Anon Haters

I recently had a run-in with a guy I have linked to for quite some time after he chimed in regarding anonymous bloggers/activists. It culminated in me asking him to remove my long standing link from his set of links (please be consistent: if you don’t like people being anonymous, then why in the hell are you linking to them?).

This dude lied in the email exchange regarding what transpired between he, Mark Glenn and I, but since he removed that post and comments, I cannot prove he lied.

Whatever. I know what happened.

I had quit trying to help him in his plight already because of this  and quit reading his work. I helped him by sharing about his dilemma many times (he never asked me to, just felt it was right at the time). But now, he can fight his own battle and I can simply erase his links and never point to him again.

The point?

Anyone who doesn’t like the fact that I work anonymously, contact me and I will remove your link from my page.

I want to know who the potential doxxers and “purists” are and I want to separate myself from them and never feature anything by them again.

Leave a comment or write me an email and I will quickly remove that link.

I ONLY want to link to those who want the link.

This will be my last post for a while as I take a break and re-evaluate the rationale for this blog and my activism in whole.

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