When The Shabbos Goy Realizes The Jig Is Up


George Tenet realizing the jews held him out to dry.

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A World of Trouble: The White House and the Middle East–from the Cold War to the War on Terror

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5 thoughts on “When The Shabbos Goy Realizes The Jig Is Up

  1. Quite a few of the citations in the last book I read, The Road to Iraq by Muhammad Idrees Ahmad, were from Tyler’s A World of Trouble, so I’m pretty sure there’s quite a bit of juicy and useful material to be gleaned from it.


  2. The Jew WashPo review claims that,
    back in 1967, Secretary of State
    Dean Rusk said – in relation to the
    likelihood of the U.S. participation
    in the coming Arab-I$raeli war –
    “the Joint Staff has a bad case
    of [Gulf of] Tonkinitis.”

    Apparently, unlike McNamara and
    Helms, who were in on the joke,
    Dean Rusk was too low-Degree
    as a Mason to be told about the
    forthcoming Jew LBJ-endorsed
    Jew massacre of the USS Liberty,
    which was intended as casus belli
    for A-bombing Egypt by the U.S.
    6th Fleet – and handing the Suez
    Canal to the Jews.

    The tribe of Judas would have
    richly rewarded its little I$raHell
    for the back-stabbing murder of
    Americans aboard the Liberty,
    not to mention the mass murder
    of millions of Egyptians that
    didn’t take place only because,
    for all of the Jew bloodsuckers’
    bombs and torpedoes, the blessed
    Liberty still refused to sink.


  3. for nonjewtards and anyone with a brain that works


    “Intelligence” is not defined as “JEWPOO”…


    Talmud Vision and solid JEWPOO 24/7 has reduced a large number
    of goy goo and JEWPOO braindeadgoy bipedal
    MURKINS to jelly roll dimwits who just are completely unable
    to ….”THINK” !


    see also,
    Deuteronomy 32 & 33 where there are NO JEWS !!!
    ….and Isaiah 30:27


  4. The Jews always betray you.

    Brennan should be one to talk he’s the one who had the brilliant idea of firing all the Iraqi military instead of using them to keep the peace. Actually I’m being facetious as that was the plan all along to fragment the Iraqi State.


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