Anon Haters

I recently had a run-in with a guy I have linked to for quite some time after he chimed in regarding anonymous bloggers/activists. It culminated in me asking him to remove my long standing link from his set of links (please be consistent: if you don’t like people being anonymous, then why in the hell are you linking to them?).

This dude lied in the email exchange regarding what transpired between he, Mark Glenn and I, but since he removed that post and comments, I cannot prove he lied.

Whatever. I know what happened.

I had quit trying to help him in his plight already because of this  and quit reading his work. I helped him by sharing about his dilemma many times (he never asked me to, just felt it was right at the time). But now, he can fight his own battle and I can simply erase his links and never point to him again.

The point?

Anyone who doesn’t like the fact that I work anonymously, contact me and I will remove your link from my page.

I want to know who the potential doxxers and “purists” are and I want to separate myself from them and never feature anything by them again.

Leave a comment or write me an email and I will quickly remove that link.

I ONLY want to link to those who want the link.

This will be my last post for a while as I take a break and re-evaluate the rationale for this blog and my activism in whole.

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38 thoughts on “Anon Haters

  1. Most bloggers using their real names, i.e., especially, Mark Glenn, are seeking fame… and fortune… or at least a job.

    Truth is truth no matter what name is behind it, no matter whether anonymous is behind it.

    I think I know to whom you are referring in conflict with Glenn. Glenn viciously slandered that individual… as he did me. I stopped supporting that individual when he refused to stand with me.

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    • I’ll make a calculated guess on who I think it probably is: Kaminski. I remember him getting on John Friend’s case because he allowed anonymous writers like “Negentropic” (naming me personally) to make comments on his site. He also never posts any comments by anonymous writers on his site, at least he never did any of mine, no matter how well-thought-out and relevant the comment. Despite all this, I always had respect for Kaminski as one of the eccentric elder-statesmen of the real “truth” movement. If it is Kaminski, I’m sorry I defended him after he got dropped by the paranoid, lunatic-asylum-escapee nutjobs at Rent-a-gate Cultcasting. lol I know what a pain-in-the-neck he can be. If it’s not Kaminski, then maybe he was a “cooler” guy than I thought he was and more power to him.

      P.S. I no longer post on Friend’s site, but that has more to do with his constant promotion of Christian Identity and The Daily Wet Fart than anything else. Back when Kaminski made his comment, I actually increased my postings at that site on purpose just to piss Kaminski off! lol


      • I’m not pissed at John. But it did start with a comment John made about anonymity. Since this all came from some email exchanges, I am not at liberty to post the exact words.

        I cut and pasted his comment and then said it is easy to make that kind of statement if one has no family to protect or wealth to protect (something along those lines). John responded saying that I was the exception to the rule (because he and I had already had a discussion about anonymity before).

        It was then that Arthur Topham chimed in agreeing with John and others who think that everyone should be anonymous. Well, I got to thinking about the fact that I am on that mailing list anonymously and I am on Topham’s blog roll anonymously, so I questioned their comments by suggesting that if it were true, why do they send me shit or why do they link to my blog.

        Just a tad bit of inconsistency, I would say.

        But with Topham, it pulled the scab off an old run-in I had at Topham’s site with Mark Glenn. Glenn had penned a diatribe warning about how Trump would be assassinated. Topham says I started the fiight (but that is convenient since he holds the keys to the truth of what was written… when… and by whom.

        My first comment was snarky, but certainly did not attack Glenn like I was attacked. Glenn’s cronies jumped in and I ratcheted up my B’Man.

        Basically, Topham pulled the piece AFTER he realized that what I was saying about Glenn was true (he experienced it first hand I guess).

        So, if people haven’t noticed, I have been one of Arthur’s allies, posting virtually everything to do with his court issues. I was on his side. He never asked me to do it. I did it because I thought he was getting the shaft and I hoped that even the meager viewings here would help him in some way or form.

        But I stopped after that interaction. Nor have I read any of his stuff (I did read an article or two by Monika Shaeffer that he put up).

        I would have never said anything had Arthur not made such hypocritical statements.

        Are people better off ‘coming out’ and risking losses of everything after they have worked 30+ years to attain what they have? Are those that take on the mantle of author and publisher (a gig that you probably need to use your real name with) dictating that everyone should do what they do?

        I said that I think it is stupid to do so, especially in my situation. Are there people that should do this for whatever reason? Of course. But in situations like mine, I think it is dumb to risk giving it all up for this fight, when the stalwarts I’ve had interactions with seem untrustworthy with my name.

