I Do Offer Solutions… But They Are Subject To Change

I don’t just bitch, I do offer solutions. But in the that case, I would have to relist and number them.

Instead of writing:

Do not allow dual citizenship personnel to be in our government (there is but one allegiance to as an elected official in America and that is to AMERICA, not Israel, nor any OTHER country). Frankly, as opposed to the Senators who don’t even question such things, I don’t trust anyone who shows allegiance to two different masters. For such devotees can only hate one and love the other or be devoted to one and despise the other (Matt 6:24). They certainly cannot be trusted. Period.

Stop all foreign campaign finance and strongarming by lobbying groups whose allegiance is to another country (AIPAC, as an example). What a Zionist wants for America is NOT what is BEST for America, but is BEST for Israel and their world take-over agenda.

I would start Number One as:

Expel The jew

(and I wouldn’t have to bother with those two paragraphs)

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16 thoughts on “I Do Offer Solutions… But They Are Subject To Change

  1. It’s obvious here that no one cares nor has a solution. It’s easy to say we have to stop this and we have to stop that. As for your article, yeah and blah blah blah. We know this. No one has the guts to offer and implement a PRACTICAL solution to the jews. Everyone seems to have forgotten that their 3500 year old plan is to exterminate us. First they get in, then they weaken us, then they kill us. Do you really think the Bolsheviks threw 100 million Russians a garden party?? Christ!


  2. I suppose I should have just re-posted the entire thing without the sole focus on the jew.

    Removing (expelling) the jew will not correct everything and the points I list in that old post would need addressing with or without them.


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