( such as E=mc2 is a code for destruction of the planet if that is what it takes to destroy the white race) I do not ‘push’ Gematria, I am just aware of the Babylonian Talmud; I studied it for a year and then abandoned it as absolute buffoonery..legalese, if you please.
    The problem with “New Town” being ‘6’ and ‘Sandy Hook’ being ‘6’ in Gematria is unacceptable. If you play with numbers you can make nearly anything out to be 666…but not with the same gauge.
    Without any other discussion about that I will add that IF ( IF) super natural interest, I.e.God, controls the laws of numbers, who assigned then to an alphabet? And which one? The Greek?
    And if the Jews use the Babylonian Gematria, it misses the phi, the delta, the tau, and the omega counter Or the English, missing the ‘J’ ‘u’ and ‘Z’.
    So what you are saying, if I understand you correctly is that it is a Jewish game to fool Whites, their hated enemy.
    You are correct. Everything a Jew does is to destroy the white race.
    However, they do use Gematria to signal others. Which one? 🙂 I do not know, I just have a suspicion.
    Do carry on!

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    • Now that the Jews have taken away the first amendment of the constitution with their law prohibiting anyone speaking the truth about the Jews–punishable by jail and fines for now,death later–according to noahide laws, let me know how relevant playing with numbers is, okay?

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    • This probably helps me more than any other comment.

      I “did the math” on New Town and Sandy Hook (114 & 112). So, to get a “6”, one must use different calculators? Correct?


      This is what I am wondering about? Do these people have to manipulate the numbers with various calculators, etc to get the results they want? It appears so.

      But explain how this guy can call football games so accurately? Even entire seasons. Very strange.

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      • Calling football games is indeed interesting. The coded messages ( numbers) used for This is not a complete mystery to me, but I am a rank amateur. The lottery system is one of the most fantastic (phantasia?) Language throuout the ages.
        I could walk into a courtroom and prove it is rigged, but by whom? If there is an entity far beyond the mortal mind that ‘rigs’ numbers, you will witness it in the lottery. There are about ,4-5 thousand people, I call the night crew, that successfully make a living from lotteries.
        Forget the BS on line, “seven times winner shares his secret”
        No one shares it.
        It probably carries a death sentence.
        Who are these players?
        One is a “statistics expert” living in Texas. One is a “physicist” in the New England Area, who scoffs at the odds of playing and has admitted to winning “twice” and his children having won.
        I correctly nail one number every drawing, often three. I am a rank amateur
        Consistly California has thousands of winners every week. They out number New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Indiana and Kentucky
        Btw, Tennessee has an appreciable percentage of hits.
        Why is this?

        Is it because “thousands” of Californians have lots of money and pour it into the numbers?
        Remember we are talking about numbers, not just lottery.
        Lottery is a ponzi scheme that uses Numbers.
        Numbers is what we are talking about.
        One year to the day after 911, the New York Pic 3 spit out 9 1 1. Coincidence? Ha!
        Illinois spit out 6 6 6 on its pic three after O Monkey was elected Nov 5th 2008.
        I had a troll tell me he was the first to reveal this on the internet
        I reported this in Germany’s Yahoo back then.
        Coincidence? Not the slightest chance! Not only was that 666 interesting, the pic 4 that evening of the 4th was 7779. That noonday pic 3 was 779. No coincidence. The message? I do not know.
        Thousands of people win money every drawing. Everything from 4 bucks to 50 grand
        I call them shrewd.
        Think about it: instead of winning hundreds of millions and being chased by lawyers , friends, relatives, imagine some folks who settle for 50,000 every so often. Maybe more, maybe less.
        Nice living huh?
        To be sure, they are out their. I have nailed several of these folks and quietly noted them. Their secret is safe with me.
        What am I going to do- call a press meeting and announce my area 51 theory? Haha haha!
        Any who, thanks for reading.
        All one needs is the correct “calculater”
        Since the Jews run the casino and the lottery, who knows but Talmudic Jews which one? One thing is certain: the lottery is loaded dice.:)


  7. “…They’re not afraid of any “building 7” crap at all…”

    I disagree completely. They’re scared to death about this. Building #7 is the smoking gun that leads to the realization that the Jews run the US. I know most know this but there’s a particular way of looking at it. Building #7, not hit by a plane, and only having 3 or 4 floors on fire fell the same speed as a rock dropped in air. Here’s the key. There’s only two variables here. The force of gravity and the resistance to a body falling. The force of gravity acts the same on all masses or weights. Remember the Apollo mission where they dropped a feather and a hammer on the Moon and they hit the ground at the same exact time? Well the air resistance to a rock and building is not much difference. If the building fell the same speed as a rock dropped in air it means the building was held up by…air. Well we all know that wasn’t true so the ONLY solution is the bottom was demoed some way out from under it. Some people I knew didn’t get it until I told them above about gravity acting the same. I think some people think heavier things fall faster. They really fucked up and there’s no time limit on when they can be called to task for it.

    I felt that Trump had screwed us but now I don’t know. He could go on TV, show building 7 and explain what I just did and they would be caught. Trapped. Trump has some Jews in his administration but a lot of the hard core positions that are needed were he to take the country back from the Jews are not. I hope he is playing them and will spring the build 7 trap on them. Building 7 along with all their kiddy diddling will convict a huge amount of them and their shabbos goy with them. Truly clean out the stables or he could just lock us all up and keep the Jews. If he does so it will be very dangerous. We have a lot…whole lot… of gun owners who would be inclined to disagree with being locked up.

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  8. Trump has some Jews in his administration but a lot of the hard core positions that are needed were he to take the country back from the Jews are not.

    Virtually everyone associated with finance is not only jewish, but part of the very swamp he wanted to drain. Goldman Sachs and Soros connected, no less.

    One thing surely you must understand is that jews must be OUT of our finance. Until then, nothing changes.

    Don’t fool yourself with wishful thinking in lieu of the evidence that proves your assertion wrong on its face.


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