        Frankly, its people like that that dox others. I end up not trusting the ones that insist others should do what they have done (and all you have to do is see what Topham is facing legally and via the jew to know that I don’t want my name readily out there).

        But I am the dumb ole redneck and Arthur is the brilliant Yankee.

        I still respect Topham’s work, but I will not link to him any more, nor will I post Kaminski’s stuff.

        As a matter of fact, I am considering stopping blogging (and just leave this up for old time’s sake).

        I am sick of the drama. I am sick of the infighting.

        Surely my time can be better spent than all the wasted effort I put in to this.

        And btw, Mark Glenn is a special kind of piece of shit. Topham can have that worthless asshole.

        Yeah. I gave up on Friend, too. Obviously I think Renegade is bogus.


        • Again, sorry to hear about all this, Buelahman…. It does make me sick as well..

          I too have family and work, and living in Canada, if I was fully exposed for who I am I would lose everything thanks to the evil Jewish control over the judicial system and the media here.. They would basically eat someone like myself alive and have me destroyed…. Therefore a sense of anonymity is indeed necessary…

          This is why I too am puzzled by Arthur Topham and his supporting John Kaminski in his want to ONLY allow those who reveal themselves to be heard… That again is suicide here in Canada, and Arthur as a CANADIAN can see what has happened to himself as a result…

          The facts are that the Jewish scumbags do indeed want to muzzle us all and have us all put out of commission…This is absolutely why our ‘anonymity’ is most important…

          John Kaminski knows where I stand on this as well due to my requesting him many times before to NEVER use my proper name… He went ballistic on me several years ago and called me a false truth seeker for my simple request!

          I have NOT spoken to John Friend in several years now, and only periodically look at material over at his site… I became a bit disgusted by John a few years back when he momentarily aligned himself with several misfits and fake truthers…. I am actually glad that he gave up on that group, but it does puzzle me as well about his links to the fraud “white nationalists”….

          I do not give Renegade the time of day due to their insanity that the world is “flat”… That lie is psychological warfare conducted by the CIA and their agents to try to ruin the alternative media and as well to try to discredit those who have researched the fraud of the Apollo Moon Landings…. It is too bad that so many fools have become so gullible and have become “flat earthers”……

          The only person left at Renegade that I do respect is of course Charles Giuliani, but I am puzzled that he is so much wanting to work with Kyle Hunt considering Kyle is a foolish “flat earther” and Charles himself knows that this “flat earth” crap is pure bullshit…

          And of course we have Mr. Mark Glenn….. I used to actually respect that person, but thanks to his terrible egotistical and unwarranted attacks on both myself and of course your fellow Tennessean, Whitewraithe, I have had to distance myself from both him and his evil entourage and gaggle of Jews at his site….

          You are right about the drama and how it is wrecking so much of our efforts… But again, I do not want to see you quit and instead if necessary just take a small break and come back reenergized….

          Take care my friend…

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          • I understand the disengaging from John. I think I am doing the same (I didn’t post his last piece). I am not pissed at John, but this is at least the second time he has made a comment like that to me (in an mass email chain).

            People can have that opinion, but they cannot expect those that are anonymous to go along without saying something.

            Being the “exception” to the rule doesn’t make it better. I still think that it is stupid to NOT be anonymous, unless one is intent on making a name of themselves and are ready to give it all up for the fight.

            Some people think it noble. I think its stupid to give it up, because your family suffers.

            John is retired and has no one to take care of, as I understand it. Topham made his decision to be a publisher and to make his name known.

            Choices that I don’t belittle him over, so I would appreciate the same from him towards me.

            Besides, why would anyone link to or share information from a source you don’t trust or won’t vouch for?

            Of course, as I replay the emails in my head, it seems that Topham just likes to write shit, as if he is some wealth of knowledge and wisdom. But sometimes it is just better to keep one’s mouth shut.

            Mark Glenn is a piece of shit. He and Topham are made for each other. I hope they make up and link back to each other. They deserve each other.


          • Note: As if it wasn’t already obvious — the guy who did the Heavy Metal “Trump Wall” comic strip in 1990, Peter Kuper, is a Jew, and was EVEN BORN IN 1958, the same year this above TV show where “a character named Trump tries to build a wall to save the sheep from the end-times” was made and is now 58 years old in 2017! Coincidence after coincidence after coincidence and not only that but all the numbers matching up. How much weirder can this stuff get?



    • You make a key point regarding money.

      I say in my statement on the side panel that I will not receive any money, or anything of substance from this blog. I have never asked for money. I have turned down donations when I was laid off and could have used it.

      No one can make a claim regarding money towards me.


