Cannabis Cures… Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

There is a jew that pretends to be a Catholic that languishes in B’Man’s Spam Hell because he is a troll and total dick. I don’t allow his comments (which number in the hundreds now) because all he seems to do is criticize others and has never offered a single positive contribution to the dialogue. Not once.

What if God smoked cannabis?

What if God smoked cannabis?

He was first banned when he started in on me and others about Cannabis and how I present the stuff to readers here (him pretending offense at this graphic I shared that included a Jesus image the fake jew priest claims is a Catholic symbol). I allowed him more access, asking him to address the points of the post. He failed. Later, when I released all the captives from B’Man’s Spam Tartarus, I warned him him that only respectful dialogue (especially towards others) will be tolerated. He failed. Again.

People like this moron are the ones that keep sound medicine away from people that need it. That moron would rather humankind suffer than have access.

Read Larry’s entire story about how this retired, suffering cop saw the light about the substance, but the video above tells the story better than words can say.

And don’t think that this is the only thing this miracle medicine can help with. Especially with various older folk’s issues, including Alzheimers.

Oh, and to the jewish fake catholic priest in spam hell: even Jesus hates you for your lack of grace and your participation in satan’s synagogue.



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4 thoughts on “Cannabis Cures… Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

  1. Hey B’Man, I’m right there with you on this. Funny, another blogger who I greatly respect named Les Visible has complained about a troll invading his comments section whose name is Salvatore also. Five will get you ten it’s the same misanthrope. Hey Sally, your mommy should have kept her knees together. Be well B’Man and keep punching.

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