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Way back in early 2008 I told a high school friend about my new blog. I was excited and I thought that I could help make change. He visited and liked it. He told another mutual acquaintance about the blog and the dude wasn’t quite as impressed, saying, “Great: just what the world needs is another blog.”

And that is what I’ve come to in my estimation of this blog and virtually every other one that I know of, with a few exceptions.

I can think of very little that this blog has accomplished except to lead me to even more skepticism of almost every subject one can think of. Learning more about the criminal (if not evil) machinations of the jew run world leave me less happy, not more so. Doing this does not really help me like I thought it would, much less others.

Blogs can be used as information gathering spots, or a place to interact with commenters (which I do have some great folks that come around for some ungodly reason I can barely fathom… not that I don’t appreciate you, just I really don’t understand the attraction to me or this shitty blog). I have some folks that have stuck with me through thick and thin and I also have some very astute, knowledgeable folks that share and have helped me learn more. There are some long time commenters, but I can’t tell you how many have come and gone as the blog and my perspectives have changed. Many who once felt an alignment with me must have shit their pants as I changed. Some were verbal, others just silently stopped reading. Its all understandable. But I seriously doubt they understand the why’s of my change.

I have said it many times that the blog is mainly for me. All the others are welcome to read my bullshit and offer me criticism and correction, which helps me with my own understandings. But I draw the line when that courtesy is taken advantage of, just like DC Dave did. Just like when I pulled the plug on that jew Kelso before I awoke to his depravity.

I have also had my share of assholes who troll, like that fake priest in a jew suit, Salvatore. Literally over a hundred troll comments last time I checked. His obsession with me must be some weird sexual thing. The others give up after years in spam hell, but not this fag.

I have featured authors like DC Dave, adding to his writing and constructing videos through our collaboration. It worked well until I posted one article by his apparent nemesis and most hated enemy, Jared Taylor (the only thing I ever posted by him, as I remember it). My, how old feelings get so easily butthurt that they would rather discontinue a long standing relationship and cause strife among other commenters than hash things out. Others have written here, but gently pulled away without the strange rhetoric Dave spread here in the comment section before he stopped communications with me. And there are others with similar stories (Kaminski and Topham’s bullshit). At least Topham became consistent and removed my anonymous link from his page after I explained the inconsistency (for we all know that anonymity is verboten in the online world).

The links on the sidebar have also changed immensely (not just removing Tophams). Very few of the original links are here. It was a hodge podge of progressive  and conservative political blogs which began morphing as I learned the jew world order. Many of those links were jewish and those folks quickly wanted separation (as did I). But even as I found seemingly like-minded blogs, it became apparent that many of those are corrupted and misleading. Or worse, somebody like Snippits, who I linked to for years, made a choice to remove my links without any discussion or understanding on my part (leaving me to guess it is related to that asshole midget, Mark Glenn). What a piece of shit that guy is. Same with Brandon Martinez and a million others just like them.

But it gets worse, because most links I delete as I learn that these connections are at loggerheads with most of my stances. Even places that I see as informative are deleted when it becomes clear what raving assholes or shills they are (think Alex Jones). The raving assholes are lovely as long as one agrees 100%. But ask a difficult question and get your ass handed to you by what once seemed like an honest, thinking source. Think Renegade Broadcasting/Tribune. Decent talent, bogus management. I could create a list of these types of go nowhere sources that would fill a page.

It is why I think of this place now as my rant hole. I come here to rant like the Incredible Hulk when he is pissed. This place may have some decent info, at times, but mainly it is my bitch place.

But just how much good does that do me or you?

I don’t know what I’m going to do with this blog. I hate to delete it, even though there are those that want me to for whatever reason (I’m a racist, or a redneck, or an asshole, shill, whatever). I feel like when my little girl grows up, I will need to show her this, because she will ask me what I did, if anything to stop the “universal poisoner of all peoples”… jews. Or what did I do to point out the attacks against white peoples. Or what did I do to prepare for what seems inevitable.

I hold out very little hope for white people any more. Why? Because we cannot get on the same page over any issue. We allow these others to attack us, accuse us, take shit they don’t deserve, and then we silently bow to the power structure because we too pussified to do anything. Worse, many of these people jump on the jew bandwagon, even while decrying what a criminal, world-destroying outfit they are. Any of the Trump slags who write about jewish power, yet embrace the jews controlling Trump just show what idiotic thinkers they really are.

I am taking a break. Maybe forever. Maybe not.

Either way, I don’t think it makes much difference in the scheme of things.


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