    • Noor separated herself from me (so I pulled her link). I’m pretty sure it was over the blacks vs nigger stance I take. Arthur has pulled his stunt (he don’t like the nigger word either). Looks like the three you like can’t stand each other.


      • Yeah but,

        ועתה כה־אמר יהוה בראך יעקב ויצרך ישראל אל־תירא כי גאלתיך קראתי בשמך לי־אתה׃

        in Texas there is an old saying-

        You can pick your friends,
        and you can pick your nose
        BUT you can’t pick your friends nose !

        How about that RATFACED RABBI…?

        In 1978,
        The Jesus hating Bolshevik/Zionist TERRORIST “JEW”
        Netanyahu appeared on Boston local talmudvision,
        under the name of ‘Ben Nitai’, where he forked tongued on TV:
        “The real core of the conflict is the unfortunate Arab refusal to
        “accept” the ZIONIST TERRORIST

        … For 20 years the Arabs had both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip,
        and if self-determination is the core of the conflict,
        they could have easily established a Palestinian state.”

        In 1978,
        the ZIONIST TERRORIST Netanyahu returned to the Zionist
        TERRORIST CULT COMPOUND in Palestine.
        Between 1978 and 1980 he ran the ZIONIST TERRORIST
        “Jonathan Netanyahu Anti-Terror Institute” [ISIS]

        “a non-governmental organization devoted to the study of terrorism”

        the Institute held a number of international conferences focused
        on the discussion of international terrorism….!

        From 1980 to 1982 he was director of marketing for
        Rim Industries in Jerusalem.
        During this period the ZIONIST TERRORIST Netanyahu made
        his first connections with several ZIONIST TERRORIST
        “Israeli politicians”, including the Zionist TERRORIST Moshe Arens,
        who appointed him as his Deputy Chief of Mission at the ZIONIST TERRORIST
        “Israeli Embassy”… in Washington, D.C., a position he held from 1982 until 1984.
        Between 1984 and 1988 Netanyahu served as the – ZIONST TERRORIST –
        ” Israeli ambassador” to the United Nations….

        Netanyahu was influenced by ZIONIST Jesus Hating
        Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson,
        with whom he formed a relationship during the 1980s.
        He referred to Synagogue of Satan Jesus hating Schneerson as…..

        “the most influential man of our time.”

        It was while living in New York during the 1980s,
        that Netanyahu became friends with Fred Trump,
        the father of Donald Trump.

        don’t throw in the towel, before all SIX MILLION
        are in the OVENS OF TRUTH !!!


        FREE AMERICA !!

        Keep telling the TRUTH !


        there are NO
        in Deuteronomy 32& 33 and
        NO “JEWS” in Isaiah !

        Rat faced Rabbi’s don’t make the truth relocate
        to another UNIVERSE !!!


  2. I would just delete the blog. It used to be somewhat useful for 9/11 truth and other issues, but now its mostly just the rantings of an old bigot whose rhetoric only helps the Zionists he claim to oppose, divide and conquer style. Keep ranting about blacks, you useful idiot. Or better yet, just delete this shitty blog, its seen better days just like you.


  3. I am wondering which one of the rejects from clown college you are referring to, Buelahman?

    I deal with these rejects on a daily basis myself and always reject their ludicrous comments..

    You and I both know about my ongoing battle with the rejects over at TUT and especially the head idiot over there, Mr. Glenn… I have always refused to give him the time of day due to his ludicrous stance on Sandy Hook and other fake shootings, and will continue to request others to bypass his site all together…

    Please do NOT quit… We need your input and your honesty… Just give the fools and idiots that come in the usual brush off and send their comments to the SPAM pile of crap where they belong..

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    • Don’t you ever just wonder wtf am I doing? Does this blog have worth?

      Of course, next to being able to tell my child that my blog was here to try and warn people, you and the rest of the readers/providers of content to this place are the only reason I keep going. If there is anything of worth, you guys would know it, because you guys generally provide it (or light the fire in me that sets me off researching)..

      My work has me so busy that I don’t get the time I once had to research, or share even my basic opinion on things. Its already a two post a week blog, if that. I have become skeptical of everything, so I have lots of opinions that I don’t share. I could do a post that says, trust nothing from your jew run government/society and that coves it all.

      But does any of it really matter? Could my valuable time be better spent?

      I know I will not waste my time on the likes of Topham. I will not go out of my way to help him again. I can get shit on but a time or two and I tend to get pissed.

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      • Agreed, old buddy… I too have not found real enjoyment in my writings.. I just found that with the real evil on this planet, someone needs to take a stand and tell people the truth and try to get them motivated for understanding…

        I have wondered about Arthur Topham myself…. His actions periodically are a riddle…


      • “But does any of it really matter? Could my valuable time be better spent?”

        You provide me with new information and important disagreements. Several times in the past few months, I would have gone off half-cocked on a thinly-sourced story, but I thought to myself, “B’Man wouldn’t believe this,” and I dug a little deeper and came up with a more balanced post.

        Curmudgeons can serve a very useful quality control purpose. Shouting at the world that people should not give their trust blindly is an important job, and it’s hard to do.

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  4. Anonymous or not, it doesn’t take away from what people have to say, imo. And if there is still such a thing as privacy on the net I’m the first one to respect that.

    I have learned a lot from your blog, BMan, especially due to your honesty which is missing in a lot of other places. Just following your links led me into rabbit holes I never dreamed of. So, instead of writing a reasonable comment, which I would have liked to do, I ended up browsing and reading on most nights, sorry.

    I remember vaguely your fall-out with Glenn at Arthur’s place and thought no way this is going to stay up. Bingo. Someone likened Arthur to Don Quixote tilting at windmills. I don’t know. Now he is promoting Stefan Molyneux and doesn’t accept criticism of the guy, who I think is another blowhard out to get the gullible public.

    Yeah, the people who put their name ‘out there’ also have a big donate button. Figures?

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  5. Yeah, obviously, we eventually want to achieve a society in which we can be totally open about our views if we choose; but that’s just not realistic for most of us right now, especially those who, like most of us, aren’t financially independent and work with a bunch of SJWs who get triggered by stuff that shouldn’t even be controversial.


  6. freakin’ ooops, BMan

    I Hit Post before I counted the links and forgot the one at the top
    it only took 3 hours to do this @ the library
    somehow “They” crashed/deleted four attempts
    which had different words but the same basic

    I hope you keep this GREAT PLACE open/working
    for anonymous posters and victims {Targeted Individuals}
    like MOI ! so I can VENT and pass along some info that
    others might not {CARE} know about….on account of
    FAKE NEWS programming…! {24/7/365}


    …curiously they do not provide the “MUG SHOTS”
    of the SLAVE SHIP OWNERS or the financial interests
    that brought them to the “NEW WORLD”…nor the
    insurance companies the insured the “CARGO’S”…!

    before you make a decision, could you do a few more
    WHITE NIGGER posts…please !

    as a favor, in Memory of the Branch Davidians & Palestinians

    is it Robert E. Lee day yet ?

    mucho gracias
    gotta go drain the swamp, again


  7. B’Man, I encourage you to rest up just to release the stress, but then come right back and keep on blogging as you have been doing.

    Everyone needs rest. We can’t blog all week every week.

    Take a little time to make sure your body and mind are rested and relaxed, then come on back and keep blogging!

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    • I’ve been contemplating this very course of action.

      I have two people at home all the time, so this is my thing when I am not traveling with work (which is 3-4 days per week). I need to take time to recharge. Other than a couple of very brief breaks, I have not taken much time away.

      I plan to put up an explanatory post with certain links, etc later on.

      Thanks for your kind, supportive words.

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  8. Pingback: Link fusillade for 30 January 2017: subjective experience, anonymity, sex, and 20 violent criminals | vulture of critique
  9. B-Man,

    A writer is never in a position to judge the value of his or her work. This is especially true when one writes on social or political issues. It takes awhile for the great mass to sift through your ideas and, hopefully, be persuaded by your arguments. The writer whose focus is on contemporary culture (and what is culture but the net effect of social and political influences) is planting the seeds of tomorrow. As a writer I’m sure that you can name several writers whose work was largely ignored by their contemporaries only to see future generations realize the profound wisdom long hidden. That’s just the way it works.

    As for me, I’ve become convinced that the written word in a dumbed down society is nearly useless. After nearly fifty years of worthless schools with their “sure to fail” curriculum the written word is more of a code than a method to communicate ideas. Which is to say, if you want the broadest exposure of your work then video is the way to go. You are much more likely to get a ten minute video viewed than a ten minute article read. There will be trolls, the attacks of the SJWs, bans and threats of bans. But, if you want to catch fish you go where the fish are. This is a fight we’re in and waiting for it to come to us is a move too late. 
    As to the others you mention I’ll say this. I have, over the years, exchanged some email with all the suspects you mention and I’ve followed their work. In every case I have judged their efforts to be nothing more than a tempest in a teapot. If you’re a hundred years old and the best you can do is cheerlead from the sidelines then write articles and cheerlead from the sidelines. But, the blogsphere is not where our fight will be won or lost. Unless we are prepared to take ball bat in hand and meet Black Bloc, ANTIFA et al head on in the streets we’re going to lose this country. The bad guys have the will and we have words. It’s not even a contest on those terms.
    Unless you have special circumstances, charging into this fight without the cover of anonymity is stupid. There is a time to stay in the shadows and a time to shout from the rooftops. Considering what we see forming up on the political front anyone who makes public their personal information deserves what they get. We have counterinsurgency operations in play and until we determine how the military will align itself to go public with what and who you are is nuts. At the point private information becomes public knowledge you’ve done half their work for them. When they kick your door in you’ll need to remember that it was you who left the trail to your door.
    When Jade Helm went into operation it was deja vu. The Jade Helm operation is straight out of the Phoenix play book and to this very minute I have no idea who the message was aimed at- us or the reds. But, a message it was. I’d like to think that the military is on our side but I’m under no illusion. I was in the military during Vietnam and involved with a couple of the off book operations. I’ve been suspicious of the CIA ever since and I never dreamed I’d live to see something akin to Phoenix rolled out in the USA but it’s here. When I saw Petraeus ramp up his “Kill or Capture” program in Afghanistan it sent a chill down my spine. Phoenix is still alive and still in play. All the loud mouths that, as a matter or principle, use their real names and addresses in public arenas should understand how Phoenix works and understand that once you make the list you never come off.
    What’s shaping up here in the US looks very bad. Lots of players behind the scenes and from what I’ve been able to glean from a couple of trusted sources is they are connected. If they are connected then the bigger problem is that they are being coordinated. That means funding and centralized control. Centralized control and coordination of mass violence across an entire nation is my definition of fielding an army and so it looks to be. If you were around for 1968 and remember the riots then you’ll have an idea what summer is going to look like only on steroids. The Leninist's have invested years tearing this country down from the inside just like they said they’d do. They don’t intend for even a whiff of prosperity to rise in the land or to allow some outsider like Trump to set them back a hundred years. The fight is on.
    All of this blather to get here. When it hits the fan there will be plenty for everyone to do. Someone will need to chronicle freedom’s last stand on this planet so keep writing. You do more good and have done more good than you can ever know. If you are fed up, fired up and mad as hell consider video. Truth be told, any of us who have been active in the resistance for any length of time, incognito or otherwise, are known to the intelligence people. The best we can hope to achieve and the only thing we can hope to achieve with anonymity is to slow Leviathan down. It’s not a punchcard or peek through the keyhole world anymore. The digital world coupled with modern surveillance technology has left us, more or less, in the open. With that firmly in mind, what do any of us have to lose at this point? Make noise where the noise will be heard. Grow some thick skin and aim for the gonads.

    My suggestion to all is this. If you’re between the ages of 18 and 40 lay low and keep your mouth shut. Observe and learn. Let us old geezers who have already offended the state make the noise and rabble rouse. When you notice that we’ve begun to disappear or go silent realize at that point that it’s all up to you from there. As for myself, I’d like to make at least one Black Bloc/ANTIFA protest with my favorite axe handle before I go dark. A lot of these little pussies could use some sense knocked into their heads and I’m just the guy to do it. Marquess of Queensberry Rules, fat fucking chance.

    Haters or trolls or whatever name you give them only want one thing. To silence anyone that offers resistance or speaks out against their interests. Quit now and you leave the field just as things are getting fired up. Quit now and these sorry buggers win. Haven’t we given up enough ground to these despotic Bolshevik assholes already? Stand your ground. There is no fallback position so make your stand. Very soon you will see things you never imagined could happen on US soil. What’s happened over the past few months is surreal enough but this is just the warm up. Keep your pencils sharp and your powder dry. Things are going to get real.


  10. I think the reason that there’s so much contention in WM circles is that WN are are a contentious people. You have to be. Everything in our society is geared towards lies and deception from the time you first go to school and every time you turn on the idiot box. So only someone utterly convinced they are right is going to buck the trend. It’s also true that hard headed annoying people are the only ones that eventually change things as they don’t give up easily. Hell look what it did for the Jews. The main reason they are where they are is ruthless, unrelenting, persistence. I think all of us need to be aware of this and while disagreeing try to get along. I think we need all types in the WN tent from Nazi storm-troopers to the Alt-Lite types.

    I hope you leave the blog up if it doesn’t cost you too much as there’s a lot of good stuff here and there’s always new people who suddenly start getting that the Jew is screwing us big time and they need places where they can find answers.


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